Red Electric Violin Review – Cecilio CVEN Silent Violin

Cecilio CVEN Electric Violin review, performance and demo.
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Still not convinced? Watch my Stone Cold by Demi Lovato performance video where Im playing this violin live:
Or 7 Years by Lukas Graham:
For an electric violin this cheap, I think you will agree that the sound is not half bad… Im playing on the ‘style 4’ in metallic black.
The song im playing in this video is called ‘The Final Countdown’ by the band Europe.

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– Cecilio CVEN Style 2 in Mahogany:
– Cecilio CVEN Style 3 in Metallic Blue:
– Cecilio CVEN Style 4 in Metallic Black:
– Cecilio CVEN Left Handed White Violin:

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김국선 says:

hello, im searching for elec violin. i wonder can it sound if u removed battery out of it. i just want to play elec instead of accustic cuz i can play violin only at night…although i have metal demper but it cant enough less sound i want TT.. ?
i know elec can use headphone hole but i want to know the volume height which removed battery of it

MRM Birmingham says:

its £47 on Ebay n working nice ,not bad ,ted brewer is very expensive ,min £600-£990 n no big difference b/w cecilio n ted .

Brandan Ladikos says:

Mini jack = 1/8 inch. Bigger jack = 1/4 inch.

Time Keeper says:

is it me or is she playing final countdown?

Jamie-Lee Kelly says:

The Online Piano and Violin Tutor: Im a beginner and im after buying
the left handed version. its the only electric violine i can find for
leftys. i was looking at the dominant strings you sugessted and theres
so many types what would be the best type for this violin?

Huss S says:

you should try the middle eastren violin i think you will love it

Jaden N says:

I bought one of these from Amazon before finding your video. I’m am a beginner and live in an apartment and need to keep the noise level to a minimum but still be able to practice. I have found that a blue tooth set up is a good answer for the ‘dangling-cord problem’.

Holly Melissa says:

Does the bridge come on the violin when you get it or do you have to put it on yourself?

aikz martinez says:

hi.. can you kindly make a review of cecilio electric versus stagg electric?? thanks.. we dont have cecilio here in the philippines. only stagg.. 🙁

John Austin says:

Normally electric instruments, such as guitar, do not need batteries!  Electro-acoustics do, and they plug into the PA usually, not a separate amp.

TraceguyRune says:

Your Jack problem is easally solved with an extender. extend the Jack to the floor, and then you just have a small headphone cord sticking out

Kevin Kumar says:

is there a electric violin you can recommend as Christmas present. I am wonder if there is something for $80 or below.

Abdul Jami says:

Sounded wonderful

watchandlearn^_~ says:

hello I’m sorry if I’m asking a question again, but I saw you said you suggest an acoustic violin. Why is that? Will getting an electric one hinder my learning?

TraceguyRune says:

I don’t even know how to play violines. I bought a white one

WMTeWu says:

Can’t you just put small-2-large jack adapter on amplifier side of cable?

littlesoph says:

Hi Alison, I want to buy one of these violins – are they ball end strings or loops?

John Austin says:

What does it weigh?

Ardith Conley says:

Why not buy a cord with the small plugs on both ends and put an adapter on you amp end.

Chris Jarkovsky says:

i like the song you demonstrated with the violin. Did you show how to play it in another video? Even though I spend most of my time playing guitar and bass i like watching you playing violin and piano. You showed me in the very beginner video how to play the c major scale on piano because I promised my guitar teacher who is very good at classical piano I would learn something on piano. Thanks for teaching me, and keep up the good work.

Petrine jensen says:

I am getting this one in black. I am a beginner, I already have one cheap violin. I was losing interest in learning and I think this one will motivate me 🙂

Dano Duncan says:

silly wabbit… plug the 1/8″ jack into the violin and adapt the other end of the plug to 1/4″, (to your amp), I actually use a rest so I also run the cord up through that… I have a wireless that I find much easier when playing live… it’s a short, light cable… 😉

John Austin says:

Thank  you – solved my confusion about the mini jack on my cheap electric violin.  I totally agree, a mini jack is not good.  Have not fully tested this little thin connection but I believe the 1/4 carries signal better.  Mine is also on the bottom.  Maybe all cheapos are?

alex carter says:

Thin tone is probably a combination of cheapo strings and cheapo pickup. I’d like to find out about the pickups on these. Guess I might have to get one and take it apart!

Rozalia Star says:

if you plug headphones in can you hear the noise ?

John Austin says:

Many thanks again……..John

MrCrazyPhantom says:

Hi Alison, I hope you can answer my question. I have been playing violin for like 8-9 years. I stopped it because it was my time to decide if I wanted to keep the violin career going or go to the college. I had a lot of pressure on me to play violin, so I decided to forget about it and study something not related to music. Now I feel like I really want to play it for myself, not for the others. I’m not a profesional player, but I took many many lessons in those years and I can defend myself playing. Now I’m in college and I want to play without disturbing my neighbours. Do you recommend this violin for “silent practice” to an intermediate player who plays for fun? I would buy the amp and probably some effects stuff, but about the instrument itself, is it really worth it? It’s cheap, which is good, but I don’t wanna buy a really bad quality instrument. What do you think? Should I buy this one? Thanks Alison, I love your videos! Cheers

Viola Dahl says:

How to use a headphone in a electric violin?Can it be truly scient?

JC Asero says:

Can u make a review about electric violin IRIN? no CECILIO available here. Thanks.

Jim Doe says:

Maestro, you make the stock Cecilio sound like it arrived set up. That’s experience. Your students no doubt appreciate you. To add to the comments, Amazon’s got elbow 3.5 male to 1/4 female connectors, both with and without cords. The one I use for my Cecilios has about an 8 inch cord to it.

M says:

When you suggest putting on a set of dominants, do you mean Dominant strings, a brand name?

Paul TheSkeptic says:

Sigh. C’mon Cecilio. What a great violin for a great price but that jack. Why would you do that?

Ilyasuketchi says:

I need help! Lindsey Stirling is my inspiration and she uses the Yamaha Electronic Violin SV250 and it’s so expensive. i really want to practice a lot (through your tutorials) and play like her. Is it worth getting a cheap $150+ electric violin which is not the yamaha but somewhat functions and look the same? It’s the IRIN electric violin and I really need a review of their quality. Help?


ou can always put a small clamp underneath the tail piece … so that the cable falls down in a different place far away from your arm.
I do still agree with you that the best way was a side support with a more serious connector like a socket 6.35 mm or a XLR (which in fact, today, it costs the same)
It reminds me the Leonardo violin.
The problem of the tone: is the pick-up/pre-amp system …

The Lazy Violinist says:

u ever thought about doing it the other way around using a headphone jack with a bigger jack on the end plugged into the amp?

TigerGirl 1262 says:

I got one of these recently and after I play my fingertips and coved on this silver stuff is there a way I can stop that do I have to clean them with something special???

The Looserloyal says:

are you online violin cheeter?

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