Ultimate 4AGE Trumpet Test! 100mm vs 75mm vs 50mm Test and Review

Ultimate 4AGE trumpet test. Back to Back comparisons, stationary revs, drive by, ITB view, driving impression and of course a dyno test! Sit back and enjoy the ITB glory!!!!

Music By:

Harmonic Defiance – Everything Is Love

Misha Dioxin – Arrival

JBlanked – Been On


baklap141 says:

Really informative video! I always asked myself how much of an impact the trumpets make , at the moment Im driving with K&N filters instead of trumpets but Ive driven the stock trumpets also.
Didnt felt like a lot of difference.
I have R1 carburetors on my engine.
Soo Im planning to get some aftermarket long trumpets I guess.
And how about trumpets with a filter? Ive got my carbs on the front so I must use some kind of filters I think ,because it will suck in way easier sand etc.


Love this video so much!

Garrett Chappell says:

Could you tell me what modifications you have done to your engine? Cams header etc. Thank you!

Luke Augustine says:


ka mar says:

In my country we rarely use itbs

Kj16V says:

Flagged this video for pornography. Up-trumpet shots, squirting injectors, full frontal engine bays. Disgusting.

awang swastika says:

75 best sound

Alvin Borg says:

So sushpants which length would you really suggest ? Thanks in advance

Claude Tasquier says:

Blacktop 20v,giving people affordable itb’s since 1995.

Will mel says:


TAUGE Ok says:

Love the itb and 4AGE sound…wish I didnt buy a Honda in the first place also can swap 4AGE into my Honda? lmao

Pascal Hauf says:

The 100mm kinda muffles the sound and makes it sound deeper. The 50mm is the loudest and most high pitched sound compared to the 100mm. Or is that just me ?

Crazy 8s Drums says:

This made me miss my AW11 🙁

Anton Prasojo says:

When you use it daily driving, how much does the fuel consumption?

SORRY for bad grammar

Sweet Rand says:

The pointer with the little white glove is the best thing in the world

Joyson Wildhart says:

basically all the same

orgismenos neos says:

What wheels r u using; mad in?

SWAT3181 says:

Anyone know what the tiny ram intake looking thing is at 0:49? Curious cause I’ve never seen that before

Jean Val jean says:

If you loose power at 6400 that’s because your afr is to poor. O2 sensor is to slow, sensor read 400 rpm later. Check your injection map

Punchy LightBeer says:

Maybe I’m weird but the in throttle body shots made me laugh…

Denzel Mason says:

What kinda mileage u get on your 4age20v bro

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