Stentor Conservatoire (1550) | Violin Review

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🇺🇸BELOW are violins on I recommend for USA🇺🇸
(UK🇬🇧 people scroll down).

1. Stentor II (1500):
Stentor II (1500) violin review:
2. Cecilio CVN 300:
Cecilio CVN 300 video Review:

Mendini MV 200:
Mendini MV 200 video Review:
Mendini MV 300:
Mendini MV 300 video Review:
Mendini MV 400:
Mendini MV 400 video Review:
Mendini MV 500:
Mendini MV 500 video Review:
Stentor 1 (1400):
Stentor 1 (1400) video review:

Cecilio CVN 100:
Cecilio CVN 100 video Review:
Cecilio CVN 200:
Cecilio CVN 200 video Review:
Cecilio CVN 300:
Cecilio CVN 300 video Review:
Stentor II (1500):
Stentor II (1500) violin review:

Cecilio CVN 400: (this is discontinued now).
Cecilio CVN 500:
Cecilio CVN 500 video Review:
Stentor Graduate (1542):
Stentor Conservatoire (1550):
Stentor Conservatoire (1550) video review:

Cecilio CVN 600:
Cecilio CVN 600 video Review:
Cecilio CVN 700:
Cecilio CVN 700 video Review:
Cecilio CVN 800 – This one is excellent, but I can’t find a link.
Cecilio CVN 800 video Review:

🇬🇧BELOW are violins on I recommend for UK🇬🇧:

Stentor II (1500):
Stentor II (1500) violin review:

Forenza Prima:
Forenza Prima video review:
Stentor 1 (1400):
Stentor 1 (1400) video review:

Forenza Secondo:
Forenza Secondo video review:
Stentor II (1500):
Stentor II (1500) violin review:
Stentor Graduate (1542):

Forenza Series 6 violin:
Stentor Conservatoire (1550):
Stentor Conservatoire (1550) video review:

Forenza Series 8 violin:
Forenza Series 8 video review:

Stentor I v’s Stentor II (1400 v’s 1500):
Mendini MV200 v’s Mendini MV300:
Cecilio CVN100 v’s CVN300:
Cecilio CVN100 v’s CVN200:
Cecilio CVN400 v’s CVN500 Violin:
Cecilio CVN600 v’s Cecilio CVN800:
Cecilio CVN 600 v’s 700:
Cecilio CVN 700 v’s CVN 800:


Andrew G says:

Should I get this or the Eastman westbury? Help me decide guys!

Marco P says:

Now there is the Conservatoire II.. what are the differences? Are they ok for a complete beginner instead of the Student 2?

The Lady Is a Band says:

Before buying my cheap STAGG, I was absolutely looking at the STENTORs in my JustMusic catalog. They already made a good impression, so now your opinion on it helps a lot. I have that big store here in Berlin and maybe I will try a STENTOR in a couple years. Right now I think my STAGG is okay, after also replacing its clumsy bow yesterday. That thing was so terrible, that I consider myself a beginner since yesterday evening. It was better than a crowbar, but still a monstrosity as I feel now. Considering the price for this STENTOR, its bow can’t be the real thing, as you kept recommending, or am I unjust in this point?

sukhwant banvait says:

hi Allison
for intermediate is d z stard 101 best or stentor 1550 nd also or hofner as160
m very confused…

Eugene Berg says:

Do you think this violin is suitable for an intermediate player or do you recommend something better. Like I’m looking at Karl Hofner, do you think that’s a good company for intermediate players? Thanks in advance!

tiaopiak says:

Have you or your student used Yamaha V3SKA beginner violins? Is yes, how is it?

violin lover says:

do you think this violin is better than the stentor graduate or worse

Stephen Mulder says:

Hello, Based on your reviews on the Stentor 2 and the 1550, I’d decided to purchase a Stentor violin. The 1550 was a bit out of my price range but my budget allowed me to purchase the 1542. I’m a complete beginner so it was blind faith that it would be a good choice. Still, I’m having a difficult time finding any feedback on the Stentor 1542 4/4. In terms of sound, how does it stand against the 1550.  Or is it more like the 1500? Thanks so much for your great reviews and tutorials!

Nikita 好子菜摘。 says:

Hai Allison, can you review about Carl Steinhoff Violin? Pleasee~

ST ST says:

Am I the only one who dislikes the varnish of the Stentor Conservatoire?

Jan Vlogs says:

Hi Allison, what kind of strings do you Recomended on this violin for a better sound ? Please exactly type strings information !

