How silent is a silent violin??? Put to the test+demo!!!!


So in this video, we put to the test, how loud an electric violin is when its not plugged into an amp. This is especially useful to know if you live somewhere where noise is an issue.

Just to address all the comment about a silent violin or electric violin is still ‘loud’ well, its a common misconception that silent/electric violins are totally silent! Im not sure why people think they will produce no sound at all unless plugged in.
Its just the nature of the instrument. There is significantly reduced sound compared to its acoustic counterpart, but if you don’t want a loud violin, your only option is to look for another hobby im afraid lol…

Here is the violin I’m using:
Cecilio CVEN Style 4 in Metallic Black:

If you want to hear it in true action:

BELOW are other violins on I recommend.
Mendini MV Range – Really good cheap starter violins:-
Mendini MV 200:
Mendini MV 300:
Mendini MV 400:
Mendini MV 500:

Cecilio CVN range – for beginners:-
Cecilio CVN 100:
Cecilio CVN 200:
Cecilio CVN 300:

For the Intermediate player:-
Cecilio CVN 400:
Cecilio CVN 500:

For the advanced player:-
Cecilio CVN 600:
Cecilio CVN 700:
Cecilio CVN 800 – This one is excellent top of the line, but i cant find a link.

Stentor Violin:
Stentor II (1500):

MY VIOLIN REVIEWs are all here: Links to violins:
Stentor II:



PhilBo says:

how about putting a piece of paper between the end of the strings?

Caio Valente says:

That’s the most useful video I’ve ever seen about silent electric violins!! That totally helped me in my purchase decision!! Thanks a lot from Brazil 😉

NotAverageAfro says:

Thank god. If I chuck some headphones into this, or through the amp I can then stick some music on in my room with some bass and this would just be a “wtf is that noise” sound and not a “I wish he’d stop playing the effing Violin” sound

Krisstofer Shaw says:

I thought this video was awesome! Not really because of the content… But I had been saddened when you started using the background that you have (it is pretty). I had wondered if you had moved to a new home. I like being able to see the seasons in the UK. Here in California, we don’t get very many seasons. So, I was enjoying seeing the weather from your window, LOL!!!

ReachSavage15 says:

How many of u had to take out ur left earbud cause basically 89% of the sound was in that side and made u feel uncomfortable

SwagSubscriber says:

Put a mute on the bridge to make it even quieter…

justin mcneil says:

Since the amp has a volume control and we have no idea how loud that is set at, the comparison doesn’t really offer us much. Perhaps comparing an unplugged electric violin to an acoustic violin might be better. And have them at a distance so they’re not maxing out the mic


all get is scratching help

birdwithabrokenwing says:

Yes but you can play nicely- listening to a not very good beginner practice is incredibly annoying, and I personally found it worse than a beginner on a drum kit! (same person playing the same distance away in the same room) the screeching and horrible notes are just painful on the mind, no matter how “muted” the sound is. (At least a drum kit with padding is rarely giving out of tune notes and beginners tire quickly when practicing it.) And this was definitely still hearable through several walls in your house. The violin is a beautiful instrument in the right hands, but just agonising to listen to in the hands of a bad player.

Laura Chelsea says:

Could you please explain 4 fine tuners vs one fine tuner (specifically on e-string)? Is there a cost difference between the two? I read that 4 fine tuners are more for students just starting out and one fine tuner on e-string is for more advanced players?

Nala Nkadi says:

I was expecting these to be more quiet. Like how an electric guitar can easily be played without being heard in another room.

Jeremy Coppin says:

Thanks. Super pragmatic test.

Velvet Web says:

I assure u that u wont bug anyone with an electric violin. My boyfriend sleep during the day and i never woke him up.

FallingStary says:

I’m just saying that’s a pretty quiet instrument when you’re not in the same room. Because when you have people around you that are practicing a closed-door does a lot and that’s even better

F Ap says:

hi. I think is a good idea to start learning the notes on the violin (left hand first, plucking the notes and keeping silent untill you got most of the finger positions) then practice with the bow, so the sounds you make wont be as bad as if you first practiced bowing and playing offf-key notes from the beggining at the same time.

Krisstofer Shaw says:

I could hear it in all 3 distances.

John Drake says:

My left ear really enjoyed this video.

Kat Squires says:

From my experience, zeta instruments are a bit louder than Yamaha brand, but those are the only two I’ve played around with

Lynkevmusic says:

this helped me a great deal, thank you 🙂

codex134 says:

Would be interesting to know how loud the soundbox is under the bridge compared to a standard violin and electric guitar. To make it very silent you need a silent bow, which is only good for learning finger positions since the bow is the other half of the violin instrument.

dieudonnemcful says:

You could still mute it

Hannes Heinz says:

You can put a mute on the bridge it will make the tone softer and more silent!

Ronald Jensen.S says:

Can you play any melodies in this violin??

Miko Emmerson says:

So just to be sure, if youre wearing headphones and playing, would other people hear what the instrument sounds like while not plugged in, or would they hear nothing?

Alley Kat says:

Great video!!

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