C. G. Conn ‘Shooting Star’ Director Student Model Trumpet Review

Prior to this, I hadn’t ever played a Conn instrument. The fact that their lower-end student models are this good, especially after about fifty years, is astonishing. Just as long as the valves work. They tend to slack off on this particular instrument.
Trumpet cred: Philip


Oscar Brodahl says:

I guess that Jet-Tone is sort of rare… Not very expensive but sort of rare i think. Just speculation though.

Command Chow says:

Eigth candle!

Appalachian Elevators says:

picked one up off f craigslist for $125 biggest mistake ever.

Dizzy-atmosphere says:

I play with a King Tempo 600 of the same period of the directors line are better than the modern instruments you can study and you can also play at professional levels.

T.L. Williams says:

Spot on review of the old shooting star!
I played one in high school marching band and jazz band. Even used it in college as my lead horn. They are great little lead horns. They just need a little tinkering and they sing.
Enjoyed the review!

RobotGamer says:

if you want to become a better player, focus on one instrument. You appear to spend a lot of your time moving around to different instruments. Coming from a person who plays 15 instruments, and is the first chair trumpet of their state band, I can tell you, you need to develop your tone and style before you try to expand your instrumental range. Your tone and intonation have a lot of room for improvement, and i would recommend if you want to grow, stay and focus on one instrument.

Tiny-Orange15 says:

Review trumpets from Wessex Tubas. Also, I’m pretty sure the old student line conn instruments weren’t imported from China.

Christopher Vives Trumpet says:

Wow nice trumpet

megastarwarsrocks99 says:

Is this the one with the stuck tuning slide

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