Stentor I v’s Stentor II (1400 v’s 1500) Violin REVIEW

Stentor I (1400) violin review
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🇺🇸BELOW are violins on I recommend for USA🇺🇸
(UK🇬🇧 people scroll down).

1. Stentor II (1500):
Stentor II (1500) violin review:
2. Cecilio CVN 300:
Cecilio CVN 300 video Review:

Mendini MV 200:
Mendini MV 200 video Review:
Mendini MV 300:
Mendini MV 300 video Review:
Mendini MV 400:
Mendini MV 400 video Review:
Mendini MV 500:
Mendini MV 500 video Review:
Stentor 1 (1400):
Stentor 1 (1400) video review:

Cecilio CVN 100:
Cecilio CVN 100 video Review:
Cecilio CVN 200:
Cecilio CVN 200 video Review:
Cecilio CVN 300:
Cecilio CVN 300 video Review:
Stentor II (1500):
Stentor II (1500) violin review:

Cecilio CVN 400: (this is discontinued now).
Cecilio CVN 500:
Cecilio CVN 500 video Review:
Stentor Graduate (1542):
Stentor Conservatoire (1550):
Stentor Conservatoire (1550) video review:

Cecilio CVN 600:
Cecilio CVN 600 video Review:
Cecilio CVN 700:
Cecilio CVN 700 video Review:
Cecilio CVN 800 – This one is excellent, but I can’t find a link.
Cecilio CVN 800 video Review:

🇬🇧BELOW are violins on I recommend for UK🇬🇧:

Stentor II (1500):
Stentor II (1500) violin review:

Forenza Prima:
Forenza Prima video review:
Stentor 1 (1400):
Stentor 1 (1400) video review:

Forenza Secondo:
Forenza Secondo video review:
Stentor II (1500):
Stentor II (1500) violin review:
Stentor Graduate (1542):

Forenza Series 6 violin:
Stentor Conservatoire (1550):
Stentor Conservatoire (1550) video review:

Forenza Series 8 violin:
Forenza Series 8 video review:

Stentor I v’s Stentor II (1400 v’s 1500):
Mendini MV200 v’s Mendini MV300:
Cecilio CVN100 v’s CVN300:
Cecilio CVN100 v’s CVN200:
Cecilio CVN400 v’s CVN500 Violin:
Cecilio CVN600 v’s Cecilio CVN800:
Cecilio CVN 600 v’s 700:
Cecilio CVN 700 v’s CVN 800:


Elizabeth Briggs says:

Would you recommend the CVN500 or the Stentor II for someone who has a bit of previous experience?

Vanessa says:

The Stentor I actually sounded better to my ears when you played it versus the Stentor II. I have a Stentor I and love it 🙂 It’s a good quality beginner violin. I put on Dominant strings and purchased a nice carbon fiber bow, which enhanced the sound quality greatly. Thanks for the very helpful videos!

Antonio Moreno says:

I bought a Stentor II in Canada now I want to buy a better one. What do you recommend me?

Casual Preppers UK says:

are half violins for kids? do I buy a full size one or a half one, is there any difference in sound or ease of play ?  thank you

Zaid Daher Habeb says:

Hello Allison, i am a beginner and i would like to know your opinion about Ricard Bunnel G2? I still have not bought one.

Zandieh Byn says:

I really really dont like Stentor im anti Stentor sorry stentor fanclub

ronald santiago says:

how about strad copy violin Madam?? thanks

David Gee says:

Watching that bow and bow shadow get so close gave me anxiety. Lol

gregorio negri says:

what do yuo think about electric violin?

Mariangel Cerna says:

Mine is stentor 1/1400

Kunoh says:

can anyone help me please i been looking and looking for a good quality beginner violin, please anyone could send me a reasonable good site me to get my self one ! thank you so much!

Kenya Rivera says:

Hello Allison, I’m a beginner violinist and I have been practicing for a few months. I was renting a violin meanwhile to see if I actually wanted to stick with it and now I’m ready to buy my own.. I was wondering what do you think of the Stentor Harlequin vioins? I read somehwere I should stay away from those colorful violins.

Rolingston Gomes says:

hello Alice I watched every video and I liked every video of yours just I want to request you something please can you tell me is it good for me to start on a small size violin or do I need to buy a full-size violin is it ok if I buy a half size violin I’m sorry if I made any mistake in spelling

prince douglaz says:

I have a question. I’m trying to go by budget. What if you get the Stentor 1 but you upgrade the strings, would that make it better sounding?

