Tower Strings, ‘The Midnight Edition’ Violin Review

Read more about it and get yours here:
Playing, “Myrskyluodon Maija” by Lasse Mårtenson.


BlBl V says:

Omigat fliddrman yor good

Indiana James says:

Watched one of your videos, just rented my first violin and am hoping to start fiddling a little myself. Thanks for the great channel

Class Punk says:

This is really pretty for an inexpensive violin. I am holding out hope that its possible to put black dye in varnish and coat a high-end acoustic violin with the dyed varnish, without disrupting the sound.

I’m planning on buying a nice violin from fiddlershop once I can do vibrato, and I’m eyeballing the soloist. I’m struggling to do vibrato at all and I’ve watched countless youtube videos, I also have been practicing your method. A nice violin is basically the reward I will give myself if I can get it down.

Dee George says:

Interested in purchasing a 16 inch Viola. Would appreciate you doing a comparison video of your violas

The Boofar says:

Help! I got my violin back from a shop after getting the sound post reajusted and the bridge made, so none of the strings are tightened (in tune) and my g string snapped. Will the lack in pressure effect the sound post immediately?

xSilentPvP says:

FIDDLER MAN! How long have you played the violin for?????

Fred Durst says:

Hi Fiddlerman! I’ve just discovered your channel and I was wondering if you have any advice on improvising on the violin? Not jazz per se.
My girlfriend is a violinist and I’d love to be able to just play with her.

Falakmeet Rathore says:

I can’t trust your reviews anymore because ur so talented that you can make anything sound good.

Joy Lester says:

I purchased a one of a kind from Fiddler Man. It is called the S30. Comparable to the “Soloist”, but that doesn’t matter to me either. It has a few character marks, meaning nothing the naked eye can see unless you want to look for it. I am a beginner but have enjoyed so much working with all of the people at the shop. If I had the money I would start the process all over again just for fun. My violin sounds so good. I am afraid my instructor, who may have mortgaged his house for his violin, LOL, finds mine to be so powerful and sounds so good that I have to watch him so he won’t take it home with him. I highly recommend purchasing from Fiddler Man. His staff is so helpful. I love the “Tune A Week”, although that takes me away from my Suzuki Training, but I cheat sometimes. The lessons are so helpful. Thanks for all you do for the world of music.

Charlie Finley says:

Hi fiddler man I was hoping you could watch my first ever video where I play walking on Mars and my own song I am nine years old and you are my hero. If you like it could you please give it a like and subscribe and i would really love a shout-out just type in Charlie Fins violin and its the one with a violin emoji thanks

Amanda Kulp says:

You can literally make any instrument sound good. You are a phenomenal player.

King Adeft says:

I still have my fiddlerman concert violin that is amazing. Honestly, it is beautiful and sounds amazing. Mine might not sound perfect because I have crudy stings that I need to change. I definitely would recommend the fiddlershop website to anyone looking for a violin. Thanks for great prices that I would honestly pay more and still say they are great prices.

Budless says:

Watched one of your older reviews and bought the cecilio cvn 300. It’s just fine for the price. I like watching you over others because you are are not at strict or extremely “proper” abit more relaxed with the violin, like it’s a friend.

Light Cluster says:

An all black violin to match my soul with an amazing sound backed by an amazing site.
Well, I guess I have to buy it now

pink diamond says:

If i ever get a violin what company should i buy it from. Stentor or Yamaha

Tom will says:

I think you can’t go wrong with this violin. I have a Scott Cao i purchased from Fiddlerman and also a less expensive (don’t remember the name) also bought from Fiddlerman. They both sound great. Good shop will treat you right.

Shelley Kivi says:

Really wish I would have know about you and your shop before I bought my violin! I am from a place where there aren’t a lot of options available and I am not completely happy with mine, My teacher says it sounds good but it really doesn’t to me. Maybe it’s the player and not the actual violin though lol. One of these days when I can afford a new one I’m definitely keeping you in mind!

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