Living with the Jean Paul TR-430 Trumpet

Late last year (2016) I was sent a Jean Paul TR-430 trumpet to review ( and today I wanted to create a follow up video to that one to see how the instrument is getting on after several months of use.

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sripushkar julapally says:

What was the first instrument you played?

Nate Da Trombonist says:

What size mouthpiece does it come with?

Stephen Budders says:

Mendini horns are interesting amongst cheap horns. They play almost as well as any student horn upon purchase, but after being played for a while, they completely deteriorate. After my friend played one for a year, it was only good as a wall decoration.

Glen Sheppard says:

Hey Trent, I was curious I have a really old trumpet and I was curious if you could figure out more about it. I know the model which is a Sistek artist new wonder I can’t send it to you because I have to use it everyday but if you want be to I can send a photo

P.S. your videos are great

Jayden Bancolita says:

What’s the song u played at the end?

Jake Patterson says:

Hey Trent, what level is this horn? Beginner? Intermediate? Novice? Professional?

Koala Fang says:

do u have tips for playing high

JazzFan76 says:

Is that a student model or intermediate or professional?

Joshua Rowley says:

It sounds like it’s a good instrument for its value and I’m really wanting to look into more of their production line. Do you have any experience with their Student/Intermediate level Tenor Trombone? Future Band Director looking for cheap reliable options for kids.

Work Account says:

How often do the valves need to be oiled? I have never had a new trumpet to know newness correlates to frequency of oiling.

Aaryan Moin says:

What is the plural for doofus? Doofuses or doofi?

Nuclear Troll says:

Can you play the Star Wars theme

Wripers says:

holy crap this is the one i use

Nuclear Troll says:

Can you do a giveaway of the Jean Paul trumpet

NFS topsnuf says:

I bought this trumpet after I watched your previous video you mentioned and after several months I can agree that this trumpet is great for the money. thanks Trent for the amazing recommendation!



Sam Holtkamp says:

How do you get a hold of instruments like your mellophonium?

Arthur Allison says:

could you check out “wessex” instruments? my friend spencer got a trumpet for $380 and it looks, sounds, and feels like a pro horn, any way you could review them?

Patrick Li says:

Are you going to make more horn videos?

Pinecone says:

I use a TR-500 and my favourite part is the rose gold lead-pipe. Beautiful horn. Great review!

Tom Armstrong says:

I bought the TR-430 not long after Trent reviewed it.
It works as well as he describes it and I think the valves are getting smoother the more I use them. Oiling every day is not required, but they did require a bit of break-in at first. The only problem I had was when one of the spit valve pads fell off and I had to make a new one (finally find the original many weeks later).
I play it nearly every day. I am by no means a professional player or even an accomplished amateur, but it sounds pretty good.
The price has gone up since I bought mine but it is still a pretty good deal.
I’d say the overall quality is quite good – I have a Getzen 700 Eterna II and a vintage Conn 8B for comparison, and the TR-430 is close to these. The Getzen feels nicest in the hand, but not by much. Cosmetically, they are all about the same.
I would recommend this horn for someone who wants a new horn but doesn’t have $1000 or more to spend on it.
It comes with a pretty nice case, too.

Alex Paulsen says:

I tried the code “trenthamiltonwithoutaspaceinthemiddle” but it didn’t register.

Geronimo says:

what about tuning of the partials? (hopefully good? just eh?)

Cliff Hartle says:

I just watched the old one this afternoon.

Koala Fang says:


Phat Dog says:

I use a TR-330

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