Review: Holton T101B, The Silver Symphony Bb Trumpet

An excellent horn (with a rich, fat tone) made by the Holton company; this is a Holton Symphony, the T101B. Some say the original T101’s were made with the Mt. Vernon Bach tooling pieces. At any rate, this horn is very much like a Bach Stradivarius except… Well, it may be better! You be the judge! 🙂 Enjoy, Jonathan Milam


bigpardner says:

I have a Holton Symphony T101 in silver plate which I think is a fine horn indeed, reminding me much of the Bach I played for several years in the Army. I have noticed with mine that the top and bottom valve caps have threads slightly different from Bach, at least my 1964 Mt Vernon Bach, and therefore they are not interchangeable. Also, it seems the brass valve spring cage is very slightly smaller and inserting a Bach valve guide would take a bit of work. My guess is both of these differences are due to oversight. Workmanship and fit is generally very good. The bell seems especially nice. I like mine so much that I purchased a Symphony T105, supposed to be a lightweight Bach with normal or heavyweight bell. I did not like it at all and sold it at earliest opportunity. The fitting was poor compared to my T101 and the tuning slide in particular was poorly made and fitted. I have never heard why Holton did these Bach copies. Did they think they could build a better horn or undersell them? Now it seems however they all do virtually the same thing, Yamaha, B&S, Kanstul, maybe others. I have seen info that they made a C trumpet version but have never seen one for sale.

MArcin Gośćiński says:

you know what is value of this trumpet ?

Jonathan Milam says:

Values; I can’t respond directly to the question for some reason but a question of the pricing of a trumpet like this did come up from MArcin. So, here goes…  
Horn values are often so drastically different it’s hard to say, but I think a Holton T101B in good condition should range in price from $600-1,000.  While a nice silver Bach Strad might go for $1250, you might find one of these in very good condition for around $850 or so.  Any less than that, if the trumpet is in good shape, would be a good deal.  Again, horn prices seem absurdly high to me sometimes – a good bargain is always nice to find and they are out there – at least occasionally.  

railwayman2013 says:

That’s a wonderful horn and I love the over all looks of the Holton trumpets. If I do recall right, Maynard Ferguson played with a Holton before the move on with the other brands of trumpets that he preferred. I know they are well known. I like the tone of the horn as well as the silver color. It looks some what like a Bach but has it’s own little looks to it as well. Great video and I enjoyed as always


blaine kelley says:

I remember playing one of these in 1983 at the KMEA Conference in Louisville and it literally blew me away. Really great axe. Blows a bit more open than a Strad 37 to me, and is soooo easy to play.

bigpardner says:

BTW, I’ve seen on a couple of your horns that you weighed them, Do you weigh this Holton and record it?

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