Trumpet Review: Calicchio

Jason Harrelson of Harrelson Trumpets reviews the Calicchio Trumpet.


buckaroobonsi555 says:

I believe Z is lightweight bronze. I have a 3Z Bronze bell side seam that I bought from John before he moved and it is insanely lightweight. It is so light that I would not want to do quick mute changes with it because I would likely damage the bell. Yes, I just checked Calicchio website and “Z” is “lightweight bronze”. The bell I bought was special order for someone else and they canceled their order without paying for it so he gave me a deal on it. The bell seam is on the outside of the bell not down the underside and not on the inside where the braces would go it on the outside the left side of the bell.

Tim Jones says:

The Z means it is a bronze bell.

Carlos Centeno says:

Jason, that looks like a Bob Reeves valve alignment.

Carlos Centeno says:

Question on valve ports. Jason, do the Harrelson trumpets have bumps on the valve ports? Could you make a video explaining that if possible. You talking about valve ports on min 27 of this video has brought my attention to this features of the trumpet. What would be the difference between let’s say Harrelson valves and MAW valves? Very interested and curious to know any info you can share. I like that you give every brand credit and even advertise them in a way. This shows you strive to make your product only for the purpose of trumpets to make music sound easier and the player very happy. Thank you for your time and knowledge.

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