Violin Microphone Review | FULL DEMO | ‘The Grip’ by Myers Pickups

This video is a review on ‘The Grip’ microphone by Myers Pickups. Watch the video for a FULL demo, info about the microphone and my thoughts & opinions….!

– Link to the exact microphone I’m reviewing in this video:

– Link to the microphone I would have preferred:
The reason I would have preferred this one, is because the one in the video only has a 3″ goose neck and this has a 6″ meaning you can bend and twist it into a more strategic position for recording.

– Link to buy other microphones from Myers website direct:

– You can also purchase from


Geisha Garcia says:


Peter Bailey says:

Does anybody have an issue with the feed back from the volume control.
We have a 3 mic attached to an accordion but get a feed back hum. Not used near the speakers so not that prob.
This is a wild thought but could hearing aids affect the pre amp?

slystrings says:

Thanks for this awesome review Alison! I am desperately searching for an affordable and capable microphone. I ordered mine today, I hope this will be a solution for me.

jack lynch says:

I recently purchased one of the Myers pickups with a carpenter clamp and there is a vibration/rattle coming through while I’m playing. I’m just wondering did you encounter this problem?

Mike Williams says:

Thanks for posting this. How do you clip the ATM mic to your violin? I’m considering buying the DPA because they’ve solved this problem, but the ATM is cheaper and probably as good … apart from the attachment problem.

CMARYViolin says:

Thank you so much for this video! Gave me exactly what I need cause planning to buy a mic for recording. Btw, do you have a video bout recording a violin tutorial? Is it practical to use a preamp to record violin? And how far should the violin and mic be? Some say 3 ft? :/

A Loreta H says:

Is the Meyers mic compatible with a standard Fender guitar amplifier?

Elai Jung says:

What song you’re playing teacher? I really like it HAHAHA

John Austin says:

Does the cable weigh a bit heavy on the violin when playing?

Yazmin Garibo says:

I love your videos 🙂 I have just purchased my first violin ever! I am starting from square one and not knowing a thing about violins, your videos have been so much help! Thank you so much!

James VanWinkle says:

Both sound great, but let’s talk about the important stuff…your hair, make-up, and outfit ensemble are perfectly in sync. Your blue eyes pop and the whole thing just works!

lulitaviolino says:

What is your recommendation for amplifying a violin/cello duo playing outdoors (weddings, receptions) that wind of stuff!

RmDIr Sudo Su says:

Hello, I’ve a question. I’m curently going to play violin on few songs of my band (Folk metal) but I don’t really know which microphone I should take. Because of the high volume I fear that this kind of microphone might do some larsen. So I know that there’s the Fishman V-200 that seem to be a good choice but I don’t really like the sound of this one. I don’t know if there’s some other way? And great video by the way =)

nyal walker says:

I could not hear any difference either.

planksunit says:

Just wanted to let you know, while I deploy in the middle east I watched a ton of you videos before and after buying my first violin. You are an inspiration and I am very glad you are making videos. Just letting ya know, I imagine you will see this as you have replied to my one statement in the past. Thank you for what you are doing.

Hayden Elrafei says:

You should do a vs. with this and the Fishman V-200

elbite says:

Alison, it would be great to have, little by little, all your studio recording equipment (mics, amps e pre amps, mixers, samplers, audio interfaces/sound cards, studio monitors, … + host applications, sample libraries, effects plugins,… etc.) shown and reviewed by you, and maybe even some tutorial or your “tips and tricks” for (computer) music production explained in your vids. But I understand it can be something “off-topic” for your two channels. Anyway, keep up the great work; greetings from italy! 🙂

m3 e92335i says:

I like the sound coming off the regular mic compared to the Myers

Justin Brochure says:

The regular microphone picks up the high end a tiny bit better and is just a tiny bit brighter and clearer. It’s very little difference but I can hear it.

Jason Tang says:

alison will you be doing a video about your violin and bow like ben chan? looking forward to it and keep up the videos

Stephen Sawchyn says:

What is the name of your usual studio mic?

Katherina Charles says:

Do you use a certain program to make your violin tabs?

Daniel arroyo says:


Fandom Piano Covers says:

Please do a Violin Tutorial on any song from Doctor Who!! Maybe the theme song would be nice

Violinist Advocatus says:

Superb video) I want to buy a mic for my acoustic violin but dont know, what is the difference between Audio technica Pro35 and your Atm350? They are so similar, but there is extra money for atm350.

Ryan Augustus says:

Hey Allison keep up the great work.

berniestocks says:

Very useful, thanks!

Samuel Fisher says:

Does YouTube’s compression algorithm compress audio along with video? The two performances literally sound the same to me. Mind you, I’m using ATH-M50X to monitor.

Ella Aylwin says:


Luong Gia Bao says:

Just ordered The Grip, thanks for the advice 🙂 keep up your great work !!

Brad Sicotte says:

Really nice overview and comparison, thanks for the video! I got a Myers “The Grip” for my mandolin and I was surprised by the quality as well. Looking forward to trying it out in a live situation.

Tommy Marshall says:

I should probably try some recording to hear the sound without my ears right next to the violin, but I love my bridge with a built in Barcus Berry piezo. It’s an old one – the bridge may go soon, one drawback, but after 20+ years – and came with a little volume box that attaches to the tailpiece, and has an RCA jack. Now carpenter clamps with 1/4″ jacks are standard for plugging in. I also picked up a $7 Cherub piezo, that clamps onto an F-hole, as a backup, and it sounds great, too, although the clamp and especially the cable seem very flimsy. I did try another Barcus Berry that clamps directly to the bridge, but that did mute the acoustic tone significantly, and I think harmed the amplified tone as well.

Ajit S says:

Myers sounds Muffled. Or may be my ears are Muffled 🙂

Minh Nguyen says:

How long does the batter in the Myers last? How do I purchase the clip like the chinrest instead of the suction cup? Thank you.

Sergio Castro says:

which is the name of the song playing ?

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