Best Affordable Student/Intermediate Level Trumpet?

Jean Paul sent me one of their intermediate trumpets to try.
This company imports Chinese-made trumpets, tests them prior to selling, and provides a 12 month guarantee. This, combined with their remarkable price makes them one of the best options for beginner and intermediate trumpet players.

This Trumpet is the TR-430, and the beginner level trumpet is the TR-330.

Intermediate Trumpet TR-430

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ThatShapeshifter says:

Do you think you could make a review on a French Horn?

Rachelle Leech says:

Hi Trent,
Ever since I sold my Chinese-made double French Horn 15 yrs ago I have been looking for a new one. I was wondering if you know anything about Schiller, Ravel, Jean Baptiste and Allora double F Horns? Thank you

Серый Волк says:

how to play the trombone slavische fantasie ?

Guess What says:

I’ve been playing the trumpet for around 7months in a school band should I consider to buy a trumpet for myself?

The Drangler says:

Thanks, this is really helpful, I play flute and tuba and I’m wantong to get a trumpet in hopes that my higher register on tuba might be a little easier to play.

pukalo WOT says:

Hi Trent, it’s not related to this particular video, but I wanted to ask you something: What is the point of more than 4 valves on a tuba? I understand how compensating valves work and the necessity of 4 valves when playing low, but I’ve seen tubas with 5,6, and even 7 valves and they seem redundant to me.

Hi There says:

Hey Trent, have you got any advice for someone learning slide positions on a trombone after playing the baritone for 4 years?

Ugh ! says:

I’m kind of considering getting one of these. I’ve played the trumpet for a couple of years now and I’m tired of my current student trumpet. I have a Holton T602RC and it has tons of scratches, dents, and is starting to rust due to the lack of care previous students had on it. I was thinking of buying the same trumpet online somewhere but it’s almost impossible to find this exact model anymore. Torn between the TR-330 or the TR-430. Advice?

uglie says:

Thankyou Trent! You’re my favorite guy on youtube. My trumpet friends and I love you so much!!

Jade Wolf says:

When I grow up im gonna send you so much stuff to talk about youtube will be ur next job and you will be paid millions to talk about instruments and music in general and you will be the king of …. idk what but you will be king of something! Maybe king of instruments?

Otto Flechtner says:

I need this for euphonium and tuba

Ruth Beaty says:

Thanks for the recommendation! I have grandchildren getting old enough to start band in school and am not there to help with choosing instruments (i have a music degree as a band director, frankly unused.). Now I know who to tell my daughter to use for getting them if the kids like band.

Man on Mangos says:

Can you review the LJ Hutchen Bb trumpet for 250$?

zeldafan1315 says:

so im trying to buy a trumpet to stay in practice since im outta school. not really trying to be professional or anything just trying to keep me skills in check. would you recommend this trumpet for that?

The Ranting Kid Rants,commentaries and cringe comps says:

100 comments 5,400 views 300 likes and 1 dislike WOW

Lules says:

Could you do one on the Jean Paul Trombone?

nicole candy says:

I love this trumpet I’m getting it I’m trying g the trumpet out and I have an Alto saxophone and a flute. and trumpet tips?

Cakemix says:

Just ordered one of these, looking forward to finally getting my greasy hands on it. Josh, the VP even included a free trumpet care kit with purchase. FeelsTrumpetMan

Sulphur Omega says:

Hello Trent. I’m currently looking into buying a Jean Paul trumpet as it seems to be exactly what I’ve been looking for in quite a while, however, as they only ship to US as far as I can gather, I have to try alternate ways to get one to Europe. I’ve seen that there’s also a TR-550. You wouldn’t happen to know what the difference to the TR-430 and 330 is by any chance?

Joe Heasley says:

A bit much Trent. One thing that I am convinced of after hearing and seeing your entire review. is your excited about your connection with the Jean Paul people. You made two salient points that are important as far as not getting stuck with a non repairable trumpet shaped object: pre-testing is done with every horn and there is a twelve month guarantee.
This is important, but does not cover other elements concerning a horn purchase that are also elemental. One of these is , of course, tonal properties…how well does the instrument play in ‘tune with itself’, the amount of correction needed through use of the 3rd and/or1st valve slides, and/or lipping. Since its an intermediate model one also has to determine how free flowing, or stuffy the horn is, efficacy in both the lower and upper register, does it have a solid ‘core’, how well does it project, mouthpiece sensitive? Does it qualify more as a solo, jazz or orchestral player, or for that matter will it blend in with the ever and over populating Bach horns?
Okay, its ridiculous to have to cover all the bases, but if you are going to promote a horn for folk that have fewer dollars to spend, when each fin is dear, its imperative that you do not overdo the appearance of things and under explore the value of the horn’s musicality and mechanics. BTW, what are the valves made of and how available are replacements for them…and other parts in case repair is needed?
Last point, the red or sometimes called rose brass and interchangeably w/gold , has only half the amount of zinc that yellow brass does and is often used for lead pipes as it is the zinc content that is the determinant of red rot. In short, it is not a cosmetic, but rather a horn longevity choice. I do agree however, it makes for an attractive horn.

JettFox says:

Hey that guy! I need an entry level piccolo. Pls halp.

Brandon Ingram says:

Does anyone know anything about the wessex compensating euphoniums?

Mr Banana says:

my gene pool needs some chlorine

fan debonnemusique says:

It really looks like (it is exactly the same, every détail are similar) thomann trumpet TR 200, it costs 150€ on thomann

McMuffinFluffin says:

How would you compare this to a yamaha 4335?

FedoraQuilava87 says:

would it be worth it going from a Bach TR-300 student Trumpet to this one?

DemonSlayer14 says:

I help with finding an affordable baritone bc and a 12c mouth piece

Nick says:

I’m getting a Bach Stradivarius Model 37 and I’m in 8th grade

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