My top 9 violin picks for the very beginner, intermediate and advanced violin player. Violin buying guide for beginners.
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BELOW are ALL the links to the violins mentioned in this video:-

1. 🇺🇸Stentor 1 (1400):
1. 🇬🇧Stentor 1 (1400):
2. 🇺🇸Mendini MV 500:
3. 🇺🇸Cecilio CVN 300:
4. 🇺🇸Stentor II (1500):
4. 🇬🇧Stentor II (1500):
5. 🇬🇧Forenza Secondo (series 4):

6. 🇺🇸Cecilio CVN 500:
7. 🇺🇸Stentor Conservatoire (1550):
7. 🇬🇧Stentor Conservatoire (1550):

ADVANCED PLAYERS (not semi-pro or pro players as these will not be good enough.)
8. 🇺🇸Cecilio CVN 700:
9. 🇺🇸Cecilio CVN800: (or here:

🇺🇸Dominants with a Gold Label E String (I highly recommend this 🇺🇸combo!):
🇺🇸Pirastro Tonicas:
🇬🇧Pirastro Tonicas:

1. Stentor 1 (1400) video review:
2. Mendini MV 500 video Review:
3. Cecilio CVN 300 video Review:
4. Stentor II (1500) violin review:
5. Forenza Secondo video review:
6. Cecilio CVN 500 video Review:
7. Stentor Conservatoire (1550) video review:
8. Cecilio CVN 700 video Review:
9. Cecilio CVN 800 video Review:


Chaziycus says:

The Online Piano and ViolinTutor Hia, what about a Stagg VN-44 Violin and a Stagg VN-1/2 Violin??? Would that be a good choice??

Stormforce VII says:

I dont even know what my violin is… second hand from a small music shop, very old, no fine adjustment tuners, and looks like it belongs on a pirate ship.

Noah Walsh says:

Thanks so much, very helpful. Really enjoying your utube channel.

Ravi Rantics with sinister egg rolls says:

Wut am I doing here I’m a cellist

Susan Steckov says:

My question, which I think I had forgotten to send…lol…distractions!….Is there a string you recommend for Electric violin? I picked up a toy, here in DE, until my possessions – including a one-of-a-kind, hand made wooden violin, (I’ll mention that if people have the time to shop, these instruments can be very affordable, and offer quality that you’ll never find from a factory instrument) – arrive from the US. I currently use Piastro Tonica – which I snagged at such a great sale price, I won’t need to buy more for some time, but I am open for your suggestions – price is not an issue as I don’t eat up strings on this instrument, not the Tonica, anyway, as I do on my wooden violin, but I use the Piastro Gold which are soft core.
I am going to confirm, that although I have seen articles written against the purchase of these less expensive, electric, instruments, after changing the bridge, (a tip I picked up from your video, by-the-way), and strings, I love the sound – surprisingly sweet – and would love for you to critique some of the electric as well!
One thing to stress – echoing the words we hear from Alison…PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! An inexpensive instrument sounds good when one puts in the time to play well!

Virgin Violinist says:

I have the Stentor II with dominant strings – I bought online, my first teacher wasn’t too impressed (eek) but after taking it to my local violin shop they tweaked it and replaced the strings with dominant and my current teacher likes it. It’s squeaky but I think that’s just me hehe 🙂

Umer Raja says:

Hi Alison, I have a quick question. Would you say that it is worth it to upgrade from the Stentor II to the CVN500? I’ve been playing for a year now, and am about to do my grade 3 exam. Thank you very much.

CameronJHendren says:

Just wanted to say – I’m expecting my violin today in the mail, and I’ve been studying up on a lot of your videos before it arrives – they have been extremely helpful and educational, thanks so much for taking the time to help so many of us get started!

The Phantom says:

What is a good electric violin under $150?

My Violin Journey says:


Lexi Balgobin says:

whats the best brand of strings for the cvn 300

Sara Young says:

It was very difficult for me (In the USA) to find out good resources for a slightly more advanced violin. CVN’s are great value for money, but there are other violins on the market that come set up (which will make a huge difference. For anyone in the US looking start playing I highly suggest looking at Sharmusic, Fiddlerman or Kennedy violins. These 3 companies are highly rated. I brought my violin from Sharmusic as I was on a budget and got a good price on a sale violin, it was online and came set up. I just had to rosin the bow. Shar’s violins are made in Europe, where as fiddler man and Kennedy take well made Chinese violins and set them up to play to the best of the violins capabilities. I would still say my violin needs better strings, but for now the ones it came with are alright. I’ll switch to dominants or parastros in 6 months (unless I break one). If you want something really budget then the CVNs are great, but sometimes you need to take them to the Luthier.
If you have the money, going to a local store with a luthier is your best bet. But for those shopping online as they have no other options near by, the aforementioned sites are fantastic choices and all have brick and mortar stores that can be visited.

Montserrat Astorga says:

Could you do an easy tutorial on Ed Sheeran’s Perfect song? I love yours tutorial

Safety Steve says:

What about electric for a beginner ?

Cameron Colorado says:

Heya! I’m currently a Percussionist but is learning trying to learn the Violin. I currently have my own violin. Ive gotten great help from my friends that play Violin in Mariachi. I’m thinking of maybe switching my electives to Orchestra instead of band so I can properly get good at Violin.

Sérgio Isla says:

Muito bom!

BzB PrO says:

Well done

gtrf gtrf says:

does anyone know anything about carlovys

Leaf Pool says:

I miss the videos where u actually speak

DomDetex says:

So which one is better? Piastro Tonica or the Dominant strings? (Jeez I ask too many questions…)

EgoShredder says:

My first violin was a Yamada (not Yamaha) from a mail order catalogue in May 1999. It cost a mere £80 approx at that time. Out of your list I would say mine sounds closest to the Cecilio CVN 300.

Andrea S.M. says:

whats the difference between a cvn 300 and a cvn 500? which would you recommend more?

Jarold Williams says:

I have a Cremona SV300. I put a set of Tonicas on it with a Pirastro Gold E string. It sounds marvelous (for a cheap violin). It saddens me, however, that Tonicas are now “new formula” and the price has gone through the roof. You might as well buy Dominants instead . . . the price is about the same now.

Vickie M says:

I would like to request Jump into line from the famous movie beetle juice…. Would be excellent, or even safe and sound from Taylor Swift!! Love yea lots

TheHappynot says:

Royce Burt!

Carl Johnson says:

Appreciated the information you provided and found it helpful. But please, if you must fade the text in could you do it from top to bottom? By the time I could read the first lines the first half of the bottom lines were fading away.

Gemarnel Bumay Et says:

I Feel So bAd 🙁 ThEre is No Any Stentor,Cecilio,forenzo Violin Brands Here In the Philippines 🙁

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