Bach TR-300H2 Trumpet vs. LJ Hutchen #4218 Trumpet Comparison and Review

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In this video compares the Bach TR-300H2 Trumpet to the LJ Hutchen Model #4218 Trumpet.

Ian Taylor, a New York based professional trumpet player joins us in sound sampling both instruments.

Ian uses a standard Bach 3C trumpet mouthpiece on each trumpet for consistency.

Reverb was added in post to accommodate small computer speakers and the low-bandwidth of YouTube audio streams. The links below can be used to access the audio track of each instrument sound sample without effects, in full .WAV format. These are best listened to on high-end audio systems or good quality headphones.

These WAV files are uncompressed, 48000hz, 16-bit files. These sound clips are longer than the demonstrations in the video.

Bach TR-300H2 Trumpet:

LJ Hutchen Trumpet #4218:

The Bach TR-300H2 is not available online, but we are a Bach dealer and the instrument is available for purchase over the phone at 877-88HYSON.

The LJ Hutchen Trumpet is available on our site:


Joshua Hernandez says:

Would u prefer a bach tr500

bernard murphy says:

did you see how the player strained more for the sound he was getting with the Hutchen compared to the Bach?

Juan Sanchez says:

can you do a video on the tr200?

Lesger117 says:

I bought the LJ Hutchen approximately 7 months ago, as living in another country I had to send it to bring and arrived in very good condition, the sound is very good, all parts remain undamaged, I compared it with other more expensive brands but I have no found much difference.

Ashley Smith says:

is there much difference between the mk1 and mk2 in the LJ line? which one did you evaluate in this video?

Ye ol Meme page says:

My last name is hyson, cameron hyson

Michael Duffy_3172160 says:

Can you do a just sound demonstration of the Yamaha Xeno 8335RS against the Xeno 8335, so the rs is just a reverse leadpipe and the one without it is normal, both totally yellow brass. I have looked at the 8335 RS, as well as the Bach Strad 182 and a few others. So far, the Xeno is my favorite, but I can’t really tell the difference between the two.

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