Everything Is Always Fine: Violin

What you can’t see is someone in the corner of the room dancing around on one leg clutching their chest in a desperate attempt not to laugh out loud. Eventually I could take no more, the dam burst and I gave up. I filmed again the next day on my own when I was familiar with the text.

Complete review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbw9fGx_1RU


Matsi Yasei says:

Whenever I am feeling down, depressed, or life just took a huge crap on me, I watch this video. Never fails to make me laugh and feel at least a bit better afterwards.

ZH7 says:

This is great(great)

Miles Edgeworth says:

“Canon in D”
Nice pun, Stuart.

Clone says:

Antonio Stella Bottom Tile (Antonio steal a bottom tyler)

juice says:

this is one of my top 5 favorite videos on youtube, and i have seen quite a lot of things

sir PNGWNZ says:

Hearing ashens go mental over stellar bottom tiles pleases me muchly.

EpicLiamPaul says:

Who is the other person in the room

Officialpoiuytrewq4645 says:


Neryx says:

Long time no touch

G. Rossini says:

This is the first time I laughed so hard I almost vomited.

Sampai says:

This is the day poor Ashens boy went mad.

MegaOperative says:

This made my day.

Ash Vantas says:

I thought potato, wtf me, ah yes potato is my favorite instrument

Geo Curtis says:

Haha! Contagious laughter alert!

aerozachgaming says:


GloomyJD says:

Even all these years on, this still has me in tears of laughter. The slow decent into complete madness is just absolutely hilarious!

cicalinarrot says:

I’m pretty sure this video can instantly cure depression. I wouldn’t be surprised if it cured cancer and aids.

Matt says:

This was the moment Ashens died and regenerated into the 2nd Ashens.

Agsma, Just Agsma says:

I seriously regret watching this one *after* watching the review from the main channel.

Beccamiddlemass says:

i always come back to this video when i need a good laugh. works every time

David Atkins says:

This is still my favourite video of yours always makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it.

Ja Kooistra says:


Postghost says:

This was brilliant, loved it.
I’m literally crying…


This video genuinely just saved me from an encroaching panic attack. The positive energy is just too strong to resist.

Adam Porter says:

I’ve watched this so much in the last four years I think I’m actually starting to understand it all.

KasaiHasuki says:

Any time my depression flairs up I come back to this video, it gives me hope

theyoubro654 says:

Antonio Stella Bottom Tile and Ji Plug Pu Melon Nai made me laugh my fucking head off.

Simos Katsiaris says:

that moment that you type everything in YouTube and this is the first video and suggestion lol

MinusNoir says:

What about the upper tile, then?

I literally die every time I see/hear that part of video.
Of hysterics.

Kacper Jacuński says:

you lost it mr. Stuart

Gitte Schultz says:

Just noticed that the kid is holding the bow wrong.. xD

MeatShield says:

Wonderful sound. Strange shape.

Howard Mayo says:

Could I get a translation of the translation, please? lol

Lazy Tech Nerd says:

Looking forward to seeing you at PlayExpo 🙂

CSXGirl822 says:

I come back and watch this every so often when I’m down or need a laugh. It never fails to at least get me to crack a smile.

Evans Evans says:

I love how Stuart tries to recompose himself after reading Antonio Stella Bottom Tile like it can’t get any worse, then he reads “ji plug pu – melon nai” and just surrenders and loses his shit even harder

Ollie Embourne says:

i’m changing my name to antonio stella bottom tile

Dr Beetus says:

133 people were called Bottom Tile

GuyBronson says:

In which Dr. Ashen 6 acts and talks like a fool

CR1T1CAL 3RR0R says:

Watched this on loop 20 times. Laughed every single time

Slunq says:

Your finest time, Stuart Ashen(s). I have submitted this to the QUEEN’s HONOURS list 2019. You will be notified if the authorities grant a knighthood or a free ticket to Chessington Zoo.

TidmanJ says:

Once he started reading the names and laughing, i lost my shit. so fucking funny lmao

Clarissa McPigeon says:

The violin broke Ashens.

Björn Camitz says:

This video will never grow old 😀

Evans Evans says:

This video can cure even the deepest depression, I swear

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