Rocket EVN Electric Violin Review

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BELOW are the LINKS to the Rocket EVN Electric Violins on
RED metallic:
BLACK Metallic:
BUE/GREEN Metallic:

The song im playing was made up on the spot.

AMAZON.COM Electric Violin Links:
Cecilio CEVN Black Metallic:
Cecilio CEVN Blue Metallic:

BELOW are violins on I recommend.
Mendini MV Range – Really good cheap starter violins:-
Mendini MV 200:
Mendini MV 300:
Mendini MV 400:
Mendini MV 500:

Cecilio CVN range – for beginners:-
Cecilio CVN 100:
Cecilio CVN 200:
Cecilio CVN 300:

For the Intermediate player:-
Cecilio CVN 400:
Cecilio CVN 500:

For the advanced player:-
Cecilio CVN 600:
Cecilio CVN 700:
Cecilio CVN 800 – This one is excellent top of the line, but i cant find a link.

Stentor Violin:
Stentor II (1500):

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Stentor II:


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Mark Skladan says:

Fantastic! Final Countdown, hats off. I’m buying a violin tomorrow, thanks!

Jenny Serrato says:

Could you please do a tutorial for the song palladio on the electric violin thank you

The Herbivore lIfe says:

I have never played violin before but wanted to learn as an adult, I have an autistic 3 yr old so I was looking at the electric just because you can use headphones, do you recommend this one over the cecillio silent violin, or would you recommend the kinglos electric violin?

LVH says:

what is the name of the song that you where playing ?

John Lauer says:

I have a Cecilio electric and a Mendini MV 500 acoustic. The family complaind about the volume of the acoustic even after adding a mute. It is really loud especially without the mute. I puchased the silent electric to practice on, hoping it would be quieter, they can still hear it. I moved to our theater room to practice, now they are happier. I recently bought a I Rig device to use with the electric and a cell phone app that lets u select and talor ur sound and effects, LOVE IT! Fun to experiment with, even though its ment for use with a guitar effects. ( 65 dollars US) Cheap for all the effects u get on the free app that comes with it.
Allison is right, learn on an acoustic violin first. The two types have a totally differnt sound. I still love the acoustic the best, but mine is so loud, I have to play it when I’m the only one home.

jim gerlinsky says:

And now I want an electric fiddle . . . love your version of The Final Countdown, Thanks for doing these videos.

tomek127612 says:

no compraria este violin es STAGG muy malo

Classic Lily says:

Your so awesome! I already have a Guitar, and soon violin teacher, but when she not here I go to you! Thank you so much for your amazing work! Keep it up!

*I'm Stupid!* says:

You are a rockstar

geson86 says:

How much sound does it make when silent / headphone? I’ve got sensitive/angry neighbors.
never held a violin before.

yooo says:

Hello, ive just brought an electric violin like this and i want to ask you what strings should i use: Dominant or Pirastro tonica.Thx

Shi Shu says:

How about the bow that comes with it? is it good?

boilingaction says:

How did you remove the stagg logo on the electric violin? Thank you, thumb up

Marla Cosner says:

Is it lighter (in weight to hold) than a regular violin?

Gustavo Medeiros says:

Is this the exact same as a Stagg EVN electric violin? I see many people complaining about the bridge… is it an issue?

Stien says:

I recently bought this violin. Is it normal that my violin produces the same volume with or without using the headphones? I thought using headphones should make the violin silent during practice? Or am I wrong?

CookingHelene says:

Hi Allison,
How would you best tune this type violin if you are a beginner?

Rose says:

in your Amazon link you linked Stagg violins, are they the same that are you playing?

musicka013 says:

Can you please suggest a violin for me I am a person that is interested in learning how to play I’ve never played the violin I don’t know how to read sheet music or how to read violin sheet music please can you help point me in the right direction thank you so much

Cryztofr Violinist says:

Make your own covers channel where you play some songs

Tim O'Brien says:

I play electric guitar and they have “pick-ups”, i.e. magnetic boxes that pick up the strumming and plucking.  What the heck picks up the sound on an electric violin?!  It can’t be the strings! or can it?  Great videos, can’t wait to take piano lessons from you, sincerely.

Cosmetic_Ray says:

loved it

Something for Windy says:

Just bought this violin but it seems like it doesn’t produce decent sound while trying to play it. Keep in mind this is the first time I ever tried to play violin. Any suggestions? I tried to make the strings more tense and the bow same result. When you play it in the video it makes a good violin sound.

Guadalupe Bueno says:

Is it available in the US?

X Mo says:

In ur openion which one is better this one or the bunnel edge electric violin?

musicka013 says:


musicka013 says:


Ursula Akim says:

hello they are a special violon shoulder for this time ?

Classic Lily says:

Also, what kind of wood is your “acoustic” violin made of? Mine is made of “Ebony” is that good?

CrimJims says:

I am looking for an elec. violin at this price range. I like the sound of it but could you tell me if is heavy or not? I am looking for a very light one.

Bernie Shearn says:

what is the weight of this violin

Rastislav Ledaj says:

I wonder whether companies making these “electric” violin already found out how easy it would be to make them wireless…

Kawchar Hossin says:

what Tha price ?

Vinudeep R says:

Hello Alison!
I’m from India. I’m a basic trinity grade 3 student.
Can I use this for my trinity classical exams? &
Can I get it in India?

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