Yamaha YTR4335 Trumpet review

I show you around the Yamaha YTR4335 Trumpet. Go over to my cousins channel and check them out, they upload regularly and produce entertaining videos.http://www.youtube.com/user/KillFeedGaming/featured


VEGATech Computer Solutions says:

That boy so rude and grotesque!, As is seen to be very spoiled and does not value the things that a parent will surely buy it with hard work, hopefully learn to appreciate things, and I will see him struggling to adult things get, hopefully parents reading this post I write.


your voice is so sexy

Adam Williamson says:

Haha jks

Richard Scott says:

aha.. sucks for u i actually worked to buy this :/

TheLiamScott says:

Who the fuck do you think you are. I’ll bate yer ballix in with my rusty trumpet. You prick. Go clean your teeth.

UkPowerful says:

you got a hole on your sock

James Duffy says:

These comments are right dude. You have to treat your trumpet with care.

Justen Fugate says:


Kaden Neophyte says:

FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw……. i love how you told us about the case and the air packing material…. so when do we get to hear the review of the TRUMPET! 🙂

Katie Scott says:

You honestly make me feel sick. Don’t be so quick to judge and criticize a young boy for TRYING. I would like to see you do better. Foul person.

Studio J-B says:

catégorie (youtube) : ÉDUCATION ??! WTF

Ryeg576 says:

You really don’t know how to treat your valuable possessions with care. You shouldnt be so rough with the case and at the end you basically just slammed it shut which could have damaged your brand new trumpet!

tptman001 says:

Wow a review on a box!

Richard Scott says:

Go away adam

James Duffy says:

The finish od that trumpet is called lacquer. Not gold. I thought it was gold too at first. Just pointing that out (Though you probably already know by now).

Lance Stewart Fan here! says:

do you even know how to take care of your trumpet? lmao you just slammed the casing on it at the last part

Ebomb bomd says:

why didn’t you just put oil into the valves on your Jupiter trumpet? did you even do that?

Dexter lee says:

some serious no respect to ur horn when u review about ur horn

MyTube6444 says:

Jesus guys stop hating!

Richard Scott says:

Ellis 3 and a half years on and the trumpet is in perfect condition, no dents, no scratches, needless to say the apparent violence and lack of care was non existent and I couldn’t care less what the people were saying about needing to be more careful, I know how much a trumpet can take and I’m hardly gunna destroy my trumpet when I just get it… I took the time and effort to do this for people who were u sure of the purchase, if anyone is too inconsiderate to see this then they can take it somewhere else

TheLiamScott says:

I love you

TheLiamScott says:

I apologise for my rude response to raul vega. But he deserved it. Keep up the reviews!

Adam Williamson says:

You son are extremely ill mannered and do not deserve a camera to make this video!

Katie Scott says:

Can i just point out to you all, he was about eleven when he made this video. Don’t be so quick to judge, hes an absolutely incredibly talented player for his age. Also, why can none of you people appreciate the fact that such a young boy is learning a musical instrument and spending his time making a video about it?! Isn’t it much better than him sitting playing a computer game inside? An to Raul Vega, your comment makes me feel sick. You’re clearly the only rude and grotesque person here.

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