Review of the first 3D printed Violin – 3Dvarius

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Hi, I’m very proud to present my review of the first fully playable electric violin created by the 3D printing technology ! Hope you’ll enjoy !

Story behind the video and cover song
After few years of work, I’m very proud to present my review of my 3Dvarius, the first fully playable electric violin created by the 3D printing technology! I wanted to create an original composition to present it by using loops and pedal boards.

Thank you so much for watching!

Credits – Birth of 3Dvarius
Musical composition, arrangements and performance by Laurent Bernadac with the 3Dvarius (
Video filmed and edited by Géraldine Puel and Laurent Bernadac
Shooting’s location: Winemaking cooperative of Servian, South of France (

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Tony Cortese says:

Awesome! Totally loved it!

Ceena M.s.v.n says:

So what is the significance of the 3D printed violin? I couldn’t help but notice that the bridge( and the strings obviously) is not printed and this model being an electric one, bypasses the acoustic box and the vibration signals are picked up most probably using Piezo pickups under the bridge. So what is the significance of the “3D printed” violin? How’s the 3D printing technology coming to picture again? and most importantly where does the 8000 $ price comes from?

Sakura4anime25 says:

Hm, personally I wouldn’t call this a “review”, rather more of a “demonstration”, but whatever you want to call it, it sounds so cool and beautiful! It looks really nice too, I love all the words and designs and stuff on it ^_^

Tiffany Caliz says:

i want you…

Aperson says:

Does this belong in a band or an orchestra?

john cena says:


Airsoftfrreak96 says:


lightningbro says:

Oh, Jam on, this is WICKED!

The Mouse says:

I want one of those – as long as it can play by itself…

NachoFast says:

When will we see a 3D printed electric guitar?

mafurock33 says:

This is really neat, but I would love to see how it stands on its own as well.

UnEarthly Ethan says:

if an electric guitar and a violin had a love-child..


Benza~ベンザー~ says:


Yoochan Song says:

What effects do you use?

Andrés Flamenco says:


derpy unicorn says:

This is absolutely amazing ^~^

Nguyên Như Đông says:

hay mà không biết anh có đọc được tiếng Việt nam không

Simon Barbarasch says:

fuck 8k usd for a 3d printed violin those dudes must be crazy

Stark Botha says:

This thing is nothing but fucking hype train. There is nothing significant about 3d printing an electric violin. You can attach strings and electric pickups to absolutely fucking anything and have it play and sound like a violin. If you had managed to 3d-print an ACOUSTIC violin and it sounded great then i’d be impressed. But this? This is bubblegum. Also… the name…lol…3dvarius…omgreally? *groan*
Having said all that… you are a very talented musician, so have a cookie.

Andre Alvarado says:

Looks like the Ns design nxt violin. Sounds great.

awildmoose says:

The 3dvarius is $8,000
So tempting *-*

sandeep sharma says:

Damn Awesome !!!

Brother Brandon says:

Sweet riffs brethren

Livereater00 says:

it became worse after the first 30 seconds

SaberToothed Minecrafter says:

usually not fond of electric violins but this is like a violin with an electric guitars soul. damn. I would actually love to play this.

Selin Naz Sur says:

Sounds kind of like the electric guitar but I love it! 😮

V. Valenti says:


Preeti Singh says:


Judo Racquinghem says:

☻/⋱ ⋮ ⋰
/▌⋯ ◯ ⋯¨. ︵
/ ︵¸︵( ░░ )︵♡ ,ᄾᄿᄿ☼ᄾBonne continuation et à bientôt …

Al Zedd says:

Phew! Jaw droppingly good. Mahavishnu Orchestra in one unit….Wowee…….

chelsea rodriguez says:


PO -T says:

8,000€… Jesus! Thinking that it would actually be in between an electrical violin and a wood violin was wrong… O.o

Shiribetsu Sama says:

1000 dollar wooden violin ? ain’t nobody got time for that! I need to print one damn

River Wren says:

the sound is fucking amazing! my grandfather was a violinist and a rock fiddler! he’d a loved this! thank you

John Alexander says:

thats great can i ask you please how much is the price of this violin ?? how can i buy ??

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