A $35 DOLLAR VIOLIN on Amazon
Goplus® Durable 4/4 Full Size Natural Acoustic Violin
Fiddle with Case Bow Black New & Rosin
Bridge is not set up

Cheap but playable
Under $50 made in China
Light case
Wooden Bow
Would make a ok 1st student instrument

Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0176C0KZ4

New and high quality; Hand carved with high gloss finish
The inside of case is very soft to protect the violin ; Lightweight and easy to carry
The head, back and sides of violin are made from Composite Wood
Dimension: 23.23″ X 8.27″ X 1.57″; Material: Wood
Package includes: 1*wooden violin & 1*violin case & 1* bow


Hope Dubitz says:

Can you please do a video on how to tune your violin?

Joseph S says:

its more of a $500 setup with the bow and strings counted… by the way, which strings did you replace it with?

Arturo Merino Siermann says:

mine cost $50 on wish but sound good

Foxire says:

jeez, sounds awful >_<

William Berry says:

it’s so cool seeing skilled musicians play cheap instruments and make them sound expensive. great video

Job Jehovah says:

Could you play very difficult songs on the violin without it breaking?

Swe3tdre4mz Gaming says:

A string snapped on my friends violin when I was in 6th grade. It hit him in the eyebrow and shaved a nice stripe in his brow. Don’t know if it ever grew back

john Dingo-Fox says:

holy shit you play pretty good

Elzbeth E_M says:

How is the classical piece called ?

Jenna McGee says:

I got one for 40 on Aliexpress that’s why I’m watching

Sali Beihan says:

ooo very expensive hassan but nice serious the color is nice

Jacqueline Chrisman says:

I have the same shoulder rest. Is that Bonmusica? I love it!

Alexa Pino says:

i am getting one for 17 dollars. i do not know why i already have 5 violins

el dork pistolero says:

i would use the violin case just hold a AR Pistol

Luis Mendez says:

I just ordered it, what kind of strings should I buy?

Alida Bug says:

I haven’t played in over a decade so on a whim I got a “budget” violin, it fell out of tune every few minutes. it was quite pretty but such a pain to try and play. I pawned it..and never bothered to buy it back. unfortunatly I was a dumbass and had it in my beautiful antique hardcase..live n learn. Next time I think I’ll flip for electric. (Great review on that budget electric btw..it sold me)

theTIVANshow says:


Haripriya Ann says:

omg, it’s not that bad for a $30 violin
I would totally take it hahaa

Lourdes Pena says:

Cool! I have to check Amazon. Thank you for sharing this vid. I appreciate it.

IDE says:

What notes are you tuning your strings to? It doesn’t sound right

Rareş Nițu says:

The bridge wasn’t in the correct place.

Bran Flakes says:

Yeah, wood bows are better if they are crafted right. Carbon fiber bows are consistent and exactly the same as the next carbon fiber bow. But wood can vary, and makers use flaws and the wood structure to their advantage.

Melissa Anthony says:

I just ordered the same violin on Amazon! It’s a wood color tho. I’ve never played before but I do play alto & tenor saxophone, guitar, bass, and ukulele. I thought violin would be cool to learn. This video was very helpful, I can’t wait until mine comes. 🙂

Peace Keeper says:

poor dog lol

Gusti Scarlett says:

I bought something similar but chose one that included a shoulder rest, rosin, tuner, and extra set of strings for an extra 20$ (originally 34$ then became 54$). It was a waste of 20$ because I decided to buy a new set of strings (trying out Fiddlerman’s), a carbon bow, and a Kun shoulder rest which totaled around 80$. It now sounds really good but I actually don’t recommend these violins for new students because it’s basically a semi-DIY violin

John Donnelly says:

This piece of crap is a VSO. Do not waste your money but spend on a decent instrument from a local dealer. Even Yita violins are far better, but their strings need replaced too.

ogbmx420 says:

thats a hidden talent i didn’t know you had .. crazy

darkhack6 says:

Why did he set up the bridge so low? Its supposed to be in the middle of the f holes.

Brent Breault says:

Why did you tune the violin a half step lower?

Mynx _uk says:

when you say had to do some work on the bridge what did you have to do to it, I ask out of curiosity because i was going to buy one for my collection of cheep instruments.

Job Jehovah says:

IS there any difference between a violin and violin fiddle.

Kenzie Baker says:

I bought this one too and the back was all crusty and the strings were ruined

Katrianna Rezende says:

Hi the link is broken just wondering about where to find it?

Derek says:

it doesn’t matter if the violin is cheap. it depends who’s playing it

Harmonizer23_ 21 says:

Hmm….. all I need is a $35 amazon gift card…

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