Review: Yamaha Xeno 8335 RGS Bb Trumpet

Just a quick moment of ‘show and tell’ with another excellent trumpet; Yamaha’s Xeno 8335 RGS. This trumpet is a very fine professional instrument (it’s the third one of this model I’ve had – and they’ve all been great horns). With a slightly heavier brass bell than some horns you get a very full, powerful sound. With the reversed leadpipe you also get an easy air flow. I’m not a high-range player, but this model horn is the first I every hit a double high C with – it’s a very efficient playing trumpet. Enjoy! Jonathan Milam


Matthew Burlock says:

I just bought one of these but I need to get it fixed

Jonathan Milam says:

DoubleFishers:  Greetings!  Thanks for your comment and for subscribing.  I’ve had a couple 6335’s; very nice horns.  Two have been the HII (H2) model and one plain (but very good) 6335.  The 6335 I had was pretty wore out but had an excellent, clear tone – that’s what I’ve come to prefer in a trumpet.  Seems like most of the Yamaha pro horns I’ve seen lately have been the 8335 and 8345.  The 6335 has a lighter bell than this horn, I think.  Do keep in touch – Jonathan

JAL89 says:

It’s sounds about the same as a 37 Stradivarius

Jerry Rodriguez says:

Amazing review! I have now considered buying a Xeno as my step up instrument. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Ben The Trumpet Player says:

My brother said “Since Christmas is coming you can ask dad for anything for Christmas like a new INSTRUMENT because you’re current instrument sucks” I away wanted a Yamaha Xeno 8335 so before I decide to ask my dad to buy me the Yamaha Xeno 8335 I saw this video if the Yamaha Xeno 8335 was worth at its pierce it and after watching this I think I should ask my dad to get this!

ted tedsen says:

my advice to trumpet byers is Try as many as possibel in a store DONT go for a spesific brand but shoose the one that plays best in your ears and DO IT BLINDFOLDED (trumpetplayers tends to be brand loyal) and i promise you will be suprised what you find as the best i did it it was an intermed trumpet, that suprised my looking for a top pro found a semipro to play best

The New Era Of Music says:

I just realized that this horn because I bought mine(updated version) it doesn’t have a water key on the 3rd slide.

TBEDynasty says:

This sounds like a dumb question, but are you willing to sell that trumpet? I’ve had the same trumpet for 4-5 years now and need a professional trumpet. I use a beginners

James Duffy says:

Hello Jon. You might recall me from your Bach Stradivarius 37 bell and mouthpiece review videos. I want you to know what’s been going on an such. A Yamaha actually came into my music store where I get my lessons a while ago. It is a Yamaha YTR-6335S, where the brass on the tuning slide is silver plated. It looks nice, but my teacher said he didn’t like it because of “What’s the point of it?” Know what I mean? And since I mentioned Bach, There is a Bach Stradivarius with a 43 bell in the store. I wish I could have one of the more familiar Trumpets (By familiar, I mean popular, like Yamaha and Bach). Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Besson BE 2000 Performance Series Bb Trumpet. It was the best out of all of them when I tried them out. My instructor has a good pair of ears. If you go to Woodwind and Brasswind and type “Intermediate Trumpets” in the search, you can find my horn when the results come up. I hope you had a nice winter break Jon!

JAL89 says:

Still prefer my 2012 lone star strad. Love the weight and sound and valves and slides

Frank More says:

I am thinking of buying a new trumpet .I have a 50 year old b flat trumpet but wanted to upgrade to a professional trumpet, just wanted to know does a  bb trumpet have the same fingering as a b flat trumpet

RayvenFeather says:

I’m looking at this and a 8335IIS for a new marching trumpet, as I want a good horn to use on the field but do not want to use my Strad. My question is what are the main differences between the two? I’m having trouble finding info on the 8335IIS.

One might be wondering why I’m looking into this kind of trumpet for marching, but they’re being sold used (discounted considerably) on the Crown Store, having being previously used by the Corps.

The New Era Of Music says:

Can this be good for jazz,college,mariachi and other events also is it a type to last long til I’m 41 (im 18) of course if I take care of it.

DoubleFishers says:

Nice video! i subscribed! if you get your hands on one then can you do a review of the ytr 6335 because i was thinking of getting one and i haven’t been able to try one out. thanks!

Jonathan Milam says:

Matthew; The RGS is a great horn.  What’s wrong with yours?  

Martin Haensel says:

thanks for your review,  will help me with my decision  

Edward Cossett says:

Just got the Xeno 8335RGS a couple of days ago! It plays very well

Diana Scott says:

What do u think about. Yamaha 4335gs ty !!! Or should I go with this one tbanks

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