Unboxing and Review (by a music major) – Kaizer Student Violin 1000 Series

Once again, I was given a student violin, so I decided to do a review video!
And the verdict? It is a VIOLIN SHAPED OBJECT and I’m not good at admitting it! Like I’m really not good at saying anything bad about anything. I’m too nice of a person and it’s a problem haha. Seriously, violin shaped objects are bad guys!

My last violin review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl8uIqvXfcE&t=1s
My last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beoVc1J5y_U
My last instructional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrEvh-QZqG0


Terry Hill says:

It might work better if you consider it a fiddle.
And yes, the main bad is the cheap strings.

Nastyspicey says:

I like channel

Pinche colazo says:

it help.me alot thia video thank u

F. D. says:

Your dog is awesome.

gavotteg says:

Ηοnestly, even for a beginner this violin sounds really bad. The quality is bad and the volume even worse. I believe beginner should get a quality violin around the price range of 150-300 (of course if they can afford it) because after some time, you just start wondering if it’s you that is sounding too bad or the violin and you don’t understand if you’re making progress.

Mary Sue says:

But how good was the camera?

SaxonVoter says:

That sounds horrible XD

Josh Barker says:

Lucky dog.

vernul sequeira says:

can we do a collab

Jigzy Wigzy says:

I have 200 dollar violin and next i will buy 800-1000$ violin

Yadriel Ortiz says:

Sorry if I bother you
Can you give me advice,tips and pointers? I’m a beginner violinist

MrCJrPE/JuanG & Stuff says:

Wait i thought the violin cost 170 just because amazon prime lowered the price

BlackPink in your circumference says:

kind of want to buy that just for the camera and case I have a pretty good violin costing a couple hundred dollars but the case is hard so it’s very heavy

K.B. Undercover says:

If you look on amazon this viola will be a satin or varnished if you could check please thank you also great video

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