The World’s Cheapest Trumpet | Unboxing and Review | Bach’s Badinerie number 2

There’s been a bunch of cheap beginner trumpets appearing on auction sites recently. Some of these are made in India and cost as little as $40 excluding shipping. Are they worth anything? In this video I unbox and review it.

Check out the followup video here:

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“Fills me with dread” fills me with joy.

Jacob Woolley says:

Hi Trent, I’m a new trumpeter and am looking to get a trumpet, I was wondering if there is any you recommend?

No-one like you says:

Are you an aussie?

KellonMelon says:

find a trumpet made of gallium

Collin Bond says:

It actually has a decent sound to it…

Cookiesare Good says:

That was one of the worst trumpets I have ever seen I’m only twelve years old and as soon as I saw the pictures I just started cringing and I could tell it was kinda difficult to play

The 20th Century Limited says:

my getzen super deluxe trumpet has an off set stamped serial number….lol

mini696 says:

First thing I saw on it as the plastic was pulled off was the dint in the bell. Quality.

Marshall Canupp says:

Why is he being so critical? For a price as low as it is he should be happy that a note can be played on it, but instead he’s reviewing it like a Bach. Plus all of these things that he is saying is wrong can be fixed, so why is he complaining.

Jessica Morales says:

Make a vid trying French horns (I’m a horn player)

Meagan Butler says:

I thought most brass instruments had a middle valve that was shorter

Supersportgaming117 says:

I play trumpet (1970 conn marching band trumpet)

Ryan Skidgel says:

To slide out the third valve turning side you should push in the third valve it’s a vacuum seal

Scribble Eyes says:

I bought a trumpet for twenty quid that someone found left on their door step.

Creative Edge says:

wtf why eeeeeeeugh

Amethyst Ackerman says:

+Trent Hamilton what is the mouthpiece mine is 7c what is that mouth piece

ThePlainGamer says:

Bach’s Badinerie from Suite no. 2 is favorite of mine, loved it’s use in Bus Driver’s Imaginary places

Ryan Alexander Bloom says:

Very shrill. Also that is the perfect accent for verbal abuse.

Trumpet Bros says:

if you want to check out our Chanel its a hole Chanel about trumpets and good quality I think that we deserve more subscribers because it takes a lot of work to play trumpets and a lot of attrition so if you want to come check out us we would love for you to subscribe the have a good day

MauriatOttolink says:

Very useful to have advice on un-boxing. Don’t know how I would have managed without it.
What a self-opinionated clever -devil!
The foul language and 4 letter words which spring immediately to mind will need to be imagined. YouTube doesn’t like it it!

When you speak grotty English like that you’ve really got be careful how much of a dick-head you reveal yourself to be.
eg.. What does recommind mean? Possibly recommend?
Cheening slide …Tuning slide?

Trent (what a pretentious name..) Bit unfair. S’pose that you didn’t choose it, after all!
But you haven’t changed it!!!!!!!
I thank the Good Lord God Above (and I’m a total bloody atheist!) that I don’t know you!
You are a better player than person!

There’s an old English expression (Y’know us. The Poms? ) It goes like this..
“Up Your’s! With a wire brush!”

The poor kid wanting to play? Should he say “Bollocks! I’ve gotta a have a top of the range, thorough-bred King, a Conn or a German Schagerl with rotary valves and a $650 Rudy Muck mouthpiece because that prat Trent bloody Hamilton says that the cheap one is no good for beginners. He MUST be right because HE knows how to slice open a box with a sharp knife.”
Hamilton, you’re a self-aggrandising idiot. But not to me! I know your sort..
They induce in me both acute and chronic nausea and that affliction can infect my lower orifice as well, which is why I have made it my lifetime’s mission to avoid them or at least pretend that they don’t exist!
Enjoy you’re empty and otherwise meaningless existence!
Just PLEASE try to avoid me!

Daniel Phillips says:

is it bad that I got a fairly nice old, brass cornet for half that price? Like its a really nice Olds brand cornet that’s about as old as my grandpa, I got it for $20

CrazAyy says:

link pls i want to mess around with theese in summer b4 middle school band

Melissa0774 says:

I’d be afraid that had lead in it.

SuperTacoBoss says:

Add slide oil then try it

Eddie Gast says:

worlds cheapest tuba!

Panda alexaa says:

I think Mendini is cheaper.

Psychokillerwithfangs says:

I’ve just recently started watching you videos and I know that you probably mention it in others but I would like to know what your favorite, or most favorable, brand of trumpet and also maybe a recommendation on the best brand for a bass trumpet, it doesn’t matter what kind right now whether it has 3 or 4 valves or if it has rotary valves or the typical trumpet valves. I’ve played the Bflat trumpet for 8+ years and have two kings (one made in the 1950’s and one very beat up one from 1960’s) and I have a Kühnl & Hoyer which I’m still learning about. Plus I play both Bflat and F french horn with both 3 and 4 valves. I want to pick up both the piccolo and the bass trumpet but right now I’m focused on the bass.

nishant gupta says:

fuck u man

Adam Malkovich says:

It sounds decent…for a cheap instrument performed by someone with experience. Other than that, it simply reminds of the cheap trumpet I got, though it’s tremendously better than the one shown in this video, I have to strain myself just to play well into the third octave, and I’ve learned how to play music at a college level.

Unknown Entity says:

Heavy valves? Great beginner trumpet.

The Cajunator says:

I got a Bach Prelude, that good?

Sergei Rachmaninov says:

You are the Jeramy clarkson of music

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