Guide to Buying Expensive Violins

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BELOW are violins on I recommend.
Mendini MV Range – Really good cheap starter violins:-
Mendini MV 200:
Mendini MV 300:
Mendini MV 400:
Mendini MV 500:

Cecilio CVN range – for beginners:-
Cecilio CVN 100:
Cecilio CVN 200:
Cecilio CVN 300:

For the Intermediate player:-
Cecilio CVN 400:
Cecilio CVN 500:

For the advanced player:-
Cecilio CVN 600:
Cecilio CVN 700:
Cecilio CVN 800 – This one is excellent top of the line, but i cant find a link.

Stentor Violin:
Stentor II (1500):

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Stentor II:


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waldipup says:

Hi , I’m confused because in one article you say the Stentor11 is the best in the $200 range , and in another you reply to a comment that “it doesn’t even come close” to the similarly priced  Cecilio CVN500 , and on this thread somebody suggests that you like the Forenza Prima .
I have to buy a violin in the $200 range for a young girl who is devastated because she’d spend her last penny on a EBay cheaoi that turned out to be plastic not wood and is now useless , and I dont have a clue , can you tell me what you would buy if you were in my place?

Minh Nguyen says:

There is a violin that I like and its old, used, with scratches and chipped pieces but has an amazing reasonance. Should I pick a newer one?

iMaster Channel says:

What’s some great vintage model of a violin? What brand ?

Lynn Little says:

Hello. Do you know a decent violin or a price range that could take me through grade 7 and 8 exams

ゴンちゃんローラ says:

Hello! I love your videos! I’m thinking of buying a pricier viola. I currently live in Japan, but am going to visit the States for two weeks in a couple of weeks. I can for sure get a viola for much cheaper (I’m talking 800 dollar price difference) in the States than I can in the Japan. It’s the same model that I tried in Japan, it’s just I’d be buying it in the States from the US dealer. Would you say that this is a bad idea? Also, they have a 1 week trial period. Thanks in advance, and God bless 🙂

Mark Chen says:

So happy. Getting a NEW VIOLIN NEXT WEEK!!!!! Starting violin level 7.

Rick Tube says:

This is one online tutor best to be avoided. She receives payola for endorsements.

ApricotPit says:

Please Respond! I’m getting a violin for christmas but I need to choose the one I want. My mom said to give her different options. Can you please recommend some from $400-$1500. Maybe like 2 higher end ones and 2 or three like $500-$800. Please and thank you!

Galante Welt says:

“Even if you don’t know what you want, you WILL know what you don’t like.”
It seems you believe in your students and you show them. That’s a good thing, for it builds trust. You’re the kind of teacher a beginner can trust. And there are really-really cold, cruel violin teachers in this world. You spread out some warmth on the net and that seems to make you popular.

myah cat says:

OMG! just realized I have not subbed yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *subscribe* there we go!

xdlegion says:

How about Ming Jiang Zhu violin. Ming Jiang Zhu is a gold medalist in vsa that’s the violin society of America. Have you had the chance to play one?

MyThetruth101 says:

Thx for this helpful vid!

Sheldon Gannon says:

You should also mention that there are different violins for different uses. I have two myself. One for orchestral work and one for solo work. One is worth about 2-$3000 and the other is $25,000 plus. I believe that for children starting out $400 -$600 should be just about right.

eternal lifeline says:

hi ma’am,
I desperately want to learn to play violin but I can’t start unless I buy one , and ,I want to buy a one which I can play for a very long term…its not for a professional profession but just for a hobby ..itll be great if you help me out on what to look for and which ones to buy .. thank-you

Si Smith says:

I can highly recommend the Conamore” Violin from Cardiff Violins. its the top end of the beginners violins and if you book an appointment with them you can spend time in private with a selection and find the best on for you.
I bought mine from there and the staff were amazing, helped me select the best one for me and played them for me to hear them too. they also set the violins up to a very high standard.
That model is £450, but their beginners range starts at £250.
I would say please DONT buy a violin without going and trying it in the shop first, i was faced with 3 the same model side by side, the 3 sounded different,played different,felt different so its important you get a feel for something that you are going to spend many hours playing and enjoying.

sgtcrab1 says:

I have looked for balance. That is good on the high end and good on the low end. Some are great one way but not the other.

DVDSpike87 says:

If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you spend on your violin?

