Quality Pernambuco Violin Bow Review

This is the best inexpensive pernambuco bow by far that I have ever tried. The weight, balance, feel, sound and spiccato feel fantastic to me, Fiddlerman. We at Fiddlershop are very happy to offer this quality pernambuco wood bow at a very affordable price.
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Nivek Kelone says:

Awesome bow! btw Vivaldi winter best violin piece.

1cleandude says:

Great video Fiddlerman!!  So would you say my Cecilio bow that weighs 71gr is too heavy??  Thanks!

John Austin says:

Best to announce price first

Earl Joseph says:

Vivaldi’s winter is always the best. And u played it. Its amazing.
It’d be great if u played the whole music and upload in youtube. 

Pamela Busby says:

Which one is this? Your website lists 1, 2, 4 Star one’s….? I’m looking to upgrade my bow soon… thanks!

sartoriusrock says:

Love the 1st movement of “Invierno” plug.

Natano Saltero says:

wow, that classical stuff rocked.

Babak ESM says:

Like for vivaldi
Please make a video an play it there

janderson2000 says:

Damn, this violin playing is getting expensive…especially when you come from playing guitar.

First it’s you can’t string it for less than $50 to have it sound decent, but can spend a couple hundred on strings as well if you wanted to.

Now the bow is supposed to cost you like 300 bucks, but you can spend 2 grand or more on one if you want to.

Does the bow really matter that much? Is the $50 fiddlerman carbon bow something just for beginners and you will notice a huge difference in buying up to the models in the hundreds….or (gulp) thousands?

I spent 2 grand on my violin, and I thought I was going to get by without spending much more money on a bow. lol

I spent about a dime on a guitar pick. 🙂

vihuelaplayer123 says:

I want that bow but I don’t want nickel or silver I want that black material they use for the winding

Cade Johnson says:

Great success!

MagicalMusic34 says:

Hey P, I was wondering if this bow is available in 3/4 and if not, what good bows do you have that are? 🙂

Sahar Hb says:


John Austin says:

Point taken but you could give price and date.  Thanks for great videos

victor gustavo says:

I have one.

WarriorOfMetal RoadOfKings says:

How do bow quality affect playing?

Sam Wizard says:

do you know any who gives violin lessons or know of any lesson books

Emily McDonald says:

Well it sounds very nice and I am actually looking for a new bow in that price range… but what else can you tell me about it? Who makes this bow? Does it have a name other than “Quality Pernambuco Bow”? How did you come across it? Thanks for (hopefully) answering my questions and I will consider purchasing it 🙂

Josh Frank says:

I have this bow and I would reccomend it to anyone looking for a bow under 300$

richard mitchell says:

LOL why not tell people it is 250 bucks?…Price: $245.00

James Pham says:

Turn on captions at 2:04.

Mqss says:

Damn man, why didn’t you continue at 1:55! 🙂


Thank you for sharing!


The Pernambuco wood is in reality the Brazil Wood, born in state of Pernambuco in Brazil!

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