Yamaha YTR-8310Z Custom “Bobby Shew” Trumpet Review

Now that I’ve been doing this for a year, I figured I’d finally review the beast itself: My Yamaha Custom Z trumpet. It’s an incredible jazz horn that can play with a symphonic tone if needed. I would strongly recommend this to a high school jazz player looking to upgrade to a professional trumpet. The provided Bobby Shew jazz mouthpiece, the reverse leadpipe, and the lightweight build of the instrument all allow you to soar up in the high register with ease.


megastarwarsrocks99 says:

Filthy hufflepuff

NQSC Strobe says:

Hi you sound great! I’m a 17 year old trumpet player, also looking for a jazz horn. Do you know anything about Shires? The Q series horn or the Doc Destinos?

How old are you??
And great video!

Bailey Mo says:

You should play some jazz songs so we can get a feel of its natural habitat

T.L. Williams says:

Great review. They are nice horns.
Great chops by the way!

Captain Charisma 808 says:

What piece are you playing in the beginning of the video?

James Duffy says:

Great review! That’s a nice trumpet and a nice mouthpiece! I got accepted into the jazz band at the community college I’ll be attending! I currently play a Bach 3C, and that Bobby Shew Jazz mouthpiece really intrigues me.There are 2 new Strads in my music store as well! A 180S37 and 180S43. I’m currently looking at the strads, especially the reverse lead pipe Strads. But I’m hoping I can try them at my next lesson. And I plan on playing at church with my private teacher’s Bach 239 C trumpet!

Sean Caballero says:

You should try jet tone

Peixinho X says:

What is the name of that song that you played in yhw beginning of the video?

Tanner Haney says:

sell out

Mark Wu says:

You can still play the maynard solo better than me on a 11e

Justin Risney says:

that was a nice style in james man

Snowy Croquet says:

Great trills – – I really want one now

Paul Dance says:

I’ve heard the Bobby shew blows free, is light and has fast valves that are shorter than standard and plays potentially faster. For the price I believe it’s a great value.

victor delaflor says:

Excellent review, but let me ask you this, what is the deal with the bobby shew tweak? Do you know anything about this? Why tweak an instrument that is supposed to be pro model?

jeff young says:

Great playing! It’s been cool to see your playing mature with your videos.

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