Trumpet Review: Kanstul Mariachi w/ Spectrum Analysis

Jason Harrelson of Harrelson Trumpets reviews the Kanstul Mariachi Trumpet in the Harrelson Trumpets Showroom. Denver, Colorado.


Trent Hamilton says:

Regarding short and long throw valves, I came across a type of tuba piston valves where the tubing was oval instead of round so as to reduce the throw of the valves. What do you think of that approach?

57dogsbody says:

Hey Jason, Why do virtually no trumpets except for student models employ an adjustable 3rd slide finger ring? Is it a cost thing or does it really affect tone?

Nicholas Caljean says:

Hey Jason. I really like these spectrum analysis videos. I think a good one to do would be a comparison of laquer and acoustic armor on the same model horn.

jgrafing says:

The extra long main tuning slide design goes back to the days when the horns were tuned to key of Bb and A. The old Courtois Levy model shown in the back of the Arban book actually came with different tuning bits but the later Conn trumpets from the early 1900’s used a stop rod on their long slides for quick change between the keys, for example the Conn 2B and 22B. The length of trumpet mouthpieces also falls back to this old design which is why we generally have tuning issues in the upper register. A shorter mouthpiece would be used with a modern Bb or C trumpet to correct this such as those now made by Monett. Cheers!

Awesome Dad says:

Finally a review of a horn I own!

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