I tried Lindsey Stirling’s violin strings | D’addario Zyex + Helicore | REVIEW

My violin started to sound sqeaky lately and I figured it might be time to get a new set of strings, after playing on my old ones for almost a year. I was very curious for Lindsey Stirling’s choice of violin strings, and after finding out she uses D’addario Zyex in combination with a Helicore E string, I was eager to try these for myself!

After listening to my own recordings, I can clearly hear I play much smoother and with more ease on my old (Evah Pirazzi) strings. I guess I still have to get used a bit more to the new strings, or they haven’t settled in completely yet. But I hope the review will be helpful for you anyway.

THE STRINGS: (all medium tension)
G (Zyex) – Zyex core, silver wound
D (Zyex) – Zyex core, aluminium wound
A (Zyex) – Zyex core, aluminium wound
E (Helicore) – steel core, aluminium wound


• M U S I C
Background music // Lindsey Stirling – Prism (live performance)

• G E A R
Acoustic violin (rental) // year and maker unknown
Strings // D’addario Zyex G, D, A + Helicore E (aluminium wound)
Bow // Zlata Brouwer // carbon fiber violin bow
Electric violin // Bridge // Aquila
Strings // Dominant + Pirastro Gold E
Octave strings // D’Addario Helicore OCTAVE + Sensicore Supersensitive OCTAVE
Bow // Zlata Brouwer // carbon fiber viola bow
Rosin // Evah Pirazzi Gold
Shoulder rest // Wolf // Forte Secondo
Tuner // D’Addario // Micro Violin Tuner
Amplifier // Kustom // Sienna 16PRO

• A L L S H E E T M U S I C

• I N S T A G R A M

• E – M A I L


michaelreaper666 says:

Interesting ..Thanks .. I used to use Gut strings on my really old Violin but have put a set of Dominant synthetic core strings ..they sound ok ..the medium seem beast ..its hard to get Gut string these days ..nice video ..Thanks

A Viper says:

Maybe a mix and match set would be an option for you 🙂 Personally, I’d still go for something like Pirastro Eudoxa (gut) or Obligato or Larsen Tzigane. More complex sound.

Blue Diamonds Forever says:

I loved using the Obligato strings in my violin, but I had a gold steel E rather than the standard silver E as my ears couldn’t cope with having a bright sounding E string. I started off using a set of Dominants but with the gold steel Obligato E, but I much preferred the full set of Obligato’s with the gold steel E xx

Richard Lindsey says:

I believe that you should change your tailpiece because those fine tuners are heavy and can keep your violins sound from the best it can be.

Harrison Loeffler says:

This isn’t a fair comparison… the evah pirazzi strings are at least a year old. But I wouldn’t want to buy a new set just for a video either. I can tell a big difference though. The old strings sounded so dull and unreasonant, which was the opposite of the new strings.

Laura the Fiddler says:

I LOVE Evah Pirazzis!!!!

Firdaus Idros says:

The new set sounds quite warm! The brand is known mostly on guitars; I use the D’addario XL (bass guitar) set and it sounds & feels great for my playing techniques:))))

voilaviolamh says:

I’ve used helicores for years, but just tried zyex and love them! But I don’t use the E from either. I use Larsen Tzigane E in combination with helicore or zyex a, d, and g. A little more expensive, but totally worth it for my fiddle, which is very bright, so the dark zyex strings do well on it. The Tzigane E is very mellow, smooth, and sweet. By far the best E I’ve found. You should totally try it!

Foxtrot Felix says:

I thought i read somewhere that she uses dominant strings? I guess she updated her choice of strings

goodcyrus says:

Is there a monopoly on violin strings that keeps their prices so HIGH? $20 for a single string made in a machine in a fraction of a second is ridic!

666NedFlanders says:

I’m not sure I understand why you are using fancy strings when at your skill level it would make more sense to get some cheap student grade strings.

Shane Dollente says:

I like your violin but i like more your beauty..=)

Sactown Violist says:

All synthetic core strings tend to take a while to settle in. The Vision strings I’m using on my viola started out sounding harsh and metallic, took two days to become even barely acceptable, and took 10 or 11 days of daily use to lose that metallic edge. String crossing was especially difficult at first because the strings tended to ring too much, like your Zyex G string, but got much easier as the strings settled.

Looks like you’re starting to see why so many high-level string players, including Lindsey Sterling, prefer mixed string sets! It’s even more true on viola and cello, where very few professionals use a full set of the same brand, and some even mix three or four brands. If you’re comfortable with it, experiment a little with the possibilities of playing in a higher position on a lower string to get a different sound quality. It’s especially striking when each string has a really distinct sound, like the set you’ve just installed.

My current viola string set is Vision C-G-D, Larsen A. I used Dominant for all strings for a long time after I started playing viola, changed my A string to Larsen in 2009 or 2010, and changed my other three strings to Vision two months ago.

MrStrauss888 says:

If you like this sound character, you should try Thomastik Red or Vision Solo. For me Dominant + Thomastik E is the best

Violintures says:

I used before a set of Brazilian strings called Mauro Calixto, it sounds a bit like Zyex, warmer and darker, perhaps because they are thicker strings, I don’t know.
Now I’m using Pirastro Tonica and I didn’t like it very much. The sound is very loud and bright, and it got louder and brighter after my violin came back from the luthier. Loved the video and I’m anxious to see a Crystallize video!! <3

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