Violin Tips and Advice: Buying Your First Violin (PART 1) – Taylor Davis

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Hey everyone! I had a lot to say about this topic so I broke it up into 2 different parts 🙂

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Lou M LL says:

Electric violin or Acoustic violin for the adult beginner like me? I am a late starter.

GhostR!der SSX says:

Single yet?

Lily says:

your background music is annoying. too loud

Simon Cruz Katanyag says:

taylor DAVIS violin

Cooki Oreo says:

Bought 2 violins yesterday

Jackson says:

BB8 !!!!!!

DotCom Payworthiest says:

Expensive expensive! I have no way to learn it. Just listening is enough.

LittleboringGM ` says:

Thanks this is very helping

AstronomyGuru84 says:

I have a $130 Cecilio violin. Made in China. Had it for a year now. Still playing and learning on it. It’s not a strad of course, but for the price it has a nice tone. I think any violin can sound good when it’s in the right hands. Next year I’ll be investing in an antique violin.

Kaylee F. says:

my friend had a red violin, and she dropped it, and it pretty much bursted apart, it would have been funny, but it was right before a performance.

Mohammad Adel says:

What do u think about violin in 65$??? Is that good???

Yuki- Chan says:

Should I buy a left handed violin? I’m left handed and I’ve heard using a right handed violin is better for both hands

Mark Fulkerson says:

Kennedy Violins

joe banjo says:

Wow Taylor, thanks for the great advice, also you’re super hot…

FujoshiArtist says:

Uhhh Taylor…. Is mozart violin a good brand? I’m aiming for it since it’s what my budget can get without my parent’s help .-.

Reviews To The Point says:

I am an adult beginner.

ferret wrath says:

my problem child violin the string shop i went to acully didn’t have a full size in so i had to wait for them to ship one in and i couldn’t test it before buying its an ok violin it in it gets out of toon extremely easily and it was an expensive violin i paid like 200 it works just the pegs need to be replaced

Kaito Sama says:

I am 13 years old and I am saving up for my first violin. I want a pink one. I know this seems bad. But, I’ve always had a fascination with coloured violins. There is no music store in my town or I would by there. So I have to buy online so I was thinking of a Stentor Harlequin is that a good brand? I really like the violin I saw in the video. I can’t do your price range as I would never be able to save up for that. My violin will cost $115.00. Is that good?

KnellosaurLP says:

Like the atmosphere, but the background music is a bit too loud. Listening to someone and understanding what they’re saying requires a few breaks to fully comprehend what the person is saying, i.e. natural moments when nothing is being said. If you turn the volume of that music down a bit your points will stay in mind more easily.

Vibrant Beat Institute of Music says:

Hi I am a flutist in a youth orchestra and I hoping on playing the violin in the future. I have a question to ask. How will this work especially since I am Southpaw aka left handed. What should I do about

Cherry Blossoms says:

Is $130 a good price

Lawerance Stover says:

I love the bb2 droid in the lower left of he video

Final Turn says:

Hi Taylor, what’s your thoughts on Yamaha V5?

Doug Johnson says:

Hi Taylor, I love your music SO Much!! And your videos. I played Violin for 2 years when I was about 12 years old (I’m 53 now). You have inspired me to see if I can pick it back up!! I gave up the violin for guitar when I discovered that girls liked guitar players. LOL!! Anyways I just ordered a Stentor 1550 off of Amazon. I read several reviews on it and out of all the beginner violins I looked at it seemed llike the right one for me. If I can pick it back up then I will look for a nicer one down the line. I believe the 1550 is actually geared more towards the intermediate player so it should last me a while. I have played the guitar for over 30 years so my fingers are fairly limber, it will be a matter of relearning the bow!!! I hope to see you perform some day!! Thanks much for the inspiration!!!

B Nel says:

Please forgive my question…what brand is your violin case?

