Cheap Student Entry Level Violins – Are They any Good? The Arco violin. for more info. Cheap Student Entry Level Violin Sales can be so disappointing because often cheap violins sound awful.


Joao Marcelo says:

Great! Here in Brazil we find chinese violins for something like 70 dollars!!

Mojo27564 says:

My point exactly!

espagues a says:

Huge hands!

violin614 says:

not in the long run

hsuq 7052 says:

I wanna buy a voilin so i can have at home so i dont bring my instrument home everyday and good violin brands that are cheap. Price range $100-$150

tanzlovar says:

It sounds nice and open, but lacks an austere velvety bottom end of higher class instruments. It may get darker with age, more often than not these violins just go dull instead of dark…

666NedFlanders says:

If you are not comfortable buying online (you should not be, its mostly trash) then you should talk to a member of your local orchestra or some one who works at a local university in the music department. To truly answer your question of if you are getting your moneys worth, do the following:

Ask seasoned violinist to look at your instrument, you can usually borrow them for a few days. Only a proffesional can show you the instruments full potential and abilities.

fadi yako says:

please how much does the violin cost that one you hold

Elroy Rebello says:

How do I distinguish between the standard woods and a plywood/other bad choice of woods used to make a violin? I also wana know what are “Grains”? Most youtubers simply point out to the surface of the violin to explain Grains but I fail to understand :/

DaveDexterMusic says:

I think this man owns some violins.

Kandi Klover says:

yeah the 109 dollar fiddle kit is great i like the purple one :3

tanzlovar says:

Hehe. Right you are. Especially if you fiddle with it a couple hours a day 🙂

MWRgibson R says:

I looked at Chinese violins on eBay. They list them as hand made. Well there not. The violins are made on a CNC router. Look up CNC router making a violin top, and neck. The Chinese full most Americans, and were sending them mega amounts of money for JUNK violins!! WARNING DON’T BUY THEM!!

Alec Anderson says:

What’s the violin shown in this video? I love the dark color and smoothness of the wood. I’m looking for a good violin in the 200-250 USD price range and would prefer to have one that looks similar to that one. But of course, performance comes before the visuals.

Ezekiel Christian says:

He made ne go to sleep

kogak says:

i want one of this how can i get one any one can help me ?

Celine Eng says:

Is eurostring model 300 good?

Rebekah Spencer says:

Not being funny but for me 260 dollars isn’t cheap. Is this worth getting or will it be a waste of money?:

I live in the UK and looking for a cheap violin, below £100 ideally below £50

Song Sabai says:

Checkout ‘The Old Violin House’ for the mother load of cheap but excellent quality violins….and…..wait for it…..made in China.

kroodle says:

no basically. the luthier has already ‘fixed” the key components. and hes selling them at that price.

Nalu Gevy says:

Meanwhile I’m in eBay looking for the cheapest violin available that still works…

Mario Rojero says:

He said 250

Wishbone799 says:

That sounds great. 

FugitiveCon says:

I have a Karl Knilling violin handmade in Germany No. 9634. Any idea what I could sell it for?

Clyde Ford says:

This guy is great! Basically you can buy a cheap violin, “entry level”, for under $230 bucks and then turn around and have a Luthier fix the key components and make it sound better. I certainly applaud his information, but custom work by a luthier is expensive and I would be better off buying a $500 violin and asking one to set it up for $50 bucks. (Not using custom tooling, just string and bridge adjustments.)

Very informative though and not being sarcastic.

Midnight Rider says:

I just got a Streben 4/4 by aspire for 3000 pesos was that a good choice? Im only a beginner

NickBlackDIN says:

they can get a local music store/musician to set it up for them until they learn. how will they learn without having something to learn on?

Walt Mills says:

KK Music does boy set up the instrument as shown in the video, but the Cecilio line is delivered in pretty goof shape.

Quantumorph says:

I just bought a new beginner violin complete with bow and carrying case for $ 45 (35€) on Ebay. I do not expect anything for this extremely low price, thus I can not be disappointed.

FlipTheAngryAsian says:

So what you think about a cresent violin

Moises Castillo says:

Hi. Where can I buy that violin?

Leonardo Durs says:

Are you still selling this violin? I love the sound and colour of it

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