Pimp Out Your Cheap Violin!!

Pimp up your cheap violin so it sounds awesome, for little cost.
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– Here are links for Dominant Strings:
🇺🇸Amazon USA: http://goo.gl/aFknLd
🇬🇧Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/GvcBmh

– The chin rest I personally use:
🇺🇸Amazon.com: http://goo.gl/DROCO
🇬🇧Amazon.co.uk: http://goo.gl/65oTL

– The Stentor II (1500) violin:
🇺🇸Amazon.com: http://goo.gl/FCa2b
🇬🇧Amazon.co.uk: http://goo.gl/U4LCc
🎥Violin video review: http://bit.ly/2d8hadr

This is a great UK🇬🇧 website for string accessories: http://www.thestringzone.co.uk/

Here are the other videos on chin rests and rosin:
– How To Change Your Chin Rest: http://youtu.be/XdoN0tI2uTk
– Where To Buy Chin Rests: http://youtu.be/LrlnF0l7mzA
– All About Rosin and What To Buy: http://youtu.be/_9FEGp0sCNM
– How To Rosin & How Often: http://youtu.be/JUeg-WfOT7s

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▸ Exclusive access to more technical piano & violin video tutorials – such as Czardas on the violin.
▸ Additional occasional bonus videos.
This content will continue to grow as I add to it on a monthly basis.

💰Pledge $5+ and you will get ALL the above plus:
▸ You can request for me to arrange easy sheet music for piano or violin.
▸ You will get the full backing tracks (for violin), where available.

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🇺🇸BELOW are violins on Amazon.com I recommend for USA🇺🇸
(UK🇬🇧 people scroll down).

1. Stentor II (1500): http://goo.gl/FCa2b
Stentor II (1500) violin review: http://bit.ly/2d8hadr
2. Cecilio CVN 300: http://goo.gl/viikfN
Cecilio CVN 300 video Review: http://bit.ly/2dp02Oo

Mendini MV 200: http://goo.gl/Uk08SA
Mendini MV 200 video Review: http://bit.ly/2dhTV2j
Mendini MV 300: http://goo.gl/ERfYhF
Mendini MV 300 video Review: http://bit.ly/2drtINu
Mendini MV 400: http://goo.gl/UhSn7f
Mendini MV 400 video Review: http://bit.ly/2cZ3EGL
Mendini MV 500: http://goo.gl/q6ZE3N
Mendini MV 500 video Review: http://bit.ly/2cPHGa9
Stentor 1 (1400): http://amzn.to/2hHXY4A
Stentor 1 (1400) video review: https://youtu.be/xFFC7Ni4rqg

Cecilio CVN 100: http://goo.gl/ZfH0Xv
Cecilio CVN 100 video Review: http://bit.ly/2csh6kc
Cecilio CVN 200: http://amzn.to/2uR5tgo
Cecilio CVN 200 video Review: http://bit.ly/2cYO9jL
Cecilio CVN 300: http://goo.gl/viikfN
Cecilio CVN 300 video Review: http://bit.ly/2dp02Oo
Stentor II (1500): http://goo.gl/FCa2b
Stentor II (1500) violin review: http://bit.ly/2d8hadr

Cecilio CVN 400: http://goo.gl/MzM7Kh (this is discontinued now).
Cecilio CVN 500: http://goo.gl/K0f2tx
Cecilio CVN 500 video Review: http://bit.ly/2dhtZze
Stentor Graduate (1542): http://amzn.to/2hJClpp
Stentor Conservatoire (1550): http://amzn.to/2iBmuc1
Stentor Conservatoire (1550) video review: http://bit.ly/2hK4Lhn

Cecilio CVN 600: http://goo.gl/gpt71v
Cecilio CVN 600 video Review: http://bit.ly/2dhsUaV
Cecilio CVN 700: http://goo.gl/c9OXpU
Cecilio CVN 700 video Review: http://bit.ly/2cUt78p
Cecilio CVN 800 – This one is excellent, but I can’t find a link.
Cecilio CVN 800 video Review: http://bit.ly/2cZ4qDN

🇬🇧BELOW are violins on Amazon.co.uk I recommend for UK🇬🇧:

Stentor II (1500): http://goo.gl/U4LCc
Stentor II (1500) violin review: http://bit.ly/2d8hadr

