Cheap or Expensive ? (Trumpet Edition)

Hi everybody ! today let’s make a little comparison between 4 trumpets from cheap to expensive !
enjoy it and don’t forget to like, comment and share 🙂

Trumpet Used :
– 150$: TR300 (BACH)
– 250$: TR620 Black Jazz (THOMANN)
– 1500$: VBS-1 (BACH)
– 3600$: Oiram Quartertone 2 (VAN LAAR)
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Nym Guitarist says:

Waah tu joues de tout toi ^^


What are those lights you used on your desk?

Floperis says:

Can i get sheet music please?

Eddy Racine says:

Just got chills, tbh i fell in love with the second one

Floperis says:

Whats song name please? 🙂 Like! Keep it up man!

only one Mc_savage_Pancakes says:

The black on aint half bad

Geoff Valenti says:

I’d have liked to have heard all of the trumpets without any effects added to the sound.
It would have been a much more objective test.

You got a good sound on all of them, and I enjoyed listening to the 4 part harmony section, but even poor sounding instruments can be made to sound good, with a touch of reverb in the mix.

The Bach TR300 and the Thomann sounded pretty similar, but as said previously, the sound was probably thickened up with the reverb.

The Bach VBS-1 had the best sound in my opinion, warm and full, but with some edge to it.~

The Van Laar Oiram had a full sound, but without enough edge. Too dark for most uses, but could be OK in a small group situation. For big band work you’d be blowing yourself inside out to cut through.

Certainly, based on sound alone, the Oiram wasn’t 24 times better than the TR300, but the Bach VBS-1 probably wasn’t 10 times better either.

daniel1up says:

Thomann has the most inviting sound, great value. The van laar has cleanest ring, tonality and more of soul. Nicely done!

Jack Doughty says:

Can you publish the song tho?

Lil peep R. I. P says:

What song is this?

Quasimodem says:

Wow very crisp playing

Fbwr26783 says:

I could hear some differences in sound between the price ranges but I’m no expert. You don’t say which one you prefered as you actually played them.

The Imp says:

Nice job with the video. I liked the second Bach, the VBS.

Anytime Homeboy says:

Woah the expensive one has four valves

Aaron LeBlanc says:

My friend uses a Bundy he got for 20 bucks

Piano Fry says:

I thought the cheapest one was the best

Modern Warrior says:

Very nice video!!!

C. Oswald says:


Brian Hamel says:

Wonderful job, you have a great sound, it’s always interesting to hear the nuances of the different instruments, I loved the sound of the Van Laar but I was quite surprised and impressed by the sound of the Thomann as well. Question, what piece were you playing and where did you get it? It sounded fantastic, I would like a crack at it.

buckaroobonsi555 says:

Each was was progressively better as the price increased. That said the differences where minor and if not for my ears being well trained as a musician I doubt most could tell!

Farticus Maximus says:

I enjoyed both of the bachs


What’s the difference besides the price I couldn’t tell

robert stockton says:

I liked the thomman tr620

Mike Sweeney says:

Wow. I could hear a distinct difference in the tone and the articulation between each. That TR300 just sounded cheap, and it felt like you were fighting with it in places; the others fell more naturally into the notes. That said, I liked both the Thomann and the VBS-1, although the latter was a little bright for my taste. But what do I know? I’m playing on a Cecelio which I’ve owned for all of three weeks!

mondo goh says:

Why does the fourth one have a fourth valve

Gerhard Hofer says:

It looks like you’re doing your vibrato with your whole face. Try instead using your air to do it.

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