Is a $88 brand new trumpet worth the money?

I was sent this Lade brand trumpet from a website called Tomtop to review. Is this the most affordable trumpet actually worth buying?

Website link is here:
If buying from the US warehouse, use this code for a $5 discount: HTY5UT
If buying from the China warehouse, use this code for a $10 discount: HTY10CH

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MrTableturns says:

If you’re not going to be using this Trumpet anymore I’d be happy to buy it off you (I live in NZ too).

vroomoon says:

That piece of sh…atrocity

John Smith says:

“perfectly adequate”

Jsgun H says:

Can I request a piece for you or play at some point.

Scott Seaver says:

The only 2 things I care about in a “cheap” instrument is if it plays relatively in-tune (at least has the same inconsistencies of an intermediary/pro horn) and if the VALVES DON’T STICK

Alex Paulsen says:

Can’t argue that for $88.

Nathan Cummins Music says:

Hi Trent, nice playing! The new reverb, etc. that you’re using really shows off that you’ve improved a lot recently!

What’s the piece you were playing? I really enjoyed it and would love to hear more. Cheers!

johnny11895 says:

“perfectly adequate”

zaraak323i says:

When this baby hits $88, you’re going to see some serious shit!

떡볶이 says:

I want to review pisron trumpet VS rotary trumpet 🙂

Cole Wallace says:

for $88 that sounds pretty damn good not gonna lie

tubadylan says:

What an excellent, entertaining review. Love it!

Marcus Ohretall says:

would not trust the chinese to have the same quality in the produkt they sell compared to the sample sent to market the produkt.

bobneptune says:

Seems adequate.

Ryan McCollister says:

What is your favorite i instrument

Chrisnoarms . says:

Im playing sounds from the hudson for solo and ensemble on a cornet!!!!!

Jonathan Baker says:

Something funny about the audio levels in this one. The performance bits at beginning and end were much softer than the spoken part in the middle.

Torsten Irion says:

THANK YOU for the review!

reasonable, understandable and a great help for all parents 🙂

one question though (and I`m not the first to ask): what are you playing? sounds like a very cool solo! or is it just improvisation? if so: VERY, VERY COOL!

Steakhouse John says:

The third valve ring on my bach strad is soldered in place too

Dany B. says:

Do a review over a really cheap Piccolo trumpet

Michael Grasso - Not 2 Cool Jazz says:

As always, nice job on the video.

David Kelzenberg says:

Have you ever had a Conn 80A Victor (long) cornet to mess with? FANTASTIC horns; fairly large bore, sweet as can be but capable of bite too. They have the “opera glass” fine tuning mechanism and are a joy to play. If you’ve not seen one, try to track one down. I think you will love it.

JJnATX says:

Hey Trent.

Few things.

1) can we see a 6 month follow up?
2) can we get a chinese made trumpet round up, who’s the best including debunking myths that chinese made trumpets will have issues compared to the japan / american made ones?
3) can we get this trumpet compared to the Jean Paul?

Grant Palmer says:

What is really disappointing is the way you refer to Indian manufactured instruments. Yes they are crap. Mostly. So were Chinese instruments once (Though there is still a lot of crap out there) Indian instruments won’t spread syphyllis. I don’t know why you continue to disparage the Indian manufacturers this way but it really takes away from your presentations. Hammer quality by all means. Stay away from away from stuff that makes you sound like a hairy down under version of a Donald Trump supporter

Bryce Terhune says:

Hey I was wondering what type op mic you use. I have tried a few that are just not good at picking up my trumpet for playing assignments.

chiwea123 says:

A great mouthpiece makes any horn sound better.

Luke Snyder says:

I believe the brand name is technically Slade, but it really doesn’t matter, does it? Is it worth it? Eh… My experience with the cheap Chinese instruments (not Indian ones) is that they work pretty alright right up until they don’t. You might get a good one, you might get a lemon, and probably no repair shop will touch it.

If you want to roll the dice for 88 dollars, maybe you get lucky. Maybe you get a future lamp.

What I’ve seen from personal experience with my students, and a few I’ve bought for fun, is that plating on the valves is nearly always the first thing to go. Once that happens, they are a real bear to keep clean, oiled and functioning. The Chinese instruments are definitely getting better, but still not consistently good enough, especially in the hands of a beginner.

MOS3 says:

New soundstage on the horn recording?

James Osterlund says:

I have a trumpet that costs $1500 and it doesn’t have adjustable third valve ring?

Billy Thorne the 4th says:

What mic are you using

chriskanemeier says:

Out of curiosity, how is this case that they send with this?

Nick the Stick says:

Maybe you could do a tour of your studio and show off all of your instruments? Lol you have so many I’m jealous

Bardon222 says:

can you review a Wycliffe Gordon hybrid mouthpiece?

Chris Castro says:

That is closely related to a Glory trumpet

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