Review and Demonstration of Kelly Screamer Trumpet Mouthpiece

Short video demonstrating the Kelly Screamer Trumpet Mouthpiece, and comparing it to a Bach 3c.

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Professor Blum says:

if you’re not a trumpet player then what are you?

otmq says:

Shallow mouthpieces, if played properly, can have just a rich low registers. You must back off the air and let the tighter cup, throat, and backbore do the work for you. Many professional players have proved this time and again, myself included. There is no such thing as a “cheater” mouthpiece. Certain mouthpieces are more or less efficient for certain types of work. The rim shape and bite also have a lot to do with how high you can play comfortably. Many people cannot play high on Bach mouthpieces, for example, because their rims are antiquated and uncomfortable for high notes. Or, to me, uncomfortable in general.

Colin Nolan says:

“I’m not a trumpet player” *Hits double high C*

Michel Rodrigues Dos Santos says:

the final trompete

Galactic Bleachman says:

and he played a double g

John Ware says:

Could you post the link to purchase one?

chris howell says:


Mathew Sassano says:

play high A with just the third valve it’s more in tune

Joshua G says:

“Again I’m not a trumpet player” you’re pretty darn close Trent!

Conrad Nickelson says:

Trent, I’m sure you’re aware of this, but high notes on a trumpet are naturally sharp. You can try to lip down, or use alternate fingerings For the A just above the staff, for example, you can use 3 instead of 1 and 2 to flatten it slightly. Just trying to help, not criticize.

Mark Wu says:

When a “non professional trumpet player” can play a double g better than a real trumpet player (me)

Brandon Bruce says:

Hi Trent, great video and explanation! I would be interested to see a review of the weight of mouthpieces. I notice you play a megatone Bach and I am curious of the benefit of the heavier blank versus a standard weight Bach? keep up the good work on the videos!

Jorge Callico says:

Needs more air support above the staff as he goes flat as he approaches second line C above the staff. The Kelly Screamer would sound much better if the back bore and throat were widened significantly. It would then rival the 3C in tone quality. Perhaps surpassing it if the bore widening were taken to extremes.

He’s correct when admitting he’s “no trumpet player”. I’ll give him that. So WHY make a review of anything trumpet related? I don’t make trombone reviews.

MrDeathmazter says:

Can you please do a review of a plastic trombone and/or plastic trombone mouthpieces?

Michael Kirby says:

I bought a tenor trombone mouthpiece from them and it works really well

SilentStorm7 says:

Hey, I have a Bach 3c too 😀

Gerhard Hofer says:

Just a quick tip: you’ll want to press the valves down with the very tip of your fingers, which should make your hand into more of a “C” shape. It should help with faster and more precise playing.

Brock Playz says:

Why u hit is called a super c I think

drnrqsldch says:

I prefer the sound of the metal piece, the tone is thicker, with the plastic one it really sounds like u’re blowing a 100% plastic trumpet :S

Jon Jensen says:

I use a plastic mouthpiece for my trombone and it sounds great.

ImaDancerTV says:

I was told that if you use this mouthpiece a lot it could possibly mess up your amature , is that actually true?

Chemical Keem says:

What song was that towards the end

Theguytonator says:

when i looked at the thumbnail i thought it was a crack pipe lol. i have horrible vision though

Brock Playz says:

What u hit

John Averin Aslakhanov says:

When you played a very high C, it sounded like my distorted car alarm since I got it for the first time.

Horace Hinton says:

so basically it’s a cheat mouthpiece

Umberto Marilungo says:

che bocchini stai usando?

RebelRanger01 says:

What size is the mouthpiece?

Billy Garvey says:

I might pick one of these up for high school marching band next year. Our screamer is graduating and I’m next in line, I usually use a 1 1/2C for everything so my endurance is out the window and I’ll need range for solos and things. Also it gets cold so a plastic mouthpiece will be nice

clockWorks10 says:

The Bach mouthpiece sounds notably better.

Karl XIV Johan says:

If you turn your volume really high, you can almost hear Trent whispering some intelligible words.

cian Kelly says:

ugh I hate trumpets no offense but they think there the Bees kness :’D

classy mofo105 says:

what would be better for marching band? this or a 14a4a metal mouthpiece?

supersonicrocks100 says:

“im not going to be able to go very high” *pROCEEDS TO GO VERY HIGH*

clash- bros says:

lol lol lol im a trumpet player trust me that was soooooooooooo bad it should not have squeaked like that

brandon barnett says:

what the name of that song ur always playing

otmq says:

If you can play higher on a mouthpiece, it is a better fit for your face…and is the mouthpiece you should be using…

Shelby Bailey says:


Bob V. says:

I’m not a trumpet player and I can’t play high, but here is a dbl C for you…. Geeesh.

hkyislyfe 03 says:

lol it’s taken me a year to play a top C

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