The Piccolo Trumpet – Czardas

This is a review of a piccolo trumpet and comparing it to a ‘normal’ Bb trumpet. I’m not, in any way, claiming to be a capable trumpet player, so the abhorrent tuning needs to be excused instead of pointed out.

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Grant Phares says:

“im not much of a trumpet player”

*has 6 trumpets in back*

Afro GamingYT says:

I just got a silver piccilo trumpet, it sounds so different than a b flat trumpet

★EmmaPlays★ says:

Both of those tunes remind me of a Lady gaga song..

Steve Hardy says:

My 2¢. A piccolo trumpet is difficult to play well. Most people overblow them. Do they make playing high easier? Yes, in a way. The same notes on a regular trumpet are closer together and hard to hit and hold whereas the piccolo is using a different part of the harmonic series – down a octave where the notes are farther apart – so starting on a high note is less risky. But ultimately, the note you blow into the mouthpiece is still the note that comes out the other end (if you have the right fingers down.) If you can’t buzz a double G into the mouthpiece, the horn won’t help you a lot. It’s not a substitute for playing high in a jazz band horn section either, since the tone is different and won’t blend as well as playing high on a regular horn.

Trent mentioned that they come in A. Indeed, many come with different lead pipes so you can change from Bb to A at will. This is important because many Baroque trumpet tunes are in D. This puts them in the key of E for a Bb trumpet, not the easiest of keys. But lower the horn another half step to A, and now you’re in the wonderful key of F, the easiest of keys to play – even easier than C. Also because of where the piccolo is in its harmonic series, all the awkward trills that don’t work on a standard horn because the fingerings become alternate fingerings for other notes (G at the top of the staff can be fingered 1-2 or 3 alone so trilling often produces the same note rather than the desired A upper note) come out easy as pie. And you should trill 3rd space C with the 4th valve. It’s much easier than trilling 1-3.

SharkmanYT - says:

Actually, the high notes are sooooooo much easier with piccolo

drew 2442 says:

Trent Hamilton is that an andalucia trumpet

juneboy scott says:

Anyone know whats the name of the first song he plays on piccolo

Trayne1837 says:

Thank you for your videos…my grandson is thinking about lessons but not sure between wind and brass…leaning towards brass so listen and seeing these videos are fantastic.

Xavier Smith says:

I’ve never heard of piddle C before. It sounds pissy.

Mira says:

How much for the el cheapo piccolo trumpet

Carlos Salinas says:

Lol I’m a flute/piccolo player and i just find this interesting. I’m trying to learn trumpet so I can play in jazz band. Keep up the good work

Rowena's Mundo says:

Boy, 4 keys… Ahhhhhhhhh

an Offensive Narwhal says:

Peckolo Trampet.

sei la mano flitz says:


Scott Sakurai says:

Try the plastic screamer mouthpiece on this. It might actually make sense on this instrument, instead of just being for the Doc Severinson types.

Michaels Covers says:

how did I get here, I don’t even play brass

Thomas Gillette says:

Trent, Trent, Trent– you said it’s a piccolo trumpet in Bb– you demonstrated Czardas on Bb trumpet. I’m very confused– can you tell me why the entire key area changed between these two Bb instruments? Oh wait…it’s that silly intonation thing, isn’t it! Good job!

Magic Ninja says:

can I buy it

Rhiannon Andrasko says:

Omg it’s adorable

Leonard Wallstein says:

So this one is the the octave that the clarinet is in?

Doris Deras says:

Wait is it necessary To have 4 valves on the Piccolo trumpet? Because I need to figure out the emboshure plz tell me.

NoLimitsDude9876 says:

I know that we are young, and I know that you may love me… But I just can not be work you like this anymore…

Daniel Johnson says:

How can you afford so many instruments?

Race Brighton says:

Why four valves?

Skyler'sRandom VlogsAndVids says:

I’m getting one for christmas 🙂

brokenwrench1 says:

in the late 80s i bought a new getzen 3 valve capri piccilo trumpet and a capri flugel horn on a combo special purchase. i was well satisfied with both but i found i could play my old severinsen getzen easier in the same high range by changing the mouthpiece and tuning slide so i traded the piccolo trumpet off. i lived in a big college town so selling it was no problem.if i had bought a 4 valve piccolo trumpet i might have kept it.. my experience is if you dont have a high range with a full size trumpet you wont have one with a piccolo trumpet either. i found the regular sized trumpet was easier to play in that high range so that wqas a supprize to me.

Caleb Niehoff says:

What brand of horn is this?

DSDaV!D PLAYS! says:

Am I the only trumpet player who gets pissed when a clarinet or a woodwind says “the trumpet is easy it only has 3 buttons”. My response: it’s called valve and second it has many different combination and you have to play high low and medium

Mirko Baglione says:

He is totally not in tune

That One Euphonium Guy says:

Just curious, what would you say is your primary instrument?

Fidelito says:

Great video, well done and thanks for sharing and more importantly thanks for your effort. Take care.

Mark Wu says:

the bell is still larger than a clarinet

Cedric J says:

You sounded really good on the piccolo trumpet. After listening to Wynton Marsalis and Kathleen Battle’s CD I just fell in love with the piccolo trumpet even though I normally play the standard b flat trumpet. I don’t know quite how to articulate this but it seems like the piccolo trumpet allows you to be more expressive in your feelings when playing pieces. Keep up the good work!

Frankie Taylor says:

iM nOt MuCh oF A TruMpEt PlAyEr…

Just A Guy Who Loves Music says:

What brand of piccolo trumpet are you using

Leo S.C.R says:

refreshed the page: I am now the 200,00th view and 300th comment

Em O says:

Hey Trent! I’m fairly new to your channel and I have to say that I’m very much enjoying the content. Trumpet is my weapon of choice, so easy enough to say I very much enjoyed this video. Keep at it!

Renold Mothe says:

your an brass masta

Austin Duong-Van says:

Flute: Ffs why do you play Ab?? plays Ab
Clarinet/Oboe: woodwinds are better than brass! squeaks
Sax: plays careless whisper
Bassoon: assembles instrument quicker than a trumpet
Bass clarinet: when there’s a bass part, 1 Bass CL equals the loudness of 6 low brass players
Trumpet: I’m better than you
Fhorn: I used to play that!
Trombone: plays fortissississimo whole notes
Euphonium: when my teacher calls it a baritone I cringe, when my classmates call it a tuba I start getting angry, when my mom calls it a trumpet I cry
Tuba: hi

Murray Ratzlaff says:

I cringe whenever I hear your wedding ring clank against those instruments and your very poor finger placement gives all those valves uneven wear. You’re fairly careless about your handling these instruments, clanking them around like a primary school child.

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