Violin – “Wonderful sound strange shape” | Ashens

It’s like seeing the Tower of Babel in action.

Messed-up previous attempt –


ThatRandomGamer says:

6:06 I saw that cut sir!

T.Macca17 says:

10:33 song?

Jack Hadaki says:

The child of a piano and a violin would be a hurdy gurdy

Ryan Reta says:

The weird cropping around the kid is very annoying

la goose says:

i want it for just the leek spin song alone

Magnús Bjartur Ólafsson says:

the first song you didn’t know, is it from that bugs bunny castle gameboy game? the one with all the doors?

SlowieStudios says:


Arcane says:

dwarf quitar

Wot Fanar says:

“Quit talking like a fool fool” – Stuart Ashens 2017

Stefan Richmond says:

8mins 30 sec
I was just like
“What’s in the god damn box” -Brad Pitt, Seven.

DeshFyre says:

its levan polka not carameldansen…jfc.

Little Record Girl says:

@1204 Funnily enough, it is. One of the earlier pieces I remember learning on the Violin when I got lessons from primary school throughout high school. I wish my Violin lit up like that one though…


just kill me

Samuel Anonymous says:

fucking leek spin

Henry Ly says:

I play the calculator, the ruler, the home phone, and the rubber chicken.

Matthew Kelly says:

Why is that girls bow hold like 1/4 of the way up the bow?

Leafy leninoki says:

The second song was one about moonlit Moscow … honestly wtf … that thing is at least 50 years only by now

derik yolk says:

Ode to mediocrity

Ultamatum says:

this is rubbish

MyBigThing2010 says:

my head almost imploded when he read the directions off..OMG That was horrible LMAO

GoldKnightProduction says:

This makes that “Does Bruno Mars is gay?” article look like an English thesis.

Midnafan555 says:

I think the Harpsichord would be the child of the violin and the piano.

david hatred says:

you’re famous ashens! well, more famous!, #5 – 4chan YLYL webms ULTRA DANK MEMES COMPILATION

GoldKnightProduction says:

It’s like that introduction was taken from an elementary level essay.

Azarel Perez says:

Can’t wait till Ashens has a kid or two.

Tha TROOPER says:

anyone know the actual song that was playing when he said it was caramel dance? Cause I searched it, and it was not that song

FuzzyBuddy says:

I come back every few months to this video for a pick me up

Nightslash360 says:


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