Top 5 | Trumpets | For Beginners | Thomann

Gary Wilder shows you the top 5 Trumpets for beginners.
Products used:

Interesting bits and pieces:
0:00 Introduction

0:17 Jupiter JTR700RQ | Demo
1:40 Yamaha YTR-3335 | Demo
4:31 Bach TR-501 Student | Demo
6:41 Thomann TR-5000 GL | Demo
9:51 Thomann TR-200 | Demo

11:32 Sound comparison of all five Instruments | Playing

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PutinWithAnimals says:

1:26 Not if you’re Der Donald

Mark Theunissen says:

But Does It Djent?

Gerd Meier says:

I guess, as a beginner, the most important thing ist that your trumpet doesn’t let you down. It has to be mechanically solid with good working valves and a stable intonation. In this stage you don’t know if a bad tone is your fault or just a bad working instrument. The experienced player knows it immediately. And for the Thomann 5000 Series comes in very cool colours, so it’s just a joy to play it and you grab ist every time with pleasure.

Grahvex Gaming says:

*Slaps Knee

Nick says:

Great audio. What mic did you use?

PutinWithAnimals says:

2:53 “Distracting Trumpet”

Andrew Meronek says:

I wanne see your high-range embouchure!

Dennis Edwardz says:

What is the price of those trumpets?

le sergent says:

super ! merci

Baliram Bhoir says:

Sir which mic used Baliram Bhoir on you tube. Pls follow me for hindi indian.

Liad Bar-EL says:

Playing a Taylor (Monette copy) and a Schilke (1958) which was my horn in Jr. High school and have found that from playing in many orchestras and bands, it’s the player that makes the biggest difference, not the horn. The plastic Tromba C trumpet would be the easiest to play for a student.

Dam Dami says:

For me jupiter

HowardJohnstone says:

Excellent, it is absolutley necessary that the demonstrator has top intonation and can slot in the notes consistently, so that the horns can be accurately compared. Something should be said about scaling, e.i if any notes are off, even the slightest. Very good indeed, thank you.

Angmar93 says:

doot doot

G says:

What no Monette trumpets, lol? All of the trumpets sound great in the presenter’s hands. Yamaha has never let me down, but there are lots of choices these days.

Ginger Twat says:

*Sexual Tension*

SC4649 says:

I don’t know why but I keep coming back to this video…I like this guy – “I’m American, Come On!”

Daan Roetman says:


The Ciderholics says:

I wanna play trumpet so bad but i live in a apartment lol anybody know a quiet way to learn this instrument? Maybe a kind thats lower volume?

Gabagoogoo Blancmange says:

Jupiter and the last one were best

Stone Soup Arts says:

Just going with my gut I think you liked the Yamaha the best 🙂

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