F.starryart says:

hey i’ve been looking at your reviews and i wanted to buy a cecilo but they don’t have those here. they do sell stentor violins and i’ve been thinking of buying the stentor 2 but i’ve been playing for 6 months now ( i know that i’m still a total beginner) and i want to buy somehting that i can at least use for 3 more years without having to do an upgrade. is stentor 2 good for that our should i go for something like the Conservatoire ? 🙂

Luca a. Marinosci says:

Hallo Alison,

first of all I would like to thank You for Your amazing videos!

Actually, 3/4 months ago I started studying violin using Your videos and I would like to, as soon as I’ll have completed the 8th lesson (right now I’m studying the 2nd finger, lesson 7), buy a good student violin.
Right now I have the Mavis ST1197 (4/4, had to do some work on it since it wasn’t even able to keep tune, and I was thinking about a Stentor Student 1500 or a VL1100.
I’m very new to the field and I don’t understand what VL stands for…for what I have been able to interpret 1100 should be an older version for the Student series…but I’m not sure.
Can You help me decide, please? Any suggestion?

Thank You in advance and again congratulations for the outstanding work You have done with Your channel!

Joke Air says:

Hello !
I don’t understand the english but I want to know the difference between the both. Someone okay to write here the summery of video! Thanks you very much, it’s very important for me 🙂

Megan K says:

Hi Alison, I am looking to take up violin during the summer as I used to play the cello up to grade 6 then quit but I miss playing a stringed instrument so I thought I may as well start. Do you think the Stentor II would be a good choice because I’m not a complete beginner and have the bowing technique etc down but theres just so much choice when it comes to violins I don’t know where to start!!

dekzan says:

I got mine Stentor 2, yesterday. It is now my best violin. I have 4 other Chinese Strad copies, the Stentor has better sound, more volume, bass, mids, trebs..what a huge difference.

Terry Armstrong says:

The Stentor lol spoke to me as you were playing it. I agree, very smooth, lovely tone, and you do it justice, as you play it so well! I feel like I owe you a tip! I am seriously looking for a violin with a deep, dark sound similar to a viola. Thank you kindly Alison.

Shelly Diaz says:

Hi, Would you recommend the Stentor II over the Cecilio CVN-500? I am buying a violin for my 8 year old son. He is starting to play and I want to make sure I get him the best Violin I can.  Thanks for the help!

HotGrubb says:

Have you tried the Revelle 500QX? I played one today and found it t o be much warmer than my current no name violin. The Revelle goes for $899 (just violin) which is obviously much more expensive than the Stentor. I haven’t played a Stentor and don’t know if the Revelle is that much better if at all.

Summer Garcia says:

Do you know how the Stentor compares to the Cremona Sv – 130?

I am sasha fierce says:

Hey Allison! would you recommend the stentor student I over the cvn300?

Създанието ОтРая says:

Hello, Alison! Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your great reviews, they’re so helpful! Could you please tell me what do you think about the Stentor Graduate violin? It’s between the Stentor II and the Stentor Conservatoire.

Marco P says:

Alison how is the Yamaha v5 to start? It sounds better than those two to me.

Jessica Major says:

Do you suggest using the bow that comes with the Stentor or should I invest in a better quality bow?

Nowthen AD says:

Alison, are you adding reverb to these recordings or is that just coming from the room?

Silvia López says:

Hi. I´m sorry. Final question.
This violin, is better than the Stentor 1500 Violin Student II?? The Classic Cantabile 23273 seems to be for advanced students, so will be better, no?? Sorry for molest. Thanks !!!

Shaz Ahmad says:

Looking for something for my daughter, who has just started at school – got a cheap one for Christmas (£50ish), regret it. Thanks for the review, we’ll be getting the stentor 2 🙂

john cena says:

can you please please please recommend a good set of strings for the stentor ll ?

Safi Diweld says:

Hello, I really want to buy Cecilio CVN-500 because I want a good violin from the start but it’s not available in my country neither does the amazon link ship to my country. A Stentor II is available though, but I don’t want a violin that’s only good for a beginner, any advice? ):

Humza Ahmad says:

Is the S on the violins permanent? I am thinking about buying a 16 inch viola.

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