Forenza Prima: http://goo.gl/9DpLB9
Forenza Prima video review: https://youtu.be/CykG5J_3Sh8
Stentor 1 (1400): http://amzn.to/2iBil82
Stentor 1 (1400) video review: https://youtu.be/xFFC7Ni4rqg

Forenza Secondo: http://goo.gl/1jT6R0
Forenza Secondo video review: https://youtu.be/IKHmN7AUjtk
Stentor II (1500): http://goo.gl/U4LCc
Stentor II (1500) violin review: http://bit.ly/2d8hadr
Stentor Graduate (1542): http://amzn.to/2i2Uo5X

Forenza Series 6 violin: http://goo.gl/Mg3gzj
Stentor Conservatoire (1550): http://amzn.to/2hHYJdZ
Stentor Conservatoire (1550) video review: http://bit.ly/2hK4Lhn

Forenza Series 8 violin: http://goo.gl/qvzSIb
Forenza Series 8 video review: https://youtu.be/RdBgwayn1lI


Jackson Cowan says:

I know people with 150 strings. Weird to think

Pedro Aguilar says:

I want to make a store called strings and things

Taylor Keith says:

What can I do to make my violin sound like a violin and not a ukulele?

SweetDream ゆめ says:

…fuzzy video

NovaCygni says:

Clock in the background is in perfect focus…

Heather Borja says:

my school violin sounds great it’s made by vitali and was made in 1967 but i can’t keep it because well my school owns it. the violin i’m planning to get is a k becker violin and it’s $120 i hope it sounds good

Gaurav Pardeshi says:

ok !! madam thank you very much

Gaurav Pardeshi says:

what course means?? i am following your lessons….i think 5 or 6 lesson !!!!

62guitarguy says:

My fiddle playing would make you cringe! Most everything you described relates to guitars as well. My main instrument. New strings and TUNING IT EVRYTIME YOU PLAY makes an immense difference. Even on fancy high dollar guitars!

Viol-winner says:

China has some of the best violins in
The world though. It’s just the factory ones that suck. My Chinese violin sounds better than a lot of American violins I’ve heard. It’s like assuming all Americans are fat and unathletic, while the America has medals for athletics

Eleanor says:

Honestly I feel that, if you’re currently considering buying the cheapest violin on ebay and trying to tweak it, unless you know a luthier who’ll sort your -shoebox- violin out for free, it might be best to put the extra you would have paid for the work into a slightly better violin and decent strings.

manohad5 says:

I got a cheap violin off ebay couple of days ago watching your videos my violin doesn’t sound as good as yours kinda bummer
just a question , I have a right chin rest and I play on the left does it matter ?
I play without a chin rest

Assasin King says:

mendini mv300 with a dominats string is that good?

Jigzy Wigzy says:

I have 200$ violin is that cheap?

The Fox Laboratory says:

I literally got my violin at a thrift store

Baron Calle says:

Got mine for 72$ student quality but sounds antique! Lovely rich tones and fantastic wood. Will buy dominant strings, thanks for the tips! Cheers from the Philippines~

Gaurav Pardeshi says:

thank you very much but i am witnessing a problem while playing violin that i am not able to recognise which notes are where..!! i find it difficult because this instrument is fretless!!

Sagiri Izumi says:

My violin is a concert violin of a $400 worth and I have all the knowledge but for some reason I get attracted to your videos ._.

Sergio Arambula says:

You pay 3 times more for G string. I love your vids by the way

motohead342 says:

No worries, you’re still gorgeous! It fact, you look 20 yrs old! LOL!!! It’s an old trick. There is a youtube vid where a player compares a $65 student violin to several from the 1700’s that are worth 100,000 to 200,000 dollars. I immediately thought the strings were cheap and would have narrowed the slim gap even more! And the vibration seasoning would have also narrowed the gap over time. I put a set of D’Addarios Orchestral on mine and it made a huge difference, for $35. Yea, they were half of what the violin cost, but that is what creates the sound(Bow + Rosin also), the body amplifies it. I play a 35″ scale 6 string fretless electric bass that cost HUNDREDS of dollars and my Roundwound Nickel plated or Stainless Steel strings are CARVIN, by LaBella, and cost $16 a set. Go figure?!

chessabelle dablo says:

YOU ARE AN AMAZING TEACHER~ after I got my very first violin I immediately watch your videos and they are amazing. Thank u so much. Im a 17 year-old violin beginner btw and im your fan. LOVE YOU :*

zobots diys says:

Wow she said £100 is cheap I got mine for £25 and my tutor says the sound is excellent

Danna Banana says:

i bought some strings for 99 cents and a violin for around 25 bucks, they work completely, but since im a beginner i probably dont have the ear for how it is supposed to sound

B. R.R says:

I got my first violin for 60 dollar and my second violin for 200 dollar and its chinese violin the name of the brand is scott and guan i dont know is it worth it to spend 200 dollar for chinese violin ?? And will you do a review on scott and guan violin please

N Charles says:

Excellent Video…. I was able to something like this (Same type of idea) on a student Clarinet.

