Review: King Silvertone Trumpet, 1934

A very attractive, great playing, solid sterling silver belled trumpet – the Silvertone by King is reveiwed here. The art deco work on the bell is very appealing and the tone is as well. The metal of these sterling silver bells alone are worth a few hundred dollars. When affixed to a nice playing horn the value escalates greatly. More pics of this horn are here Enjoy, Jonathan


Charlie Talmadge says:

Great review…I found one of these in the attic…belonged to my Grandfather…Serial 270007 which I think falls into the 1946 year. Silver bell and the flower design. I’m going to try my hand at playing since I always wanted to and grew up listening to Maynard and Miles..LOVE Jazz Trumpet. Should I keep this thing? What’s something like this worth? Thanks!!!

David Sutter says:

Was this instrument made for mail-order purchase? Silvertone was a brand name used by Sears Roebuck. If yes, what would the price have been in 1934 for this instrument? Thanks

Andy Walker says:

I learned how to play trumpet in a Pentecostal church- although it’s been over 25 yrs since I’ve played, I still have all those songs in my head- love your videos man! God bless

TheRomanFox says:

Found and purchased a 1923 King Liberty Trumpet on eBay. Serial number in the 63***. It’s in good condition with minor wearing and tarnishing, but excellent for being almost 100 years old.

TheHighTower says:

Jonathan, sorry for bothering you again.

I recent;y purchased a modified King Silvertone Trumpet 1936-37 from eBay and I have a few questions that you might know the answer to.

The listing is

Interesting thing about this trumpet,

The original symphony player who owned this horn had the bell rim removed in order to sort of “mimick”the Conn Vocabells at the time. Would this kind of increase the projection of the horn, I actaully don’t know the benefits of removing bell rims.

Also the horn is missing the bracing on the tuning slide, how would this effect the horn, would it allow more vibration?

xcraft says:

This horn was my grandfathers trumpet and was later passed on the me and this video helped my find out the year it was from and I was wondering if you knew how much it would cost if you bought it right now, not because I’m going to sell it but just to see. Thank you for posting this video it helped me out a lot.

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