Ming Jiang Zhu Violin Review – Schindler’s List

Zhu Ming-Jiang is the Chinese who has won the greatest number and highest level of awards in that highly prestigious international competition. He has become one of the most frequently awarded excellent violinmakers in the world. Among his medals are two VSA gold medals. Fiddlershop is proud to sell these fine instruments which would surely cost many times more if they came from any European country. This instrument is as beautiful to look at as it is easy to play. It has all the wonderful qualities of a fine professional instrument and reminds me of the sound from fine Italian old violins.
The piece being played here is Schindler’s List with Aaron Latina on the piano and Pierre Holstein on the violin.
Get yours here: http://fiddlershop.com/ming-jiang-zhu-a-violin.html


Sam Sung says:

i have watched the movie when I was very young and couldn’t remember it but there is something about this piece that put me in tears while watching… thanks

Nautic _ says:

is this The 909 or 925 Ming Jhan Zhu

Lynette Mendonsa says:

beautiful. so much expression

David Kang says:

Hi, is the Ming Jiang Zhu 909 the highest MJZ model? Do you recommend this over Jay Haide European or Scott Cao 1500? thanks

Zeke Morris says:

Are the du shi violins any good? I heard they where a good quality Chinese company as well.

Bill Gunn says:

Yup – listened before but never commented – OK so…. I’m pretty much decided on this as my next instrument….. I’ll be in touch Pierre – and great playing, with passion, expression – as ever ! I loved the long, sustained ppp diminuendo towards the end – and scarcely aware of bow direction change during it… technical wizardry brother !!!!!

Joshua Moreno says:

Is this the 925?

Sean Chavez says:

Wow you are the most amazing violinist I’ve heard and I think the power and strength you play with has a big part of it.

Mutant Baby says:

Is this the 903 or 905?

Adina Smith says:

It’s SO pretty. I play the cello, but I’ve always wanted to be able to play the violin too.

Jordan Nim says:

It sounds really astonishing.Great violin just sounds so beautiful and looks great thanks for the video review!

James Davidson says:

Very nice! I am working on this piece now and have been playing along with different artist. I like your tempo the best. Now if I could find the piano accompaniment

Shaunt Dawson says:

Amazing! Thanks for sharing. Just bought my first violin, hope to learn this in a few years 🙂

Carrie Linde says:

I purchased a ming jiang zhu from you and I love it. I’m going to buy new strings soon. Is there any specific type that you know would sound good on it?

Alan7997 says:


Benjamin Szabo says:

like you / it!

Wesley Henrique says:

muito bom mesmo.toca muito parabéns pelo seu dom.

frien234 says:

your interpretation is very good….I am touch…you can make almost any violin sounds good

Queens ryke says:

Fiddlerman…Heifetz may have been God’s Fiddler, but you my friend.. are a ‘Gift from God’.  How does one ever express the level of thanks due such a mesmerizing and humbling performance.  You’ve proven Itzhak the Great has little on you.. and this was only a Demo with an Artist grade instrument.  What a grand performance, you do our late Ming Jiang proud.  My Friend.. thanks from the depth of our hearts.

ViolaLady36 says:

Dear Fiddlerman, I love your version of Schindlers List, is a very powerful and passionate piece that does not need to be taken lightly.. I started playing viola in middle school but I’m just now starting to pick it back up.. Any advice for someone who is trying to get back in the swing of things?

Pamela Klippel says:


Jesiel Perez says:

I was wondering if the Guarneri copy or Strad copy are copies of specific violin.
Ex. For Guarneri canonne, lord wilton etc.

1cleandude says:

Damn dog you da man!!!!  What kinda of coinage for such an instrument???  Thanks and great posting!!

Ying Enyo says:

Ming Jiang Zhu = 明江 朱,Last Name:朱(Zhu), First Name:明江(Ming Jiang)

frien234 says:

I am following you…i know it’s not the violin….it’s you that very good withm them….great job man…:D

frien234 says:

I don’t believe it…it’s you that are very good ….:D

Violinist Advocatus says:

One of the best Violinist in the world) thank you for every play, every music

Adina Smith says:

How long have you been playing?

Cinematica118 says:

I do not get why some of the violins in the background have no Tailpieces, Pegs, and Chinrest… Are these violins still under-construction at that time you were recording? The fingerboard of the violin at the corner far bottom left looks like it has been spraypainted white or had been covered with cloth.

Good cover though.

owen fernandez says:

mr fiddlerman could you pls post the link to the sheet music for this song you are playing

Catsanddogs says:

Absolutely beautiful!!! Just can’t help to notice… are you using earpieces for hearing protection? Is that necessary for violinists?

Dudley Bonton says:

wow,just wanna say,I watched and listened to Itzhak Perlman play the same version and I must say I felt more emotions from your version, great player u are.Beautiful man.Love to hear your interpretation of Sam Cooke’s “Change gonna come” best shoulder rest I’ve purchased from u too.

sgtcrab1 says:

A very good local player and I went to a very reputable violin shop in Mass. We were allowed to play anything we wanted to. Some were pretty pricey (> $5000). We both picked our same favourite which was about $700. It was Czech made. When we talked to the owner of the shop he said that if it were made in Italy, Germany or France it would be quite a bit more money….but lots of folks looked at origin and provenance rather than whether they “liked” it or not.

vennmar san juan says:

bravo!!!!!! you’re such a brilliant musician…

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