Scott Cao STV 500 Violin Review

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The Scott Cao 500 top is made of European spruce, and the body is flamed maple. It has an Ebony fingerboard, ebony fittings, and four fine tuners. These instruments have upgraded tone woods when compared to Scott Cao’s 017 violins. The 500 series instruments are handmade by prize winning luthiers and every instrument is meticulously graduated, rewarding the player with a powerful and refined tone. Additionally, the 500 features a two-piece back, is hand varnished and strung with Dominant strings.

Playing Bach Partita no 2 Gigue

Outfit Includes: Oblong Case, Brazilwood Bow
Handmade European Spruce Top, and Maple Body, Ebony Fittings, Inlaid Purfling, Composite Tailpiece with 4 Fine Tuners, Dominant Strings


Meowmix Bro says:

Whats the song you played? It was really nice 🙂

Tom will says:

how would you consider the weight of the violin? Some beginner violins seem very heavy to me. I trust your opinion more than any other on the web. thanks

Ahmed 2DAnimations says:

You are a great person hope i can be like you 😀

Rafa Weon Taldo says:

Wow, that gigue was awesome.

Greetings from Chile!

Trevor Jones says:

I love that song. I agree on the color. Could you give a little more info on the bow? Is it one that you guys pair up with the violin or does it come from Scott?

Rafa Weon Taldo says:

Wow, that gigue was awesome.

Greetings from Chile!

Helge Moulding says:

You do make it sound good, but it still sounds as if it’s somehow muted, you know, as if the sound is pinched somehow. Is that just me? Or is that to be expected from a relatively inexpensive instrument?

hanz cruz says:

Is this good for someone who just learnt to fully play a violin like in yesterday?

My Piano Favourites says:

HI, Fiddlerman, I believe the piece your playing is GIGA, Sonata IV..aka Partitias II…by Bach.

This is a UK (British) Exam piece…I intend to study the piece…and I Need to know…if you played just off the cuff…or if you played from a music sheet…complying to Bach’s…Performance Directions…Please Let Us Know…for Exam Study Purposes….Thanks

Manuel Martinez says:

Hello, you can review yamaha v10? Thanks.

u/ st0zy says:

Which one would you prefer the Scott Cao STV 500 or the Scott Cao 017

CrisRojas says:

What he’s playing at 0:53? sounds beautiful

Violinist Cuber says:

i am thinking of buying this violin. 🙂

Rafael Vazquez says:

Hi fiddle man ! 🙂

Bacon House says:

I got a Scott Cao violin today. I was really surprised at the amazing quality of it!

Mike Sonners says:

do you still have this deal for 450$ on your site?

AaronDayVlog says:

This instrument sounds really amazing 🙂

Ryan Chien says:

Fiddler man, how many years have you been playing the violin? You sound amazing! 😀

Violinist Cuber says:

lovely song!

BrayanR918 says:

Really nice sound, and great piece

Chris Strother says:

hey do you put rosane on your bow? just asking. 🙂

Isaque Torres says:

fiddlerman hello, I would love if u made ​​a review of the violin Eagle vk 644 
Thank’m your fan

Brazil loves you

Paul Pikowsky says:

Heads up!  At :19 on the video, your green screen processing breaks down.  As always, it’s otherwise great to see the Fiddlerman at work.

Toni Gomez says:

What a fantastic new addition to your wonderful shop! I am excited for you on this! Congratulations.

coolbeans says:

sounds really great! i love it! i wish i knew about this violin before i got one

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