Jean Paul Trumpet TR-330 Reviw By professional Trumpeter Carlos Puig

Jean Paul Trumpet TR-330 Review by professional Trumpeter Carlos Puig


Chemically Romanced American Psycho/Idiot Who Didn't Close The Goddamn Door. says:

Whoooo I’m getting one next week I’m so excited

Sans says:

The mouth piece looks different….

DerekZC says:

I’m a beginner but I’m learning pretty quick so I was thinking of getting a TR-430 for marching band.

Jean Paul USA says:

For anyone who is interested, the TR-330 was specifically developed for beginners, in our experience our customer play well into the intermediate level with out the need to upgrade. If you are a intermediate player we recommend the TR-430. Also just so you know from time to time we run special mail in promotions for our customers, our goal with these promotions is to learn more about our customers needs…So get in touch we want to hear what you have to say!!! Just send us a email to our support page at

Wiley Martin says:

I’m at about an intermediate level playing tuba. Would you recommend I go with the beginner 330 or the intermediate 430? How well do the skills transfer to different brass instruments?

Tony B. says:

That’s great playing. Wow, I’m impressed with your talent. I wish I could play that.

Denise Borum, JD says:

I just want you to know that I recently purchased this trumpet because of this AWESOME review. I am a keyboard player, but I want to play a horn. I should receive the trumpet either tomorrow or the next day. I look forward to this new adventure with my Jean Paul TR-330 trumpet. Thanks.

Nexturz/ says:

Is it good for advanced players?

TheHashSlingingSlasher says:

I play tuba, baritone, and trombone, and I want to learn trumpet and french horn. Is this a good trumpet to buy and learn?

57dogsbody says:

I’m sure these trumpets are fine BUT, and its a big but, you would be better off buying a second hand Yamaha or a good used Olds Ambassador. They are proven, built of extremely good materials, have great intonation and tone, and you can sell them on with no trouble when you upgrade to a better horn. This is just a re-badged cheap Chinese trumpet.

Eme Turtle says:

what mouth piece are you using in this video?

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