The Pocket Trumpet of Woe

Review of an Ammoon Pocket Trumpet.
Check it out for sale here:

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Unknown_Pugs says:

Has anyone here tried the thomann pocket trumpet for €152?

Graham Balderstone says:

Mate, your trumpet playing is sounding fantastic! Even on a cut-rate horn like that you’re sounding great 🙂 You playing in the NZ Nationals?

Amazing Ace says:

Hello trent I have a question. I am a serious euphonium player and i seek to upgrade to a compensating horn. I am on a budget, but im willing to invest some money into one. Do you have any recommendations? I currently have a student model Jupiter

57dogsbody says:

you sure have collection of crap instruments. I don’t know why I like this chanell

Hunnie, Max and their Human Too says:

I am totally chuffed because I finally picked up a trumpet, it cost me £30 and is an old yamaha 2320 1980/90’s student model, It has a lovely sound and though looks pitted and not cared for has (after a bloody good clean and lube job) free moving valves and (now) slides. Next job is to find myself a nice inexpensive but good tutor 🙂

Andrew Cai says:


Levi Pannell says:

What about the contrabass trombone

Jsgun H says:

Good job on the aria

Occy says:

You said before you were interested in trying double reed instruments, you should see if they will send you an ammoon oboe for review.

Bill Swingle says:

Personally I like the way it sounds.

Betsy Shepherd says:

Trent I was wondering: could you do some more horn videos? I play the French horn and cannot find many in-depth videos about cleaning, tone quality (that especially), techniques, and horn buying guides. I can’t find too much information about horns and your content is super informative.

Rene Cortez says:

Whats the song at the beginning?

Larry Shone says:

Sounds good but I bet it won’t last long with those crappy valves!

Vysca says:

you get a fantastic sound from this instrument. It’s a pity it is so crummy!

A Jar Full of Pennies says:

Also, is “That just looks pants” a New Zealand expression? I’ve never heard that before.

Jackson Anderson says:

Trent Hamilton I’m a senior euphonium player at my high school but I play a King tenor trombone from 1982 for jazz band. I’ve cleaned and oiled the thing a few times but the slide is still slow. I’m not experienced with trombones and this is probably a stupid question, but how do I clean/fix the slide properly? (Great playing by the way)

MrInitialMan says:

I’m sorry. I cracked up at “Oh, yuck, it’s leaking on me.”

Andrew Cai says:

2415th viewer.

MLGSSJ says:

Do you have any tips for a woodwind player attempting brass

Dyllon Ross says:

I love you

bass man says:


Hannah Wright says:

Say happy belated birthday to Maddison

FourEyes says:

I know this isn’t related to the video, but I need some help.
Where are some good places to get trombones? My family and I don’t make a lot of money, but I’ve been wanting to upgrade my trombone for a while. Specifically, a Bach42BO at the moment.
Are there any trustworthy websites or something that sell cheap trombones that are good? Thank you.

Mitioritos says:

nice haircut .suits you well.

Arntzelat says:

Hey Trent I was wondering if you could get your hands on a 3001 artist model getzen trumpet. It is a professional horn and I would like to hear your thoughts on it. I’ve had mine a little over a year now and it’s been a delight playing it. It is also probably one of the most full and dark trumpet sounds I’ve seen/ found with it having a larger bore than most other trumpets. I think you would really enjoy it and if I could see a video of it in the future that’d be great! Keep up the good work!

Josh Mullikin says:

Ur channel is a puddle of excellence

blackhawk65589 says:

I still don’t feel bad for paying $400 for a Stagg pocket trumpet

Forte Piano says:

Hey Trent! I recently purchased an F-trigger trombone. called the Cecilio TB-383. It is surprisingly very well made and has a very usable slide with no hangups! Rose brass bell and everything. I haven’t washed it out yet, but it is definitely the wisest choice I’ve made in instruments so far, especially considering it was only $550!

Sami Faheem says:

Best cheap tenor horn?

Victor Ramirez says:

Trent I know you reviewed 2 pocket trumpets I would love to see you review the Mendini Pocket trumpet because I’m interested in purchasing it thanks.

Scoobes says:

I don’t know why I watch this Channel I’m not even a brass player

Dave Wright says:

Man Trent, you just sound better and better on trumpets video-by-video!!! It’s really surprising to kind of see you development.
I’ve got a Merano like that, paid about the same…. I’ve traveled with it, have neeeeever used it – it’s just not too great. The tone is surprisingly decent for what it is. The intonation is horrendous (unplayable below a low C- it gets to be almost a half-step flat. Its build quality is no good at all though!!

Tenorlied says:

Twenty FIRST!

michael salehi says:

Do you have any opinion on the Mendini pocket trumpet?

Shogun says:

A water thorough soapy in bath warm.

Brayden Headrick says:

Are the shires trombones produced by eastman as good as the original shires trombones?

Rock Organ says:

I have the same exact horn

ZealousZucchini says:

I’m diggin’ the ‘due, boss!

I'm So Emu says:

Sporks are kewl

Jens Roßbroich says:

Try out the brand yamato my trumpet is still good after 4,5years

Jackson says:

You should get a cimbasso if you can afford one. They’re beautiful instruments.

Josh D. says:

U should do a review on the ammoon french horn with 1 set of pipes.

Wrathful Panda says:

1:17 Best Roast Ever

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