Jesus Montoya says:

Is Stentor 1550 or Cecilio CVN-600 better?? You’ve reviewed both. The Cecilio seems more professional, but it’s actually cheaper on Amazon and has worse user reviews :-/

Universeal13 says:

Do you recommend this violin over the stentor 2?
Thank you!

myah cat says:

can you PLEASE do a tutorial on a Lindsey Stirling sogn, PPPPLLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i know i know… i need to CALM DOWN, i cant XD i love the song soooo much

Yvonne smith says:

hi Alison do you know what the length of the back is, my violin is 30.5 /6 which is quite long as I’ve seen 4/4 from 30.1cm which I want, I’m still looking + have no idea to what I want, only that its a upgrade to intermediate.+ that the length of the back in 30.1 -3 max.. I’m still looking + I cant decide. 🙁

Shamini Singh Sachdev says:

Which violin do you play? Sounds beautiful. Thanks

SheikyPets says:

Hey there 🙂 I am in love with violin and I’ve actually have some main characters in a little project that I’m writing that play the violin. During a part there’s a scene were 2 main characters are pretty much battling in a song that they created with their violins. I was wondering if a electric violin could be used with a acoustic battle in the case? The situation would be the electric would be representing “the bad guys” fighting “the good guys” that’d be on a acoustic violin. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you 🙂

Schubi Schuba says:

Hi Alison! I’m going to buy my first violin and I had in mind to buy the Stentor II (1500) – it seems to be nice and has a good price – but now I hesitate, I can afford both Stentor II (1500) and Stentor Conservatoire but was wondering if buying the Stentor Conservatoire instead of the other was worth it taking in account that the Stentor II is nice and cheaper and even though I can afford both the price gap between the two is quite large for me. I’m lost!

Rori Rants says:

Oof. Can’t decide. This or Mendini MV-500? So hard to tell just listening on YT, but I live over 100 miles from the nearest music store of any kind. :/

susan turner says:

hello. t.hank you for all you input. i have just purchased the stentor conservatoire II and i am looking for some pirastro strings for a warmer tone, could you please advise on which one would be best. thank you

Andres Alegria says:

Dear Alison, could you do a review of the Stentor Conservatoire II ? (the upgraded version of this violin) thanks! 🙂

Norse Dragonhunt says:

Sounds great!

Saira Khan says:

What comes with the violin

Adopted Child says:

Any reasons not to buy this for a beginner?

Aren Misker says:

I have a question. Uhm Just to be clear is the stentor II on amazon UK is the same as the other link?

cat missw says:

does it make a difference to the sound at all if a violins back is one or two piece?

Saira Khan says:

do you think it’s better than the stentor 1500

rahul rawat says:

Cecilio cvn 500 with good strings or this?

ohohzaximo says:

Do you also buy some ofyour violins at amazon…?
And can you please link me to where I can buy Stentor Conservertoire…I can’t find it in the description box…
Thanks a lot…!

Steven Corley says:

Stentor just doubled the price on the 1550. I’m out.

weizenspreu says:

I own the Stentor Conservatoire myself (it was my first acoustic violin) and I use it with Thomastik Dominant strings. In my opinion it has a nice tone when it comes to the lower notes (g-, d- and a-string), but has a nasty tone when played on the high e-string. It sounds as if the instrument isn’t up to the job of handling higher frequencies. I actually once restringed it to a 3/4 viola (low c-string) and it did cope much better with that one than with the high e-string. Maybe you can get a better sounding e-string when you’re willing to experiment with different e-strings (e.g. Pirastro).

I think this should be considered before purchasing the Stentor Conservatoire.

Edsel Matic says:

Mine arrived today; I must say, it’s a real beauty though I know nothing about violins. I am a complete beginner; because of Allison’s post, I chose this; I was eyeballing the Stentor II vs Stentor Conservatoire and decided to just jump into the Conservatoire and just cut off some unneeded things in my life. I am very excited.

I know this is an old post, but mine didn’t come that reddish. What I was sent was darker brown color. The inside label does state it’s a Stentor Conservatoire. The Stentor Conservatoire II wasn’t available in US’s Amazon site at all, so I chose this one, and I like it very much.

Regarding the tuning, I found as I brought each string up step by step (pegs to sharp, then flatten by fine tunners) starting from the A string first, all the other strings fell in-line a lot easier vs going for an A#, the D#, etc.. maybe it’s my guitarists approach, but I didn’t want to rattle the strings aggressively and cause one to break.

My rendition of “merry had a little lamb” on this day sounds very scratchy and will cause you to pull your hair out, but i’m looking forward to posting my rendition of “Old Torn Petticoat” on this outfit in 2 years =)

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