Nargees Hamed says:

hi Tyalor , I want to ask you about violin Kit 4/4 that cost 39$ , what you think about it ?

imjustleo says:

Which one is better? The Gliga Gems 1 elite, Fiddlerman Artist, and Carlo Lamberti Sonata?

PirateDreadLord says:

I have to much sentimental value and can’t trade in. I traded in when I was growing up but I regret trading in my first 4/4 violin. It my was my first, “grown up violin”. My oldest violin now is about 18 years old. I’m just now looking into buying a new one

Country Girl King says:

I want to get a left handed violin. because I’m a lefty should I have to pay more? and where should I look to buy a violin?

Vulpix5000 says:

Hi Taylor! I really love your vids! I’m getting a violin pretty soon.. I’m learning right now from you and a class that I joined like a few weeks ago.. Btw I just had to ask that are violins waterproof? I just got a random thought….

daniel ramos says:

my buget was 100 dollors but alrite jeese

Do Hoson says:

250$ which is 1,000,000riel omg

Allen Mathew says:

please respond … what’s the band music…

the depressed puppy says:

my first ever violin was 1400 total plus the bow

b0n34ip1ant says:

My first full sized violin is the cheapest I found at store (I cannot order online or something and in music stores they only sell cheap violins (some are crappy like mine). I don’t think I might change my violin yet because my family wont approve on a more (a little) quality violin. Some of my friends tell me thats its time (due to sympathy from all the failed recitals *my violin does this weird things even if I had to review all the basics and kinda mastered it but still* i had in school) to upgrade a bit.

Mohamed Khomsi says:

Dear Taylor, thank you for such a video. I didn’t need your recommendation since my 10 years son entered academy last year and his teacher is great, the reason why he likes violin lessons so much and performs very well while his dad is sharing with him, between many other things, very niece pieces of music out of japan animes and video games history and of course Ms Davis’ videos. By the way, my 5 years old daughter finds you incredibly beautiful and, now, in addition to her will to learn violin wants to have her hair falling on the face on the left side like you. She made me laugh with this last wish. She really likes you a lot.
You were right by mentioning that’s it’s hard to give a price. Nevertheless, between my son’s teacher and what I found out googling, this 250-400$ range seems totally justified even here in Europe where prices in music shops can be quite different from your place. You can buy it cheaper but then again, exactly as you said, it’s a hit or miss bet. You’re not only talented. You care a lot when advising. Thank you again. I’m very sincerely wishing you all the best in your life.
One last thing: we missed your 2016 tour. I hope you’ll come back to Belgium.

Brittany Powers says:

Doesn’t matter what price you pay… If you treat it with the right love… it will stay in tune and play beautiful music… Just love your violin and take care of it properly…

Rusty Calvera says:

background music distracts from the video

Junar Agudelo says:

thank you so much Taylor this really helps me out because I’m a beginner thank you

Laurence Le Beu St Clair says:

you should view the Le Beu castles ever been there ? I enjoy your music and if you come to Orkney I will go and see you and meet you ever thought about a nice holiday in a safe and quiet place beaches all round it’s the most beautiful island in the world

Dennys Batchar says:

Hi Taylor Davis

Dennys Batchar says:

Great amizzeng violin and a million dreams song

Priyankar Roy says:

my budget is 100$ and I’m also amateur
pls give me a suggetiom

Martin Ploberger says:

What do you think about used violins for a beginner, (if I don’t know if I play long ) I saw a used violone on a flee marked app for about 94 $ ( the cheapest one), one 106$ – what do you think .

Allen Mathew says:

what’s the background music?

× Croquet × says:

Is there a difference between the normal colored violins and the ones with weird colors and designs? I had a music teacher tell me once that buying instruments like “a pink flute” or something was always a mistake so I’m curious whether or not the case is the same with violins.

Robert Stewart says:

Question: What if its a 300 dollar violin from the company (Cecilio specifically a cecilio cvn 300) but I can get it and a bunch of extras for 99?

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