Review: Trumpet Mouthpiece – 5MM Harrelson 838.594H

Jason Harrelson of Harrelson Trumpets reviews his own personal 5MM Trumpet Mouthpiece. A Harrelson 838.594H.


blaine kelley says:

Hi Jason, Around 8:00 into this video you show the Monette and GR cut-aways and mention that the GR’s machining is ‘clean’ while the Monette is ‘rough’. I presume that ‘clean’ = smooth always translates to better airflow without disturbance = better sound. Is that true? I know you are all about ‘efficiency’, so is there efficiency issues with the 5MM design because of where the different pieces meet/intersect, which might cause a ‘rough’ edge or seam that ultimately causes airflow disturbance?

Evan Jones says:

Sir, I play on A Monette B4LS1 It is warm but have troubling slotting in the upper range. I am older now and try to practice every day. Would the 5MM be a litter easier to play? I play with the Macon Jass association. I am in my seventies and could use a little help to keep playing. Thank you.

Zachary Fincher says:

Jason, you’re playing a .147 throat? I thought you used a .250?

Maliq Mendez-McGillivray says:

What kind of trumpet is that you’re playing my good sir?

Valery Dov says:

I see that the rim and the cup are similar to the mouthpiece Bob Reeves 41 ES . What size in accordance with the Bach?

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