Wayne Bergeron GR studio vs Bobby Shew Lead – 1 Month in Trumpet mp Review

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Wayne Bergeron GR studio vs Bobby Shew Lead – 1 Month in Trumpet mp Review


Britt Wright says:

Thanks. Good info.

Kolby Child says:

What’s up dude I honestly love u and Blaise blowman but I was listening to some of the stuff you were saying and it’s really close to what my band teachers assistant talks about his name is Mr.Pineada he said he used to tuter you if so could you give me any tips because I’m an 8th grade trumpet player in jazz band need a couple of tips picking a mouthpeice

Thomas Gray says:

I played on the Bobby Shew for several years and when I switched the the WB Studio. I had great results immediately! Response was better, sound was better, attacks were more articulate, comfort was better, etc. I loved how I could use the WB Studio for more than lead playing whereas the Shew only had one use in my arsenal. The WB Studio is my go-to mp now for anything other than orchestral work.

Hanna Drewniak says:

Thanks for video!I also play trumpet and I have a question for you.I’ve always been playing quiet,not enough loud, but recently my teacher noticed that I’m loosing a lot of air between my mouth & my mouthpiece. Did you had a simmilar problem? Maybe you know how to solve it?Greetings from Poland 🙂

tjnaples says:

Save yourself the time and buy a Monette mouthpiece, limited pitch center issues. Tone, sound, range, color, all things to consider after listening to TG.

Max Nielsen says:

I’m seeing Wayne Friday!!!!!! So pumped!!!!

Caleb Kimmel says:

I lava you

row0111 says:

its out of stock

MrStealY0Gurl ! says:

I have a question: How do I know if im allergic to specific metals? I was playing my trumpet yesterday and my lip got stif, thicker and itchy. Is that a sign of being allergic to my mouthpiece? Its still not over.
Plz help

trumpet 2501 says:

If you had to compare the gr mouthpiece to a Bach mouthpiece which one would you say it is most similar to?

Shian-An Chiou says:


High Manwich says:

Thank you for the review and information! I’m in a similar situation to you (have been playing the bobby shew lead for a long time) and have had similar problems with tuning and the like. I appreciate you being impartial and objective! Great video 🙂

Gerrit Worthington says:

Yeah, like Jordan’s findings: that GR just creates a fuller sound, seems a lot easier physically

Jonathan Martinez says:

Hey Igor what kind of trumpet do you use it looks like a getzen i dontt know if im right but it looks like it

Pokemaniac00 says:

Props to you to be able to switch between mouthpieces and still play way up there! I find switching mouthpieces without much extra warming up is a little difficult. I play on a Bobby Shew Lead mouthpiece for playing lead in jazz band but any other time i’m playing trumpet i use the Bobby Shew Jazz mouthpiece, which I feel is really comfortable for me! Its a good all around mouthpiece. I like playing on the Bobby Shew Lead but I don’t think its a perfect mouthpiece for me? I’m not exactly sure yet. Any thoughts anyone?

Bruce Atkinson says:


buckaroobonsi555 says:

The Bobby Shew is much brighter and less fleshed out. It is messing a lot of harmonic series for sure.

Just A Guy Who Loves Music says:

Is it the the studio m or just the studio

gareth bacchus says:

I love you

Kyle Swinderman says:

Thoughts on Monette vs. GR. I’m thinking of upgrading from my Warburton’s. What are the pros and cons and what do you/everyone else recommend?

Luka Cordedda says:

What was the song in the ‘commercial break’ and outro?

gareth bacchus says:

Where can I get that shirt

Casivake says:

Honestly, that double g on the GR sounded god-like compared to the bobby shew. I have a shew and was thinking about buying a GR; thank you for making this as I would like to know the pros and cons of it. Hope you make more.

Marco Platzl says:

you sound on the GR is so clean, I like that a lot

Alex Serrano says:

Is the only place to get the Bobby shew mouthpiece online? And what website did you order it on

DaWirez|WiredUpMods says:

I’ve used a Shew Lead for a while and I sound similar to you on it. The GR sounds great in comparison, so if I ever find the funds somehow, I think I’ll look into one. Definitely gonna try it out before buying if possible though

Nolt says:

I noticed whenever you played the bobby shew, you got kind of the stereotypical “lead” sound. Bright, aggressive, kind of in your face. and It sounds like you’re a beginner playing up there, with no real base for the sound. It’s like you said, you only get the top part of the note. I play on a 1.5 rim, and I recently switched from a denis wick 3E to a GR 67 sz, and it was initially to get a mouthpiece with a big rim, but a shallow cup. However, i have fallen in love with how the GR really gives you a big, fat sound all around the horn. It’s almost like my DW 2, yet still has the added benefits of being a smaller “lead” piece.

Ted T says:

How does the WBGR and BS Lead measure up to the Bach or Schilke rim/cup size? Thank-you!

Power House says:

How did you switch to a shallow mouthpiece? I have been playing on a 3c. I then tried playing on a shallow mouthpiece, but it didn’t sound good. Please help.

Hazen Lewis says:

I play on a Bach 3c now in jazz band(lead)and I was wondering if I should get the Bobby Shew lead or I should stick w the Bach 3c. My range is a high E always high F on a decent day and G on a good day. Or should I make an investment and get the gr

Kmilo says:

This chanel is the best xd

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