Review: Trumpet Mouthpiece – Bach 5C Megatone – Mismarked?

A revealing review of a Bach 5C Megatone that may be mismarked.


ZZZ 123 says:

I’m loving these reviews.

Joseph Underwood says:

As a 5C fan, every “Large Letter” Bach 5C I’ve had is oversized like this: too deep, too wide. My favorite are the ones labeled “Vincent Bach Corp.”

TheDalmah says:

this is basically an asmr video

Keelan Davis says:

I think you should review a schagerl apredato

57dogsbody says:

So what the hell is the point of buying a Bach M/P for about £50 when they are not what they advertise them as? The plating is shit as well. I have Olds pieces that are 60 years old with more silver on them than my 3 year old Bach.

Jazzer 789 says:

Great! The link to the online shop just doesn’t work from the summit midnight info page.

Jazzer 789 says:

Nice video! Are you no longer making the Summit Midnight? Can’t seem to find a place on your website to look at build options.

Valery Dov says:

It’s a fake?

oldtimedrumcorps says:

What I heard about Bach is they dont change their cutting bits as often as they should .

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