Tromba Plastic Trumpet Review

My review of the Tromba Plastic Trumpet.

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Kade Kek says:

*F L A T F I N G E R S*

Panaform says:

Im planning to get one of this.. to learn, I HAVE CERO KNOLEDGE on how to play the trumpet. Is a good option to start from cero?

Gaby Nunez says:

what do you think the best trumpet brand is

Vadim Martynyuk says:

Did this guy even play this thing ? I keep skipping and didn’t find the instrument played just talking

Nate says:

Trent, I am so happy to announce that you have inspired me to get a soprano trombone xD it’s so much fun and I owe it all to you

phartsdust says:

Even I, a frozen cave man from the states, knows this is overpriced crap. Price should be $49.95?

tab lloyd says:

You have a very good presentation with this horn, and I wouldn’t say anything negative but really check out Alison Balsom’s review before dumping the idea of purchasing one. A person could be really proficient without regret of having this horn.

zxKAOS1 says:

I saw an a Walmart ad for a $150 USD, plastic euphonium.  I’d imagine a review of that wouldn’t be too dissimilar to this.

The Smug Doge says:


ReloadPsi says:

I almost bought one of these to learn with. Maybe not.

atomatopia1 says:

*Gasp* In Keel Row did you play the second pair of sixteenth-dotted eighths on the ‘a’ of 2? How could you do such a thing, you monster?! (I’m just pullin’ your leg, though)

alex carter says:

Tromba about $200, Cicilio made in China “trumpet shaped object $89 online and $100 at local swap meet. I assume they’re shit but a busker I know has been making a living with his Cicilio for months on end so …. go brass

Jordan Beavers says:

Hey man, you are playing the valves wrong.

Darkened Dog says:

how much moolah?

richardo Lopez says:

he does not have his fingers curved

Mr_Beezlebub says:

How does it stack up to the fake Bach Stradivarius?

_StarS_ says:

are you fucking me in the ass right now, $150

Code Alex says:

when trumpets become a woodwind…

Marwa Saidjamol says:

he stats playing at 6:03

Britt Schmal says:

As a former trumpet player, PLEASE LEARN TO HOLD IT RIGHT OMFG.

EnglishTMTB says:

Not that it really matters… but what comes out is not spit, it’s condensation.

Jim Sadler says:

Are the valves Berliner rather than Perinot?

Deadlylollipop The potterhead says:

Why’d you put your pinkie there

russell straight says:

It amazes me how people buy cheap instruments or beginner instruments that are hard to play for their child starting out. They would do better with a good advance instrument, less feedback, freer blowing, better valves it just make it easier for them to learn instead of struggling. if you can’t buy a new advance instrument then buy used. My 2 cents for the day

Warren Crim II says:

At least you tell the truth about the terrible quality you get when buying a plastic trumpet

Kate Phillips says:

Would using a Kelly plastic mouthpiece be any better? They’re made of a polycarbonate, I believe.

M1G says:

What key is that Trumpet in?

ApplepieFTW says:

That third variation sounds beethoven inspired 🙂

Xbonniegamaer 134X says:

I’m playing the trumpet in my school band for Are spring concert

benisbadatgames says:

Hi Trent- I have a question. When I first got my trumpet back in 5th grade, she told me never to flat-finger, as it could bend the valves. I notice that you do just that. Is this just a myth, or is it a bad habit?

aj.106_ says:

I broke my trumpet from my 3rd valve tuning slide cracking and the 2 nd valve is so stuck that it isn’t going to come out ever

Genji is Bae says:

I don’t need it I have an intermediate silver Bach trumpet. I know, it’s good

j lin says:

well as dad spending 12 99 150 00 im going for 1299 if kid dont like playing after week your just out 1299 aest went to gas food rent trip to park water ride train ride the life time of thing cant be lost put in the trash

Mr Donut says:

With the plastic mouthpiece. The sound from the trumpet sounded pretty “plastickykkykyky” But with the metal one sounds way more brighter and better

Ursa says:

I think your fingers are getting tired because you’re pushing them with your finger is completely flat, rather than an arched.

Rob Griff says:

Good video. As an adult, I bought one of these to use as a learning tool, and as such it is ideal – not too expensive, gives an idea of what playing a trumpet can be like, and has allowed me to get up and running. Mine had none of the defects mentioned in the video, but I guess they are fairly inconsistent when they roll off the production lines. I have yet to buy a proper trumpet, but went through a similar process with trombone, started on a pBone then bought a good quality metal instrument. Once that switch is made, there is no going back, and I expect the same for the trumpet. It was heartening to hear that even an accomplished player considered it difficult to play, so my reasoning for now is that if I can make a plastic trumpet sound good, it bodes well when I eventually get a good instrument.

K. Weiss says:

Have you ever tested out a plastic tuba?

guitarhick says:

hey trent i noticed the “plummers putty” comment. my cornet has a leak and it is driving me up the wall. please advise.

rogermwilcox says:

It’s not spit, it’s condensation!

_ DonutMaster56 _ says:

One Word: Whyalwaysbrass?

jay says:

Lol $150 for plastic? I spent 250 on a used great condition silver coated Bach student trumpet

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