Samantha Thackway-Skyrme says:

What is your opinion on the Stentor Harlequin Violins? My daughter is ready to move to a 3/4 size violin and I promised if she practiced I would by a pink one. Having looked into them not many people have a high opinion of any make or model of coloured violins. If I got one from the Stentor range and put Dominant strings on it do you think it would be acceptable and get her through her 1st grade that she is working towards?

zobots diys says:

Hey Alison how many violins do you currently have?

Gaurav Pardeshi says:

hello…….i am playing guitar from 5 years and i want to learn violin …. now. i want to do my basics very much fixed up ..!!like tuning of violin and how to use bow .!!! i guess the notes of guitar and violin are almost same !!! so can you heLP me??

sgtcrab1 says:

Pirastro Obligato, or dominant.

P Heart says:

playing an untuned violin messes up your musical hearing aswell as messing up the violin. also if your fingers are compensating for an out of tune string that will ruin your finger placement.

Kris F. says:

I was recently gifted a new Mendini MV300. I’ve already upgraded the strings (D’Addario Pro Arte) and was wondering which you would recommend upgrading first (as I cannot afford to do both at this time)…upgrade my bow or the bridge? The bridge looks a tiny bit high (but that’s just to my beginner eye) but I’m not hitting the other strings. Thanks and I love your videos and books (I’ve downloaded several now!)…very helpful 🙂

Aldir Gracindo says:

Foreign languages are dangerous. I saw “pimp” and I thought: “She teaches how to rent your cheap violin?”

violinhunter2 says:

It does sound weird but it is absolutely true – the fiddle sound changes over time as it “warms up.” I seldom buy expensive strings – I pay one dollar per string and they last at least four years. As for the bow, I’ve never paid more than 20 bucks for any bow – they’re all the same as far as I’m concerned. My fiddle is on the expensive side and so it sounds pretty good but especially as my bow arm is truly superb. Work on your sound – the tools don’t matter that much. Work on rhythm too. Those two things plus scales, scales, scales – that’s all you need.

Chris Jarkovsky says:

Do student violins stay in tune well or is it worth it to get better tuners

Gee's Edition says:

i have a violin that was $1,800 , but im a student learning to be better at it. SOO is that a “student quality” or “cheap” violin????????????

biggysground says:

Dang focus will ya..

Tayler Long says:

I think it would be really interesting to watch a video about demos before and after changing the strings and the bow, etc. To see how the sound changes and whatnot! I would love to watch that

Ricky says:

Oh…. I figured it was a tutorial on like pinstriping it and painting flames on it and stuff :-/ Good video anyway

Julian Leon says:

I have a 4K violin

rich gouette says:

note to my fellow Americans: she’s speaking with a British accent… so we know she’s telling the absolute , unvarnished truth.
no, J/K but, seriously we all love it, and your videos are priceless, dog yelping & all.
You do a wonderful service to the musical world: thank you!
I’m just about to pull the trigger as we say, on a cheapo violin..then onto ‘pimping’ (that never gets any easier to say)

Elvira Drawing says:

my g strong was the size of my current a string…

Rach's Random Ramblings says:

For violins that come without the bridge fitted, will that have an impact on the sound post?

corabug8 says:

i have a student violin but it was 800$ does that make it better then some other ones?

James Locke says:

Here I am again watching your videos. I started playing Aug 2016 and now buy broken violins and fix them. My favorite one is one of the first fixed violins made by Suzuki in Nagoya Japan. It is dated 1970. The scroll was broken through a peg hole and back was splitting off the body. I fixed it and now it is better than all the rest including the German and Czech made. Keep up the fine tutorials.

Harry Stevens says:

Cancel the upgrade!!! Just buy a better violin it works out cheaper….

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