Fiddlerman Concert Violin Review

Big, bold sounding, great “hand feel”, precisely-functioning components and an inspiring look! Carefully selected aged tonewood (Maple back and sides, Spruce top) with real ebony fittings and careful hand-varnishing brings out the natural beauty of the wood and the tone. Fine balance and powerful projection are enhanced by our own Fiddlerman Violin strings! (Synthetic Core, similar to Thomastik Dominant strings)

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The Yew Tree says:

Do you ship to New Zealand?

Lydia Buckout says:

It sounds amazing! What song were you playing?

Thomas Tommy says:

A guy once told me. The fiddle was the hardest instrument there is to learn to play. Because there are no frets on the fiddle. Is this true??

Kaitlin Saide says:

Is this violin the same as the one featured in the Concert violin review from 4 years ago? They have the same name but one says Concert Master violin review in the intro and the other just says Concert.

Random Human says:

Just ordered one 10 minutes ago!!!!! can’t wait !

dammitidontknowwhatimdoing blackandredroses says:

Would it be possible to have someone else play the instrument who’s not as skilled as you are? They ALL sound heavenly when you play them, but I know they won’t sound as nice in my far-less-experienced hands.

Alexey Orlov says:

I can hear something similar to the song I’m looking for ages now on 0:30, is it something classical? Could you please tell me?

Kk - says:

Great sound .. and offcourse in expert hands

Alisha Brown says:

Sounds beautiful Fiddlerman! ~ Alisha

ThatBoringPerson says:

You sound really amazing!

Michael Wilson says:

I love the way it sounds when you play it, and you didn’t say the price. The way I currently play I don’t think any violin could make my playing sound better so I will stick to my viola converted to a violin or a while longer before investing in a real violin.

Kareem Shah says:

what piece was the first extract from?

Miss Kalkuliert says:

It does sound amazing… I want it, but I’m afraid to break it or smth like that. Im a beginner, playing since May this year. Do you recommend it or should I wait?

Evan M says:


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