109 Dollar Violin Test

Fiddlerman tests a 99 dollar violin (now 109.99) with free shipping that included a case, bow,prelude strings, and rosin.
What kind of violin can you get for so little money? Positively surprised by the result. See for yourself what 109 dollars can get you today.
This video was recorded before the existence of http://fiddlershop.com/ I, Fiddlerman (Fiddlershop), now do profit from the sale of this instrument provided you purchase it at FiddlerShop.com


a cup of coffee a day keeps the doctor away says:

I got mine for 20$ for going to this 1 month program and the bow was free man did I get a deal and I am not lying!!!!

Joshua McNeary says:

why am i watching this, i play the piano

Robert Saler says:

You should be selling violins – seriously dude – I want one!

broncojonnes says:

This guy could bow over the telephone book and still sound good

Helen Yao says:

When I started, I got a $60 violin lmao

Josiah Duarte says:

I Love This Video

lauren says:

wow you have a really fast vibrato!!! pretty.

paul kim says:

Man…this guy is good

Al The Trash Can says:

god I don’t even play violin what am I doing here

HallieEva says:

this violin is not bad at all. Just saying, even if the violin were garbage he could still probably make it sound decent…

Rebecca Krasnenkova says:

I’m giting to get a vilon thas only $26.99. and you are being a show of.

theUglyManowar says:

sounds awesome!…
Now how bout an equally affordaBLE cello n Bass fer a Benjie?!

belle autore says:

gr8 deal

Irfan Hossain says:

Have any suggestions for good beginner violin for a left hander?

Brandon Forsythe says:

So I bought this and I’m not 100% displeased, but still pretty upset for the price but the tuning won’t stay in tune without going back out due to the string tension and I didn’t get a tuner.

False advertising from Cecilio’s end.

Biggest thing is I have to push the tuning heads in to maintain a slightly consistent tuning each time I play because they pop out and loosen. I agree the sound is good but for 100 bucks I can guy a cheap guitar that stays in tune more often than this and it just sits there. No reason to make a violin that can’t hold normal string tension.


La Alyna says:

I´m going to buy a cheep violn because my parents won´t spent more money into it.Your video really helped me even if I live in Germany.
PS: can someone please tell me how the piec,e he played at 13:21 min, is called?

Jeffrey Chen says:

Holy fucking vibrato… Not too fast at all

maverickthebastard says:

This man would make a block of cheese sound good!! Kudos. Bravo.

Sara Petrakis says:

wow that’s a pretty decent violin for 100 dollars. I bet it would sound a bit nicer if it wasn’t painted back (or maybe that’s just my distaste for colored violins coming out)

The Arketekkt says:

“It’s a very thick stick”
That’s what she said

Thrakgul says:

Since u tested it it costs 10$ more …

myprettygirl says:

I want to learn violin and have since I was 15, but I’m not willing to spend 500 dollars on one (if I’m not certain I’ll stick with it), yet no less than 100. So this is a good review for me in regards to beginner violins. Now I’ll buy a cheap one I saw on amazon for 130 to start off with. 🙂

Englehard Dinglefester says:

I love this guy he dresses like he works on a landscaping crew until he picks up a violin and PLAYS LIKE A MOFO

ztb231 says:

This is absolutely amazing honestly. The violin doesn’t sound poorly made, nor does it look it. It produces a crisp and clear sound. a Little bit of setup work sees required based on his comments about the bridge and post positions but those are easy enough to re position. All in all this seems like money well spent. I happen to be an aspiring luthier, so I’m looking for a cheap yet decent violin to disassemble for templates and a general idea of how the pieces are carved cut and put together. I think I just found my winner. Excellent review sir. Thank you very much.

Robert T. Johnson says:

Wow I am so impressed

Matt Ford says:

Would you recommend the violin as someones first violin?

fnersch says:

25 years ago I bought a “Skylark Brand” violin at Sears for $99. A friend on mine who was a very accomplished violinist proclaimed it to be very good overall but a little weak in the high register. This was the 1st generation of CAD/CAM instruments coming from Asia. Today they are even better. Technology marches on.

Linda and Brian Kruse says:

Where can I order this now?

Wilfredo Dizon says:

“Where’s that confounded bridge……”

Umur Karagöz says:

Just couple videos in and it got me wondering if it is just me or is anyone else also ready to bet that this guy is actually making a living by stabbing people in their homes and watching them die while eating cucumber pickles and playing a violin?

Liv Hiyori says:

thanks this really helped! I’m learning on my friends violin right now because we cannot afford to get my own. I have been playing for about a month and am really passionate about it. I love everything about the violin!

Mike Paniagua says:

he is so cool

Suga Daddy says:

Omg this dude is such a show off

Yicheng Quan says:

“It’s a very thick stick”

Cassie Pruessner says:

I play cello, why am I here?

Jorgito Martinez says:

this is a cecilio violin?

Jared Austin says:

Scratch the rosin with a butter knife and you won’t have to spend so long

MM_ DaAsiann says:

$99? Wtf… where did u find that lmao

Leftbanker says:

I don’t even play the violin and I want one. Where can I get a $100 piano?

JoePM 2804 says:

WOW when i heard you playing the scale and one string at a time i was like, okay he must just be starting but the piece you played sounded amazing!

Alithetic x says:


Jigzy Wigzy says:

Is 220$ violin cheap?

Cara Delevingne says:

You are not an ordinary guy . I am sure

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