My Review & Thoughts on the Fiddlerman #6 SOLOIST Violin

Full review and demonstration of the Fiddlerman Soloist violin.
You can buy the Soloist violin here:

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– Lessons 1-10:
– Lessons 11-20:

– 1:27: how to rosin the bow:
– The demo pieces played in order:
1. Moses Fantasie – Paganini
2. Cavatina – Ireland
3. Franck Violin Sonata in A – mvt. IV
– Mulko chin rest:
– 7:14: Want to actually learn how to play the violin properly – check out my beginner lessons 1-10: then lessons 11-20:

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Tiger Princess says:

Hi! Now that you have played and reviewed the Cecilios, Mendinis, Stentors, Fiddlermans, etc, out of all of them which one(s) do you think have the best string action? I currently own a Cecilio CVN 300 and I didn’t notice how bad the string action was until I started to learn slurs. Now I have decided that I need to upgrade because the amount of energy I have to use for that violin is just too much to have meaningful and productive practice sessions. I am also not a fan of the bright sounding violins, but that’s much less of a problem. Which violin(s) would you suggest as an upgrade with better string action and a deeper sound than the CVN 300? As always, thank you so much for the amazing and informative videos!

M bae says:

Thank you so much … from Algeria

The Online Piano and Violin Tutor says:

If you enjoyed watching my review videos of the Fiddlerman violins and you are interested in purchasing a violin, please use the affiliate link (Soloist violin: Affiliate links do not cost you more for the product, but using them will help support my channel, so that I can continue to make free videos and pass on my knowledge and information. It also allows me to do other violin comparisons and product reviews. Thanks

Blissfully Annieka says:

Are there any strings/string combinations you would recommend for a more vevelty tone?

Giorgia Gregory says:

Is this a violin or a fiddle? The bridge is the one they usually use for fiddles and is not as curved as a usual violin bridge.

Anoop D says:

hi great video. I am interested in master violin. Could you please tell if the sound quality of master violin comes anywhere near soloist? because price of soloist is a bit high

Nicki 588 says:

Do you have to tune your violin for different songs ?

shkedovb says:

Listened with headphones and I’m missing a lot of high frequencies in the recording.
I wonder Allison if you can let us know about the difference between what you heard purely with your ear comparing with the recording.
Thanks for the vid, great!

Natarajan robo says:

Super Allison

Class Punk says:

I own this violin and I’m in love with it.

Myrianne Autor says:

Thank you for making this video , it gives me insights on what i should look for in a violin that i would actually want. I really appreciate all of this , im planning on learning the violin in a few months just because i feel like if i start now i wouldnt be able to get into it that much but as early as now im doing my research

Himanshu Violin says:

Hi what is the link for online lesson

marshdweller01 says:

Nice thorough review. I have this violin; I like it better than the more expensive one I had been using. The folks at The Fiddlershop are great!

Yellowcardlive says:

How would you compare this one to your main violin?

Jesus Mario Nava Gonzalez says:

Defenitely buying from your personal shop =D thank you so much for all!

Animo says:

who else is here because she is gorgeous and couldn’t give a damn about violins? 🙂

Srinivasa Samartha says:

Hi great review. I also saw the soloist vs master review, it was really good. But in both these videos you say soloist has a more mature sound and more width. Can you please tell what they mean and what is the exact sound of soloist? is it bright/dark/ warm/ mellow and is the sound powerful as compared to master? I am fairly new to violins and wanted to know these before buying.

ShadicalIsBadical says:

Kinda looks like Joshua bells red violin

The Online Piano and Violin Tutor says:

The Fiddlerman is having a Black Friday Sale where you can get the Soloist violin on offer at $1,249 here: Go go go!!

randyaurora says:

Thank you !! Allison is AWESOME !!!!!!!

Rolingston Gomes says:

I had one question Allison , can you please tell me how could one buy this violin if one was living down in the UK because I’m very keen on fiddlerman’s violins..?????

Gnar says:

When i heard the sound of it i was just: wow.
Amazing video as always 😀

EgoShredder says:

Don’t forget that background music belongs……… the background and barely audible, well away from the level of the main content speech.

pmichael73 says:

Sounds great across all registers! Talking about a $1,399 violin as “entry level” makes me realise how old I am!

ccoody1 says:

I wanted to leave a comment on your most recent video so that you would have a better chance of seeing it. I have just recently found you online and have bought a Stentor 2 and my son and I are learning together. I am so enjoying your videos and they are so well done. Hardly anybody makes a comment about this, but I have to say what a cutie you are. You have stunning eyes and the cutest crooked smile like Jane Seymour. Hard to beat her for looks. I was beginning to think all the guys in England were queer and then I finally saw a ring on you finger. Well done for somebody! Thanks again.

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