Ulti- gamer Alex says:

Hello! I really love your videos and I’ve watched many of them.I want to buy a violin(I’ve been playing the piano for 3 years but I want to try it),and since I’m a total beginner,I will buy one under 100£…I want to buy the ANTONI Debut OCV-30,mostly because it’s affordable and because I’ve read good reviews.I want to know if I should buy this one or something else.Please keep in mind that I live in Greece so,buying from Amazon is kinda hard…Thanks for your time

XxThePianist & ViolinistxX says:

Hi Allison, I have a Stentor II violin and I was just wondering when I want to get a more professional one, where do I get it from, because I know it’s really hard to find antique violins (I live in Scotland btw if that helps in any way), so I would like to know (if you can answer) where did you get yours from? I know this is a bit of a stupid question, but if you could tell me (if u can) then maybe the shop you got it from has a branch in Scotland somewhere. If you could that would be really appreciated! Or even where I can get professional violins from that would be really helpful. However I do realize you could have gotten the violin from family members, or friends, etc but if you could answer this I would appreciate it. Thank you so much in advance 🙂

Darian Burkhart says:

Another thing to mention about scratch is it may not be the violin, but the strings. My violin is not scratchy until I put high tension strings on it. So when testing violins, be aware what strings it has. The higher tensions often scratch. Among them are Evah Pirazzi (regular AND gold) Thomastik Vision Titanium Solo, D’Addario Kaplan (Vivo or Amo), Thomastik Infeld Blue, etc. Be aware of the string type. Also, the violin in question may have be too dark or too bright, again, experiment with strings. My violin is really dark sounding, and I kept trying various strings to try and brighten the sound. Most of them were too high tension, and choked my sound. I found out I needed bright strings with low tension, which is when I found Pirastro Synoxa strings. You can also play around with different tailpieces, when I changed mine to REAL boxwood, a lot of scratch went away. Also tailpiece position, moving further back, or closer to the bridge, also play around with bridge position. Know that a violin has more to it than what its current set up gives.

Samuel Fisher says:

You said to try out violins from a shop that specializes in violins, but there aren’t any local shops near that have great selections, and any violin that I do find, isn’t true left-handed. About a year ago, I found my first violin (Cecilio CVN 320L) on Amazon. Now that I need a more professional violin, any and every option for left handed violinists are student quality at best. And since I added Dominant Strings to my first (Recommended by you), I can’t really see the purpose of buying another student quality violin. Do you have any recommendations for left handed violinist?

wupeide says:

Is 500$ expensive?

Kadisha Roopnarine says:

do you think good quality violins can be in colors?

Gemarnel Bumay Et says:

maam alison you can buy violin at the violin village they sell stradivarius violin and guarneris you can search it on facebook or search it on google it is a very good violin for you pro

Adrian Fernandez says:

should I get a violin that is $1,800? its a violin with an amazing tone over 100 years old and everyone, including professionals, say its a very good violin! I NEED your help! its very pricy should I get it?!!

Sergio Paez says:

I bought a $300 (worth about $3000) which is a copy of a Josef Guarneri on eBay. I love it. I have changed the chin rest, tailpiece, bridge, and the strings. I can’t believe I got the violin for the money.

Kk - says:

Hi Ma’am, whats your opinion on Yamaha violin V5 made in China? Thoughts?

Ellie Av says:

what do you think about Primavera violins?

Minh Nguyen says:

Hi I found two violins, one that is scratched up and is really old which is a hoffler while the newer one which is cheaper is a heftler. Thee luthier says the heffler will warm up and sound as good as the hoffler. The hoffler currently has a better resonance right now. Should I pick the one that everyone says has more potential or the one where sounds better currently? Thank you

2/a gbh says:

If one must use peg drops periodically does that mean the violin is really worn over time or was it poorly made so that the fit-up of peg and hole is not what it could be?

MsPolkaDotz says:

Have you tried gliga violins? I’m looking to purchase the maestro which has a very hefty price tag but I’ve read many positive reviews on it. I wonder if you can out your 2 cents if you’ve ever tried their violins. Thanks☺️

1cleandude says:

Thanks Alison; whats the difference between a quid and a pound?

Gull Hassan says:

hi Ma’am, i am from Pakistan there is no shop to buy violin but i find out the old violin this design by Italy and made Germany in 1965 and size is 3/4 . My age is 20 year tell me if i change the string with Pirastro string then this size is suitable for me as beginner.what’s your opinion can i buy this violin.

Chuck white says:

After your video of the Stentor 2 and watching the Stentor Factory video, I purchased one. I love it. It is much smother and less scratchy. I did upgrade the strings to Dominant. Thank you

CMARY Violin says:

Hello! thank you for making videos like this! 😀 btw May I ask, have you heard of suzuki nagoya violin no.1 1969? how do you you rate it?

Elizabeth Briggs says:

I don’t have a specific model, but would you recommend a Karl Knilling violin made in Germany over a Stentor II?

noshititskrae says:

Somebody please help me…

I have been playing a Yahama SV250 for the last year… I want to buy an acoustic violin, but I am a beginner and am not capable of discerning between violins since I generally don’t make very good sound. That being said, I have a pretty big budget for a violin (up to $2000). I don’t like to buy lower quality items and then upgrade later – would rather just have a great product and keep it forever. Since I don’t know anyone that plays violin – how should I go about buying? I suppose I could get store staff to play them for me – has anyone experience with this experience?

Rodney Arcega says:

Will you be making vids for Yamaha violins?

rain lava says:

sorry for the disturb ma,am alison im from the philippine and im a begginner.Should i buy strandivarius violin the matte or strandivarius violin the strauss

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