The WORST Violin Movie Acting We’ve Ever Seen

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Jamie Zhang says: the movie is on youtube guys

ChimChim_NoJams says:

Im a pianist, what am I even doing here?! (^o^)

Usui Takumi says:

10:28 You’re welcome.

Kat says:

You guys slay me. This is great!

Ing Tve says:

It was painful to watch, and I don’t even know hot to play the violin.

Georgina800 says:

Lindsey Stirling could never.

Wei Grantia says:

At the last part suddenly the man in grey’s reaction became a lot more understandable and so fit in the scene.

Sarah Neff says:

I’mma 15 year old clarinet player who has never seen I violin in person except viewing concerts and this made me die a little inside

Kai and Chanelle Simmons says:

The thing is: even them trying to do a British accent is bad

Andy T says:

Could you also review Benedict Cumberpatch’s violin playing in Sherlock? Apparently he only learned how to play before shooting. Thanks!

That One Otaku-weeaboo says:


Michael Persico says:

its like andrew lloyd webbers variations in the sense it mixes in elements of other genre’s which can be done well like webber did they did not execute it well here mixed with a shitty version of the crossroads guitar duel

Hadrien Everard says:

0% violin skills
0% editing skills

Rant Me says:

7:09 literally fucked my ear up

Piano Blast says:


Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss says:

The ending was so fucking funny hahahahahaahhaha!!!!!!

Jamie Zhang says: AJDKADSKFKDFLGLF NONONONO there’s an interview with the two main leads and so apparently he (the guy in black) only got two weeks for violin training. TWO WEEKS. HELL NO. VIOLIN TAKES YEARS TO MASTER BUT IT’S A MOVIE SO OKAY WE DON’T HAVE YEARS. THEN AT LEAST SIX MONTHS. JUST… P L E A S E.

NiizuMa says:

the ending is legendary lmfao

scunnygal says:

Watch that guy play the oboe in The Mission – now that’s painful to watch!

Aravind Krishna says:

6:20 Fake violinists pretending they haven’t ever broken 4 bow hairs at once

Blue Rosario says:

I can’t even with the bow fight. That hurt my soul…

Le Fandom Trash says:

6:29 Honestly just kiss. That’s all I have to say. Just kiss already.

Hoho ωo says:


invencible al tiempo says:

What is the song??uwu

Grace Tay says:

*Just make out already*
I could say the same about another two people…

Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss says:

11:00 and 11:48

Sam Norton says:

He waves his bow so much it looks like he’s casting spells

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