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Electric Violin Shop staffer and long-time Viper player Matt Bell explains why he prefers the Viper on stage to any other violin and outlines several compelling reasons that you should too…

-The strap and chest support system provide security and freedom to move around and interact with audience and musicians on stage, as well as providing great positional flexibility and playing comfort.

-The cool looking ‘flying V’ body design is an attention getter that helps break the paradigm of what the audience expects a violin to look and sound like. The lack of an upper bout provides easy access to upper positions.

-Geared tuners are far superior to wooden friction pegs.

-Optional frets help you locate your notes on the fingerboard in situations where you may not hear well enough to always play in tune otherwise. The Viper’s special low profile frets allow for vibrato and glissando.

-Most Vipers are equipped with a Barbera pickup–the Cadillac of violin pickups!

-Get a Viper in 4, 5, 6 or 7-strings

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Alex Miller says:

Finally! A review on the Wood Violins Viper from you guys! I have been thinking about ordering a 6 string for awhile now and now I’m pretty much sold!

Brazenlinx says:

Cool! Where we can try it out?

fernando hernandez tuxpan says:

hacen envíos a Mexico?

callumissocoollikf says:

I would have said that isnt the only reason there is a bowt, surely a lot of people find that having one makes shifting positions easier (for someone used to a normal violin)

aliasaroglu says:


Cristian Jahir :v says:

Estoy trabajando por mucho tiempo para comprarlo y tengo 14 años, cual es su valor en pesos mexicanos. Lo vi en un video de lindsey stirling

Ellie Jane says:

Do you sell the wireless shown in this video? I am trying to figure out exactly what equipment I am going to need in order to perform if I choose to purchase a viper. You have many beautiful options in your shop, I hope to call one of those viper violins my own one day.

Zachary Gustafson says:

I’ve seen an ad on the internet for this

Alex Deng says:

Someday, I’ll get one of those. Can’t get anything in college.

Mighty Thermite says:

You’re supposed to be able to hold the violin with your chin, not your hand.

thunderbolt73 says:

awesome… now if only i wasn’t an unemployed 14 year old

Mario HyPer says:

That’s my dream violin

Cole Halford says:

Do you still tour? If so is there a list of locations you will be preforming at?

Daniel ILYIN says:

Hi Matt, could you shoot the review of wireless systems (best for using with Viper)? And which does Mark Wood use?

The Tracción says:

Que precio tiene ese violin en dólares? Esta muy bueno

Darkwaven17 says:

Might this violin model make it easier to learn violin if I know to play guitar/bass?

Blackrose .Raven says:

is violin begginer friendly for a wheelchair user?

Saitenwechsler says:

The Viper is such a great instrument. The best electric violin 😀 We love to play it!!!

ThoughtCube Cubing says:

I understand that it is an electric violin made to plug in, but is it possible to play it without plugging it into a speaker? (Is it possible to play it without the electronics?) Thank you! 🙂

wasabihansen says:

What is that skeleton violin in the background?

Sergiy Shkurenko says:

очень интересно а для чего лады мне удобнее без ладов вот моя репетиция может этл будет Вам интересно https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFXH-9gnCW4

Robin Tech says:

what I this may guitar or gun that is violin my good look in your back up the goods violins zeta fourness yamaha ns waw that’s good violins…

Jbob9954 says:

Can you still do a traditional vibrato with these frets? Or do you need to bend the string like a guitar player?

AkwadTypo YT says:

Me: Everything I wanted on a violin! Great! (Looks at price) oh… That makes sense

Rock Violin says:

Oh wow, I’m in love…! That is absolutely amazing. Plus, I hate the “hickey” marks I get from my violin haha. I wish I could afford it. And yeah, every band should have a violin!! 😉 Preach!

Monkey Doodles says:

What about the Viola

Quang Tran says:

Wow, I might look into getting a Viper one day but not right now since I’m still learning and I’m a bit of a traditionalist in a sense.

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